The Banker’s Secret To Own The World

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The Banker’s Secret To Own The World

Until humanity understand this secret, we will keep repeating this sad existence…

The problem is nobody wants to go all the way down to the bottom line truth. If we still walked around exchanging gold coins for each transaction we would still be driving a horse and buggy. The reason we created a debt based system and electronic digits for money was to move technology along. Now we have a industrial world which is completely unsustainable. That is the true unsustainable part of our existence, not just the debt based system. America is the most powerful and industrial country in history. We control the worlds reserve currency. We should be in our infancy since industrialization just started a hundred years ago. Yet our infrastructure is falling apart. We have one third of our citizens on food assistance. The fact is our world is biological in nature and we are trying to force it to be concrete and steel. This will never be sustainable at any time in history. Modern cultures that build unnatural habitats will always collapse. If we want to live with modern things like airplanes and concrete highways we have to accept the concept of nations collapsing and going through hard times before the next rebuild. There are many more areas that are going to look like Detroit soon. It’s a mathematical certainty.


Financial Ruin Coming in 2015

Govt Underground & Food Storage, Jade Helm 15, Planet X & Weather Wars – Steve Quayle




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