The Three Days Of Darkness : ” What Will Happen “– Planet X System Will Cast a Dark Hell on Earth

Planet X

The Three Days Of Darkness : ” What Will Happen “– Planet X System Will Cast a Dark Hell on Earth

What if the apocalyptic prophecies of the Bible were to unfold today? Trumpets of Judgment sounding throughout the world bringing Disasters and Chaos. As the world is ripped apart by a sequence of horrifying catastrophes.

Planet X system will cast a dark hell on Earth. This will be a most trying time of tribulation for the remnant Church on Earth. Both the Necedah and La Fraudias prophecies warn of what is to happen during this time. Necedah states:

“Your Earth will fall into darkness because of the particles bursting away; it will darken and you will have from three to four days of darkness [Note: this is when the Sun will nova with particles bursting away from the corona of the Sun.] And when this falls upon your ozone (the ozone layer) will come down upon the Earth and if you people go outside your homes during that period you will die … it will be poison, it will burst your lungs. There are some that might survive, depending on the individual and how much they consume. Our best advice for you at that time would be stay in your homes – seal all cracks in your homes. Have water, food in your homes because your electricity will not work. Remember, electricity will not work! [ Extract from the Necedah Secret – May 31, 1977, Queenship of Mary.]

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Then we have La Fraudais:

“There will come three days of continued darkness. The blessed candles of wax alone will give light during the horrid darkness. One candle will last for three days, but in the houses of the godless they will not give light. During those three days the demons will appear in abominable and horrid forms; they will make the air resound with shocking blasphemies. How to Prepare for and Survive a Grid Collapse

“The lightening will penetrate the homes, but will not extinguish the light of the blessed candles; neither wind nor storm nor earthquake will extinguish it. Red clouds like blood will pass in the sky, the crash of thunder will make the Earth tremble; lightening will flash through the streets at an unusual time of the year; the Earth will tremble to its foundations; the ocean will cast its foaming waves over the land, the Earth will be changed into an immense cemetery; the corpses of the wicked and the just will cover the face of the Earth.’

As the Planet X system moves out of the inner solar system, it will drag a quarter of a million-wide debris field behind it. The Earth will pass through this debris field and will be subject to a massive hailstorm of meteors, meteorites, and asteroids – rocks of all sizes impacting the surface. Very large asteroids will impact the Earth causing great craters. (There can be seen all over the Earth craters of all sizes from previous impacts in ancient cataclysms of this kind. The Carolinas, in Arizona, the Gulf of Mexico and many others show evidence of this). The Book of the Apocalypse prophecies that this will happen again, referring to it as “Wormwood.” HOW TO REBOOT SOCIETY AFTER AN APOCALYPSE

“And the second angel sounded the trumpet, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire (comet-asteroid) was cast into the sea; and the third part of the sea became blood.

“And there died the third part of those creatures that have life in the sea, and the third part of the ships was destroyed.

“And the third angel sounded the trumpet, and there fell from heaven a great star, burning like a torch, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers and upon the fountains of waters.

“The name of the star is called Wormwood. And the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many people died of the waters because they were made bitter.

“And the fourth angel sounded the trumpet, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars, that the third part of them might be darkned, and the day for the third part of it might not shine, and the night likewise.” [Apocalypse 8:8-9-10-11 & 12.]


The description of “a great mountain burning with fire” is just what a comet nucleus looks like when viewed through a telescope. (The Comet Haley was described by scientists as looking like a “mountain of fire” when viewed through a telescope).

As the effects of the Nemesis/Nibiru system dissipate as this system leaves the inner solar system, the Earth is left as a cemetery as noted in above prophecies. The topography of the land will have been severely altered with certain land masses sinking into the sea while others rise out of the sea forming new continents. The geographical aspects of “whole continents” will have been “violently arltered” as Necedah has prophesied in 1954. White House Preparing for Coming Apocalypse: Catastrophic Solar Flares (Video)

The Planet X system will usher in the Great Tribulation period of 3 and half years. This will be a very chaotic period of seismic upheaval when the Antichrist rises to power to claim the world for himself. But this time will be shortened for the sake of the elect. The Antichrist’s reign will end suddenly in a rain of fire as prophesied by St. Padre Pio, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, Mother Elena Leonardi, Fatima, Akita, and Necedah. This is called the Great Purification.

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At the peak of the Great Tribulation, at the critical passage of Planet X – to digest into a few main points of what will happen to the Earth: Oceans wil leave their beds, great earthquakes will shake the entire Earth as it reels from continuous bombardments, upheavals, and collapses of various land surfaces; fire unimagined will burn and melt the surface of the Earth except in a few protected areas. As the Earth’s crust or surface slips to a new polar position (in a matter of hours), the atmosphere will try to catch up, being unable to do so the atmosphere will begin to form into a giant “roll-cloud,” creating a vacuum just ahead of it as it lags behind the surface. (Apocalypse 6:14 tells us: “And heaven passed away as a scroll that is rolled up…”). In this vacuum will plunge a very cold upper air and actually the cold of space itself, creating great straight-line winds which will level everything in its path (as mentioned in Apocalypse 6) and quick-freeze everything on the surface of the Earth. The nova of the Sun follows with a a great fusing of elements together – so hot it melts stone into glass. (This nova appears to come after the pole shift and constitutes the Great Purification).


Keep in mind that this Nemesis/Nibiru system triggers several catastrophic events during the 3 and half years of the Great Tribulation period leading up to the final fiery cataclysm. Judging by current Earth changes now ongoing, we are very soon to be visited by this “Wrecking Ball of Civilizations.” Wake up to reality – get out of denial.

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