URGENT WARNING! The Greatest, Most Tragic Event Ever Prophesied In Our Day Coming This Year? It Is Estimated 35-40 Million People Will Die! It Is Time To Repent and Prepare-God Will NOT Be Mocked! (Shocking Videos and Confirmations)


URGENT WARNING! The Greatest, Most Tragic Event Ever Prophesied In Our Day Coming This Year? It Is Estimated 35-40 Million People Will Die! It Is Time To Repent and Prepare-God Will NOT Be Mocked! (Shocking Videos and Confirmations)

A Major, Catastrophic Event Has Been Prophesied By Many For This Year-Be Warned!

Christian man of God spreads the message of an impending tsunami and earthquake in the US which will cause 35 to 40 million deaths. Other witnesses confirm tsunami and earthquake. No date is known but government positions missiles on Puerto Rico to destroy asteroid. Asteroid will hit off of Mona Island (near Puerto Rico) at 0200 with a force that will stop the earth from spinning. The date of impact is unknown. Minister said this is not an end of the world event.

This is a prophecy which is one hundred percent Biblical for the day and hour in which we live. Not just one person is saying it, but slews of people all over the world are having the very same dreams and visions.



Horrific, Catastrophic Event Prophesied by Countless People For This Year-Be Warned, Be Prayerful!

Prophet Efrain Rodriquez, a Puerto Rican man of God, has a message from God about an asteroid hitting off of Mona Island (close to Puerto Rico), causing a huge tsunami, millions of deaths and unseen destruction throughout the Caribbean and the mainland US. Rodriquez knows the time of the impact but not the date. He said that it is imminent. It could happen tonight, tomorrow, next month, next year, but it will happen.  Rodriquez notified NASA and President Obama. There are unconfirmed reports of government stockpiles of food, medical supplies, body bags, and other supplies on Puerto Rico. BL_073

It’s easy to see that Rodriquez’s message would not make him a popular figure in Puerto Rico, especially for those who live their lives without any need for God.  But, Rodriquez is not looking to pastor a huge congregation or run for office on Puerto Rico. Based on the latest statistics, he’s fighting an uphill battle.   A Harris poll in 2013 found “that a strong majority (74 percent) of U.S. adults say they believe in God, but that’s down from the 82 percent who expressed such a belief in earlier years.”  

Based on the U.S. population of approximately 319 million (2014) this means that about 83 million don’t believe in God and will more likely dismiss Rodriquez’s message.   Rodriquez said he was given a message from the Lord to alert people to change their sinful lives, return to the Commandments, love their God and neighbor, forgive those who have harmed them and trust in God before the tsunami and earthquake.  —Veterans Today

From Prophet Efrain’s Assistant/Translator to me:

1) Prophet Efrain holds no earthly title as a man of God. He is not a Pastor, an Evangelist or an ordained minister of any kind. He does not pastor a church or congregation. He is a simple man with barely a high school education (he has shared this many times) who was called by The Lord at 16 years of age to be His Prophet. For 40 years, Efrain tried to flee from The Lord and this message, because he did not want to deliver it. It was too harsh. He would ask The Lord to release him from that task, he would ask Him to find someone else, someone more “able.” But The Lord had singled him out to do this and after running from The Lord for years, he finally gave in. (You should really listen to His testimony about this).


Article For the people who question the veracity of the prophecy due to it not having being fulfilled before the end of 2015 :

Do not be afraid if you know Jesus Christ, just pray and be ready. God will direct your paths. However, if you do not know Jesus, you need to repent and come to Christ ASAP! I wholeheartedly believe this event could very well happen! Let us bind together in prayer for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit where many lost souls will come to Christ, and many people living in sin and disobedience will repent! God bless all of you!

NOTE from Prophet Efraim: This punishment comes because of the Apostasy of the church, the church who has sold The Word and The Call to Repentance and Holiness, substituting it with worldliness, blasphemy, prosperity and double lives (holy outwardly yet filthy, unrepentant sin inside). This is a punishment for The House of God and its false leaders that are leading multitudes to Hell with doctrines of demons. Its purpose is to rid the world of those false leaders, wake up the church and serve as testimony that the true, remnant church was spared and protected through it. Many millions of souls will come to the True Path of the Gospel as the result of those testimonies.

This is NOT a punishment for the unbelieving world that rejects Christ (that will come later, during the Great Tribulation and the fulfillment of the judgments described in the Book of Revelation). This judgment is not Wormwood.



The results of something of this magnitude will be disastrous for the country and the world. The world’s economy will crash, and the entire East coast of the USA will be under water!

Not only has Rodriquez given this message to thousands of people over the years, but he has also given this same message to NASA and President Obama.

What’s more, Prophet Efrain does not ask for any money, he is not selling anything, nor is he (obviously) seeking fame, as the message he is spreading is definitely not a popular one. He is just obeying God and warning people so that they can prepare spiritually, and physically.

We have gone too far in sin. The US is not ancient Nineveh. There is no one covering themselves in ashes and begging God for forgiveness. Too many in our world can’t conceive that their God would allow such a terrible thing to happen. Rodriquez and those who pass on his message are laughed at, ignored by the media, and quickly forgotten.    

Rodriquez said that everyone should ask for discernment from God about the message. Should you leave your home or stay, for example?  

Very few people are comfortable with the idea that their world is about to be turned upside down.  I live on the East Coast, close to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s not ground zero but would be hit hard by the massive tsunami. If we live through the tsunami, it will more likely than not will be in our present homes.   —

The New World Order and global elitists will surely have their wish as FEMA will have a successful round-up after the tsunami, and martial law will be imposed, of course. By the time they realize it’s a detention and execution camp, it will be too late.

But why aren’t more people talking about this? Well, the government certainly is aware of the asteroid, they just don’t want us to know about it. But why? Well, they are trying to prevent a state of panic. Keep in mind, all hell will literally break loose, globally!  The elitists are well stocked and have underground bunkers to run to. Everyone else? Well, they’re on the their own! (But those of us who know Christ are safely hidden IN Him, praise the Lord!)


Massive Asteroids Orbiting Earth Now To Unleash End Times Darkness & Destruction? Watch & Decide!


Horrific, Catastrophic Event Prophesied by Countless People For This Year-Be Warned, Be Prayerful!

The article from Veteran’s Today News further states:

Rodriquez said the asteroid will hit at 0200 local time and will cause the tsunami traveling at 400 mph and major earthquake. At Puerto Rico, the tsunami will reach 1,000 feet in height. The entire East Coast will be inundated by the tsunami, which will travel from 50 to 100 miles inland. The Richter scale only goes to 10. The Richter scale is a base-10 logarithmic scale, which defines magnitude as the logarithm of the ratio of theamplitude of the seismic waves.  Simply put, an earthquake that registers 5.0 on the Richter scale has a shaking amplitude 10 times that of an earthquake that registered 4.0, and thus corresponds to a release of energy 31.6 times that released by the lesser earthquake. I can’t even begin to imagine what a 12.0 earthquake would do.   usdeception_250x200_crater-ce6e01c

The earthquake will cause the Earth to stop spinning on its axis for three days. Those in the US will be in darkness. Puerto Rico is in the Atlantic Time zone, one hour ahead of the Eastern Time zone. The US has nine time zones. Most of the mainland US will be in darkness when the asteroid hits off Mona Island.  The estimated deaths are 35 to 40 million in the US. There’s no question that this could easily be the reason for martial law as civil unrest breaks out with unburied dead, decaying bodies, disease, food shortages and riots.  Rodriquez said there will be FEMA and the detention camps in operation after the tsunami and the earthquake (Richer scale 12).  

Here is a video that contains the most important aspects of the prophecy and statements that should be included:



Allow me to show you a prophecy that very much so coincides with this prophecy given many years ago by another great, respected prophet who has since died:

Dead Prophet Returns To Warn USA-When the Living Can’t Wake Us, the Dead In Christ Must Rise!

Experts VERY CONCERNED-Warning USA To Prepare! Horrific Monster Quakes To Shake the Hell Out of USA! 


Someone just sent this to me on YouTube, as I knew nothing of this video prior. I was blown away! Is it coincidence that this video that came out February 15, 2015 by a famous singer, Ariana Grande, is full of comets/asteroids hitting the earth and lyrics about ‘catastrophe’? Is someone trying to tell us something?fsc-300x250-0619-3469f30

The very beginning starts with news reporters talking about earth’s collision with a comet! See for yourself! We know our enemy controls and operates in the media and entertainment industry and sends us messages as well.  So for those of you who just refuse to believe the prophets God is sending us for this day who belong to Him, know that not only is God sending messages, but the world is too.  When both God and the world are sending the same message (for different reasons of course) shouldn’t that tell you something? Shouldn’t it wake you up from your slumber?


Also, for the skeptics and for confirmation, there are two FACEBOOK pages:

1) Personal Testimonies of The Lord’s Revelation-Imminent Asteroid Impact (Countless written and video testimonies of how The Lord has confirmed this event to people all over the world).

2) Imminent Asteroid Impact-Clear Evidence and Confirmations (Footage and Insider Testimonies of the Government’s Preparations for a Cataclysmic Event).

Article For the people who question the veracity of the prophecy due to it not having being fulfilled before the end of 2015 :


Here is a list of some other people’s prophecies that are very similar:

Tsunami Prophecy 2014


Asteroid Impact on Puerto Rico bringing Tsunami to America


While they may not be bright, that doesn’t mean asteroids aren’t potentially dangerous. Although 2000 EM26 won’t strike the Earth, it comes very nearly on the one year anniversary of a space rock hitting Russia, injuring around 1,000 people and damaging buildings in the process.

Scientists were able to eventually figure out where the astroid had come from, but more important is being able to predict them before they arrive. That, NASA says, is still something we’re patchy on, despite the recent reactivation of the WISE spacecraft as a rock-spotter called NEOWISE.  —Slash Gear News

Do we ever have close calls? Is God warning us with these ‘close’ calls of something greater? This one zipped past the earth, close, just the other day. Skip ahead, the intro is very long.

Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Zipping by Earth on Close-Approach

Below is a written summary of Prophet Efrain’s prophecy, given him by God:



May The Lord keep you.  Prophet Efrain Rodriguez has given a message in Texas, primarily addressed to The United States and President Obama, but also concerning the rest of the world. The following is a summary of some of the most important points covered at that presentation. This summary is divided into topics covered and only highlights certain information. For more detailed information, click on the link to the entire message, posted below the video on the Description box.

I. Jehovah

-Jehovah will have absolute control over the earth that night. This is what the 12 point earthquake means-The Presence of Jehovah on earth. The Lord comes with His book to claim many souls before Jehovah, The Father, for His kingdom that night.

-This event is not part of the Great Tribulation. It is the preamble of a chastisement that will give rise to the new church of Christ, which will go to Heaven in The Rapture. It is not part of the events of Judgement seen by John, prophesied in The Book of Revelation, which will, for the most part, occur after the church has left this earth. The Lord led Efrain, on the plane ride back to Puerto Rico, to read The Book of Revelation. He guided him to chapter 3, verses 7-13, where Jesus is telling John about the Philadelphia Church. In this chapter, He tells John about an event that will happen-a test coming to all the inhabitants of Earth. Jesus tells him that He would look after His own people and then come for them. (Please read it).

-Millions of Jehovah’s angels are already on earth right now. They will be around those who serve The Lord. The Heavenly Host is here. Intercede for your loved ones, so that they are also protected. Pray for a Hedge of Protection over them.

The hedge will be around us. No matter what comes towards us-the shock wave, the sea, the earthquake, pestilence-it will not touch us. As long as we are bound to The Lord.

As He did with Elisha, Jehovah will place this Hedge of Protection around His people.The Armies of Heaven will fight for them and protect those who serve The Lord.He will remember you and your family, as He remembered Lot, because Abraham had been faithful. If we are serving Him and are faithful to Him in our hearts, He will honor what we declare.

-The game of playing to be a Christian is over. No more messing around with The Lord.

-Everywhere you go, give testimony, as a Christian, and as a Watchman.

Take advantage of the time that has been given to you. Jehova’s judgement approaches this nation. We are all to blame for this. Run to the feet of The Lord Jesus Christ in order for you to find mercy in the midst of this trial. There is still hope. The Lord promised Abraham that the righteous would not die together with the unrighteous. The same promise applies to us if we bind our souls and lives to Jesus, in our hearts and in our conduct.

II. Worldwide preparations/NASAfsc-300x250-0722-f2dc1c6

-Martial law is ready to be instituted in the United States and in the whole world, to be able to deal with this catastrophe.

-NASA keeps giving dates and trying to justify themselves. The prophetic letters written by Efrain indicate that The Lord would keep NASA in a state of confusion, bewilderment and agitation, since they chose to not consult with The Lord, and chose to not warn the people when they first received Jehova’s warning through Efrain. They even labeled the message as false, in a press conference in Florida. The actual date will be dictated by The Lord of Heaven, when He chooses. All Glory will go to Him, not to predictions of men or NASA.

-The sea will retreat back in all coasts, including California.

III. Puerto Rico

-Another earthquake is coming to PR. Puerto Rico had a 6.4 earthquake in January of this year. No great damage was done, considering the earthquake in Haiti was not much stronger than the earthquake in Puerto Rico.

Another earthquake is coming to Puerto Rico. No major damage will occur, either. God is letting the people know, so that people start looking up to The Heavens, looking and acknowledging The Lord.

-The total death toll in the Caribbean, the United States and South America will be 40 million.

-Obama, the President of the United States sent approximately 40 missiles to PR, to try to break the asteroid in the sky, so that it would fall on land (in Puerto Rico), and not in the sea. On a previous message, Efrain warned Obama to not press those buttons. He told the Army not to do it. He said: “Do not interfere with Jehovah’s plans.”

-They made a mistake at Mona Island, the tiny island to the west of Puerto Rico, next to the place where the asteroid will impact the sea. There is a dangerous and unstable seismic fault there. They were trying to seal the seismic plaque with nuclear devices, supposedly to avoid an earthquake. They planted the device, but lost it down the trench. Now they cannot find it. Nobody can stand in the way of Jehovah’s plans.

-Thousands of foreign troops are stationed in Puerto Rico. There are troops from Russia, China, Germany, France. They have been transported in sealed trucks, during late night hours, to the mountains, supposedly for disaster relief. These foreign troops are meant to protect someone. There are over 15,000 foreign soldiers stationed in Alaska, the United States, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. What for, i ask, unless they are expecting a major disaster? They have stocked up an enormous amount of ammunitions. Many bunkers have been built there.

But The Lord has control over the mountains, and His Judgement will reach everywhere, even inside the bunkers.

-Provisions for PR are ready in Venezuela. The Lord has chosen them as the nation that will first come to Puerto Rico’s aid. They have been stocking provisions for a long time, even though they are experiencing scarcity themselves. The U.S. will be in great need. Aid will not come from them. Venezuela will feed PR just like the poor widow fed Elijah, even though she had almost nothing. The Lord made a miracle and provided food for Elijah, the widow and her son.

-To all those pastors who have been preaching and fooling your flock with The Gospel of Abundance and Prosperity: you will see scarcity like never before.

IV. Israel

-End Time Prophecy is unfolding before our eyes. Israel is ready to build their temple. However, they have to wait. They cannot do anything at the Temple Mount while the muslim mosque -the Dome of the Rock-stands there. They will have to wait for the 12 point earthquake to destroy the mosque.

-Obama wants Israel to give up land. Israel will not yield any land. What Israel conquered belongs to them.
Even if U.S. troops-or anyone else’s-surround Israel, that land is untouchable. These are God’s chosen people, with whom He has an everlasting covenant.

Leave them alone Mr Obama, or you will encounter the same end that Hugo Chavez encountered, after publicly cursing Israel. He died an agonizing death, due to a cancer that ate the depth of his loins, from where he actually declared he cursed Israel.

V. United States

-The U.S. authorities are concealing a lot of information. But others, like the Russians, are warning the people of the U.S. to move away from the coasts.

-When the asteroid hits, we will feel the shock wave as a very strong wind. Ask The Holy Spirit where to move. Requisite: be bound to The Lord. Stay away from sin, so you can hear Him.

-If the U.S. remains silent, over 35 million deaths are expected in the U.S.

-Six events will occur that night:
3-shock wave
5-three days of darkness
6- pestilence

-Besides the obvious coastal flooding, all rivers will overflow due to the sea level rising and the rivers having no outlet into the ocean. Many will die from this.

-Scientists predict that the water will reach inland 50-100 miles.

-The U.S. government is preparing for 15 months of scarcity. Millions of boxes of dry food and other resources are stocked and stored in places in the middle of the nation.

-Concentration camps are ready.

Countless vans and vehicles are prepared to relocate people.

-Civil War will break out because of scarcity of food and resources. All the preparations concerning troops, ammunition, vehicles and concentration camps will be used to keep control of the population during the tremendous civil unrest that will follow. Martial Law will be implemented as a necessity to keep the people and the resources under control.Bulletproof-Home-8

-A great epidemic will break out. It will be the worst of the 6 events of Judgement. It will come as a result of the decomposing bodies floating in the waters and left on land unburied. No matter how much medications they have stored, Jehovah will make the Nation come back to His feet, through this chastisement.

-This nation will be raised again, after the chastisement. Worldwide grief will lead many to bend their knees before a Holy God, and they will recognize His Supremacy. They will make a change in their lives because they will know that the return of The Lord is near. New leaders will emerge, together with a new church and a new nation, that will honor the God of Heaven. They will change back the laws for a time, up until The Rapture of God’s people, which will come before The Great Tribulation.

VI. President of the U.S.-Obama

-The President of the U.S. asked Congress for ALL Power. He plans to have absolute control during this Emergency. This means NO elections. He has taken advantage of the imminency of this coming disaster. This totalitarian power is a terrible danger. This message should be sent to all Congressmen: you still have time to revoke this power. Politicians, revoke the power you have given Obama. You have no idea what you will face.

-Obama does not love this nation, or Christ. In his second term, he has shown his true intentions against everything that is Christian. All the laws that he has signed indicate that he plans to persecute the church.
Woe to him who tries to hurt The Lord’s church!

-He has violated all statutes of God. He has made this nation go astray.

-He thinks he will be safe and cozy inside his bunker, while millions of people die above ground.

-The President of the U.S. is the most to blame for this judgement over this nation.

-He excluded The Law of God.

-He signed laws never before signed. He has no respect for The Church of Christ.

-However, The Church of Christ will not be touched. Together with Israel, they are the apple of God’s eye.
He does not chastise or penalize the homosexuals, or the muslims, no matter what they do, yet he takes every action to penalize and extinguish the church of Christ. He takes away freedoms from Christians, while at the same time giving freedoms to those who blaspheme God. Even Putin, the Russian President, rebuked him for this. Woe to you, poor, poor man!

-The judgement over the U.S. will come because the pastors and evangelists remained silent.
Many, if not all, of The great Evangelists and pastors have said nothing. They have gone along with Obama’s changes. Many of them, together with politicians, artists, performers, Hollywood personalities, etc. are in confabulation with Obama, even knowing that he is going against God’s mandates. Even knowing that all these laws are a slap in God’s face. A direct and shameless challenge to The Lord of Heaven. Great amounts of money are being paid to these people.

In New York City, a law is being drafted that would force people who do not accept homosexuals, to be forced out of the city.
Two cities were destroyed in the past because they went against the parameters of conduct established by God. The U.S. is following their example.

-Judges are forced to pass laws allowing things that The Word of God forbids.

Christians cannot talk about Christ in their government work places. Prayer has been taken out of the classrooms. Laws allowing the murder of innocent unborn babies are passed. There is a video that shows how unwanted newborn babies are beheaded after being born.

But rest assured, Jehovah will pass judgement over them. Over this nation. Obama has an appointment with Jehovah. He has offended God in every way. He told God that men can marry men and women can marry women, which goes against God’s commandment in the book of Genesis. Species went into the Ark as male and female. Otherwise, there would be no animals today.
All places in the nation where these aberrations are practiced will be affected.

-This spiritually corrupt President has blasphemed God’s mandates.

He has trampled underfoot all The Postulates of God. The majority of evangelists and pastors have gone along with it, keeping silent. The very few who stand firm in The Lord will be forced to give up their posts because they will be forced to marry men with men, and women with women.

Almost Nobody has complained. The rest have allowed it. They will have their sentence too.  Politicians have fooled the nation because there is no longer Presence of The Holy Spirit in the majority of the churches.

-God delivered Israel from Egypt but, before He did, he made justice. He smote and struck Israel’s tormentors with 10 plagues.
The wrath of God is great. Nothing will stop it.

-Obama thinks he will be safe inside his bunker. He thinks no hand can touch him. But Jehovah’s hand will be upon him and his descendants.

The serpent-Satan Himself-will crawl down, all the way to the bunker, and Jehovah will execute judgement upon him.

-The people will kneel before God Jehovah during the pestilence. Current leaders will be replaced. The pestilence will do away with leaders who sold out God’s Supreme Law. A new nation will arise.

-This nation was founded upon postulates that cost Abraham Lincoln his life. He believed that all men are created equal. President Obama believes differently. He believes that Christians are to be disposed of.
This nation has belonged to Jehovah from its foundation. Christ IS this nation’s religion. No matter what laws they pass.

-Here I quote Prophet Efrain Rodriguez’s words: “Listen to what I say, Obama:
Jehovah called me. There is a hedge of protection around the people of Christ, in this land and everywhere. This nation will see with its own eyes what I declare. You have blasphemed the Lord of Heaven, Jehovah, and the Church of the Living God, The church of Christ. And this has consequences.

Mr Obama, your whole healthcare system will fail. God’s church belongs to Him only. You cannot mark it. God’s church still has power. We will claim Heaven’s blessings, like The Lord Himself claimed them.
Whoever messes with the chosen people of God will pay a price-a certain death sentence. The Angel of God WILL reach you, Mr Obama. As long as the church is here, this nation belongs to God, and to God ALONE.

God is greater than Caesar.

You can come after me with your planes, but I tell you that before you lay a finger on me, your planes will explode in mid air, shot down by Heaven, because my message comes from Jehovah.

I know you will come searching for me, but Jehova’s Hedge of Protection is around me. And even if you send someone to kill me, the message is already traveling the world. I am unimportant. It is more important that I obey God, than to obey my pastor, president, or anyone else.

This is the Lord’s message for you:
Respect the Nation.
Respect the Church of Christ.
Respect the People of God.
Respect Israel.

This message will be fulfilled and you WILL respect God. This whole nation will respect God.

I have delivered Jehovah’s message to this nation.

May The Lord keep you.

VII. Conclusion

Brethren, Watchmen: Go out and rescue souls. Before, during, and after this event. Be active watchmen. Sound the alarm! Point people to the Ark, Jesus Christ. Those of you who are called to bring in souls for The Great Harvest, keep your passports ready and up to date. You will have to travel to other nations that will open their doors to The Gospel of Jesus Christ. You need to spread this message. A lot of the information here is new. It had not been made public on the previous messages. People have to know. Spread the message.

All this will happen before The Rapture and before The Great Tribulation.

Obama is not the Antichrist. Many believe he is the Antichrist, but he is not. He is only the antichrist’s helper. He does his dirty work. Obama is only preparing the way for the Real Antichrist, who will be revealed after the church departs from this earth.

His healthcare system and chip are the technological precedents of the system of The Mark. But his plans to mark God’s church will be stopped by this event. Many will take the chip out of necessity. But, I say, if I am sick, before allowing myself to be marked with a chip, I would rather go to the altar and pray. I would rather seek the elders of the church to pray for me and lay hands on me, like the Word of God says. I would seek people who have the Presence and Fire of The Holy Spirit. The church cannot sell Herself.

Let us empty the hospitals by seeking the Healing Power of God, rather than depending on a human leader’s health promises. If we do this, Obama’s whole healthcare system will crumble. Let Obama keep his chip.

No one will mark the church of Christ.

Brethren, Prepare spiritually. Make amends. Forgive. Leave sin. Leave double lives behind. You are all responsible to pray to The Lord for protection. Pray for your neighbors and loved ones to be protected too. Nobody, except The Lord, is perfect and truly Holy. We all fall short. He knows this. He is there to add what we lack, as long as we cling to Him. We are all inside The Ark-our Lord Jesus Christ. Remain inside The Ark. We have to live in a continuous desire and perseverance to please and serve The Lord in all we do while we are here on earth. If we offend Him, let us come back to Him in brokenness and humility. He will be Faithful to forgive us if we truly have changed our heart and seek to stay under His shelter, serving Him. Persevere, ask for His strength. Remain in The Ark until we hear the Blessed Trumpet. May The Lord keep you.

The corrupt President of the American nation will be put to death by The Angel of The Lord when the pestilence starts sweeping across the United States. Thus saith The Lord.

May The Lod keep you, brethren.
-Prophet of Jehovah, Efrain Rodriguez

The world, no doubt, has ever in all of history witnessed anything quite as evil as what is about to happen!



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