What Happens If Someone Takes Over Your Home Once the SHTF?

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What Happens If Someone Takes Over Your Home Once the SHTF?

The saying, “If you cannot protect what is yours then you do not own it”, is often cited when discussing home security. However, for most people it is merely an academic discussion because it has never happened to them, nor is it likely to ever happen. It sounds simple enough when being discussed over coffee or a beer, but the reality is of course much different.

It will be assumed that law enforcement is not available, neighbors are of no help, and that the intruders are armed. Society is in turmoil, and some police and others in authority have already abandoned their post to take care of their own homes and families. You are on your own for the time being.

A Prepper’s Guide in Safeguarding a Home

You and your spouse/partner are the only ones that can get your home back. You both had left to gather information, and when you came back you found your home occupied by an unknown number of people.

Even the most heavily guarded installations can be overrun, and then those forced out, are left looking in. Once this happens can you retake your home, or any structure for that matter that has been overrun and is now in the hands of others.

It is also assumed the intruders are not there to grab a few supplies and then hot foot it out of the home. They want the home for shelter as well as the all of the supplies. They want all the comforts of your home, and asking nicely will not get them to leave.

If You Have Not Planned and Prepared For It Then It Is Unlikely You Would Prevail

The first decision you have to make is it worth it. Is it worth a fight, where others including yourself may be injured or killed, to get your home and supplies back. If the answer is yes, you will do what it takes to reclaim what is yours then start planning now for the possibility.

First, bury survival caches close by, with an emphasis on firearms and ammunition, then food, water, medical supplies and any other supplies you will need to sustain yourself as the drama unfolds. You may need temporary shelter as well, because the standoff may last for several days.

Other items you can cache that could be used to help you retake your home would include smoke bombs, tear gas and/or pepper spray, non-lethal rounds such as rubber slugs and beanbag rounds. Have respirators cached for your own protection.

You may also need insulated heavy duty wire cutters, bolt cutters, rope, and some type of portable/collapsible ladder, shovel, and a fire ax. Include heavy duty gloves and a bee suit or some other form of protection against bee stings. Have an ample supply of zip ties that can be used for wrist and ankle restraints.

Cache some materials that can be used to stop up chimneys and stove pipes and this could include rags and heavy duty plastic sheeting or garbage bags as long as the stove pipe or opening is not so hot it melts or ignites the material.

You need a hiding place close by, as well, where you can shelter, and so you are out of sight of the home as well. If those that have taken over your home assume you have run off scared they may reduce their defensive posture a few notches, so do not hover where they can see you unless you are ready to start the festivities.

Best Self Defense Strategies For You And Your Family

Simply engaging those inside in a firefight would not be practical. You will use up ammunition, damage the home and you might very well get injured or killed. They are inside shooting out at you and you are hiding behind bushes trying to keep from getting shot.

Your objective is to get them outside so they can be engaged on equal ground, so they can be shot, disabled, and/or captured. You want them confused and maybe even mad and scared if possible so they make bad decisions. Use non-lethal rounds if you do not want to kill or seriously injure anyone.

1.) Can you disrupt the power source, steal the gasoline for the generator, and/or sabotage the generator. Can you cut the cables using the insulated cutters to solar panels, can you shut down any wind or hydro power source by cutting cables or disabling any components.

2.) Smoke bombs can be placed so it appears the structure is on fire forcing them outside.

3.) A Hornets nest can be tossed inside the home by smashing a window. Angry hornets will run anyone out of the home. This is why you would need protective clothing.

4.) Can you disrupt the water source by cutting or otherwise disrupting any water lines? Can you empty water storage tanks? Look for ways to disrupt them inside, to force them outside.

5.) Tear gas and pepper spray can be used to force them out unless you have a supply of respirators or gas masks laying around for them to use.

6.) Rope, or wire cables can be strung to trip anyone running from the home, or place the rope/cables along avenues of escape. Make sure you can avoid the traps while those running after you cannot.

7.) If the home has a wood burning stove or fireplace and it is in use, you can plug up the chimney/stovepipe to force smoke back in the home. This is providing you can get on to, and off the roof safely and without being detected. This is where planning comes into play. Rope ladders can be secured in nearby trees, out buildings or hidden elsewhere that could help you get down from the roof. Rope ladders would not be much help getting you on the roof, so you have to plan for this, but they can help you get down if they can be somehow secured.

8.) Some extreme measures could be recordings of large barking dogs or other animal sounds that could instill fear in anyone inside the home. Recordings of people shouting and dogs barking may give the impression there is a much larger force than there really is outside ready to attack. This takes prior planning and materials, but it can be done if you are serious about taking back your home.

There are measures, other than listed that can be taken of course and some are more extreme than others are. This is simply an academic exercise to get you to think about certain scenarios. There are no guarantees that the above listed measures would work, and by no means are any of them recommended except in the most extreme situations, and no one should consider them unless they have certain training and demonstrated skill sets.

The above listed scenario is not likely to ever happen, but if you are serious about planning for a SHTF situation, then you have to plan for all possibilities.(source)BULLETprof2015

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