When A Crisis Hits, You’re Going To Want To Have A Good Stockpile Of All These Food Items Alredy On Hand

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When A Crisis Hits, You’re Going To Want To Have A Good Stockpile Of All These Food Items Alredy On  Hand

Make sure your selections are shelf stable. Canned and dry goods are best. In case of power outage, the freezer will keep your food for only two or three days. Don’t turn your nose up at processed foods; they tend to store longer, and while processed food is not as good for you as whole foods, it’s better than starving.

Everyday emergency food storage is an important topic! 

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Magic list of grocery store survival food? Wondering what are the  best canned foods for prepping? Take stock of the  most important shelf-stable  goods to buy from the grocery store while they are still available. Below is the emergency preparedness information you need — a free guide…

Stock food you will want to eat.

Whether you stock the pantry for everyday use or emergency food supplies, having excess supplies can be a life saver in hard times.

Stock dry and canned goods in a cool, dry, dark environment. Darkness is especially important if any of your canning is done in glass jars, because the light breaks down vitamins and protein in the food.

Water isn’t a food to hoard, but you certainly can’t live without it, which is why water is #1 on the list. Distilled water is the most pure form of water. Get water now and make plans to get more water.

Canned liquids.It’s important to stock up on canned foods with high liquid content. Two excellent (and often overlooked) examples are canned pineapple juice and vegetable juice available on the bottom shelves of your grocery store.  These foods will provide nutrition and hydration simultaneously.Variety is important. It prevents monotony and balances your diet. Small containers have a higher unit cost, but prevent waste (which is in itself costly).

Pasta. Spaghetti, macaroni, whatever. Great source of carbs, and everybody loves it. It’s not huge on vitamins, but that’s what canned fruit is for.

Canned fish. Salmon, jack mackerel, sardines, tuna, kippered herring. All these make great survival foods. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and flavor.

Dried beans and rice. Yes, there are lots of Y2K jokes about this, and I bet some of you still have some, eleven years later. But if you store them properly they will keep literally for decades. One interesting thing about beans and rice — together they make a “complete protein.” Rice has some of the amino acids that make up protein, and beans have the rest of them. Together, it’s great food.

Basic canned produce. Get a variety of beans (black, pinto, navy, kidney, and lima), vegetables (tomato, corn, and your favorite greens), and fruit (peaches, pears, apple sauce, or just a cocktail). These few items will cover nearly the entire gamut of vitamins, minerals, and fiber you’ll need long term, all while providing all the variety you’ll need to maintain morale.

Special canned produce. For an occasional treat, keep a few cans of blueberries, pumpkin pie filling, hearts of palm, capers, olives, or whatever your favorite canned goods might be.

Staples. Olive oil, flour, sugar, and salt. Buy them in bulk at Sam’s Club or Costco. Keep flour safe from mice and moths.

Dehydrated powdered milk, whey and eggs. Indeed milk is a versatile food well worth stockpiling if you don’t have a cow or a goat.  Buy dehydrated powdered milk by the bucket.

Eggs and Powdered eggs.  Easy dehydrated eggs are 100% all-natural with no preservatives or chemicals. Eggs generally can last a long time and don’t need to be refrigerated.

Hard cheeses encased in wax.
Waxed hard cheeses are not so easy to find, but they are available. Parmesan, swiss, sharp cheddar or Gouda.  Wax prevents cheese from growing mold and bacteria, and it also keeps moisture in your cheese, so it can store for a very long time without refrigeration. Parmesan is a hard cheese, and in the powder form has a four month expiration date, but encased in wax it can last up to 25 years!

Coffee, tea, Ovaltine, Tang and bouillon.  Primary benefit of increased mental
alertness, but as a morale boost it’s good too. Tea for survival is important too, and
has been around for 5,000+ years for a reason!  So tea helped it taste better and boiling water killed bacteria. Even if you don’t use coffee, tea or bouillon, consider securing them for your Prepper’s pantry for bartering!

Oils (butter, lard, olive oil, organic shortening, etc.)

Coconut oil is very heat stable, and because it’s low to oxidize, it means that it won’t go rancid as quickly as other oils.

Olive oil is an ideal oil, but can quickly go rancid, thought it may have a shelf life up to two years.

Cornmeal. Pioneers packed cornmeal as part of their provision list, a half a bushel!

Popcorn. We wrote an entire article touting the benefits of storing Popcorn because it’s a grain that can be ground into flour!



Peanut butter 

Canned juice 


Fruit cocktail 



Beef stew or Chili 

Tomato or other soup 

Raisins or dried prunes 

Mixed nuts

Canned Fruit

Canned Vegetables

Canned Beef

Canned Chicken

Canned Ham

Beans, lentils, Peas

Of course, if you have more than one person to stock for, combine quantities in larger containers to save on the unit cost. That is, buy a big jar of peanut butter instead of several small ones. Caveat: small quantities can still be useful, like small drink servings. You don’t waste as much. Also, there is a convenience factor here — you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get an emergency stock. Save the heavy calculations for your long-term survival stock.

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