Yellowstone Volcano EruptionIs US government working on secret evacuation plan


Yellowstone Volcano EruptionIs US government working on secret evacuation plan

One of the most dangerous volcanoes erupted for the first time in 42 years when Mount Calbuco in Chile on April 22, 2015 blew its top and began spewing a giant ash cloud more than 15 kilometres into the atmosphere, rattling the residents in the region.

While Calbuco is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in South America, it is small potatoes compared to what a potential eruption might occur if Yellowstone Park’s super volcano in the western United States ever erupted. And now, geologists have made an unsettling discovery of a giant reservoir of magma underneath the 40 mile-wide crater basin that covers most to he national park that no one new ever existed before.


The discovery announced in the journal Science Express last week describes the newly imaged hidden chamber that has an unbelievable size of 46,000 cubic kilometers, containing enough hot lava to fill the Grand Canyon eleven times over and has the same volume as New York’s Long Island.

The reservoir is about 12 to 28 miles underground and is nearly four-and-half times larger than a previously-known magma chamber above it. This surprising discovery promises to shed some light on the mysteries still surrounding the inner clockwork of how Yellowstone super volcano functions and help define just what kind of danger it actually poses. “Our new seismic image of the Yellowstone volcanic system reveals a lower crustal magma reservoir beneath the previously-known shallow upper crustal magma reservoir beneath the Yellowstone caldera,” explained co-author and seismologist Jamie Farrell at the University of Utah in an interview with Yahoo Canada News.

“This new image and study provides key information on how the entire magmatic system works from the mantle plume to the surface as a continuous volcanic feature.”

A hot plume of mantle lies just beneath Yellowstone National Park and it’s the heat from the mantle that melts the overlying rocks forming what is known as volcanic hotspots, which can erupt. In fact Yellowstone is considered the world’s largest super volcano.

The fact that that this region sports steaming geysers and a bulging titanic underground chamber of magma says that Yewllowstone’s super volcano may be sleeping, but it’s still very much alive.

Why the Yellowstone Supervolcano Could Be Huge22

One of the world’s largest supervolcanoes erupted 2.1 million years ago in Yellowstone, and then twice more there at intervals of roughly 660,000 years. Are we due for another one soon?

Yellowstone Supervolcano Is The World’s Largest Ticking Time Bomb

They are preparing and moving equipment all over the United States at break neck speed lately. I am really beginning to believe in light of the recent new discovery of the Massive Magma Chamber under Yellowstone that they know it’s on a hair trigger.
Stay At The Ready…


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