Fad diets that can kill

Over the years people have tried some crazily dangerous diets. From putting parasites into your body to rubbing yourself in a hormone taken from the placenta, here are the five most dangerous diets. What does the diet involve: Put bluntly, the … [Continue reading]

How not to look like an easy target

Let’s play a little game. The next time your out at a sporting event, a restaurant, the mall or another place where there are large groups of people, look around at the other people in your surroundings. Be covert but observant. Pretend you are a c … [Continue reading]

How to Make an All-Natural Antiseptic Ointment

Today I am going to share with you how to make an all-natural first-aid antiseptic that you can easily make at home. This homemade antiseptic has excellent antibacterial properties to treat everyday cuts, scrapes and abrasions just as you would with a … [Continue reading]

Why your water filtration system may be the death of you

There are many types of emergency that can befall us, personal, familial, local, national and global. This is why we prepare, this is why we have back ups, and back ups for those back ups. Have you ever looked closely, really closely at your kit, in … [Continue reading]

28 Other Ways Toothpaste Is Best Used

Although the primary use of toothpaste is to clean and improve the aesthetic appearance and health of teeth, there are also 26 other things that you can use it for. Every household has one and every household uses it at least twice a day. And because … [Continue reading]

Want to avoid Typhus? Do your laundry…..

Pediculus humanus First of all typhus should not be confused with typhoid, they are two entirely different things. Also, there are quite a few types of typhus in circulation, this article deals with the most serious, epidemic typhus which is … [Continue reading]

Survival Foraging: Puffballs

  Lycoperdon Species   Calvatia Species   OTHER NAMES: Devils Snuffbox, Chicken of the Woods   HABITAT: Puffballs flourish in areas such as lawns, meadows, tundra and roadsides.  Puffballs can be found f … [Continue reading]

Do you have water if the grid goes down?

Last week on National Geographic’s American Blackout we got to see a lot of common problems presented as the result of a power grid collapse that lasted 10 days. One problem that everyone faced, but didn’t receive a lot of air time was the lack of dri … [Continue reading]