America You Need To Prepare For What’s Coming — How To Survive The End of The World

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America You Need To Prepare For What’s Coming — How To Survive The End of The World

How To Build A Survival Kit.HOW TO SURVIVE THE END OF THE WORLD.The key ingredients in any survival situation that almost nobody is fully aware of and can “literally” save your life. It takes more than knowledge and skills to build shelters, get food and make fires. A lot of experts with survival training have not used their skills and died because of this. How to not only identify these ingredients, but also explain them to know how to come through the toughest times.

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How to build your survival kit like a Special Forces soldier so your family will have the basics even if you have to run…HINT: When a disaster strikes every tool must be easily accessed. You don’t want to spend an hour searching for something like a flash-light, do you?


This little-known fact can save your life in a crisis situation. HINT: When you cannot go outside and you must prepare your food indoors, you might make this fatal mistake. Also, how to use this common item you’ll find in every home to treat medical emergencies.

How to make a foolproof survival plan. Starting to structure a survival plan for you and your family, for various disasters and total economic meltdown, is what you must have in mind before any other preparations. However, most plans completely overlook this component and I’ll tell you what it is and how to further develop it.

Establishing communications when you’re in a middle of a catastrophe is vital when immediate assistance is needed. Floods and landslides often isolate towns or distant residents which limits their access to essential public sevices.

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How to find your direction even if you’re completely lost in the middle of the night, with no idea of how you ended up there, no compass and no way to communicate with others. Kidnapping is a serious issue and most people dont know anything about it. Regardless, it’s useless to escape if you cant figure out how to determine direction. I learned this directly from the theater of military operations.

How to put together an itemized list of exactly what you need in your bug out bag to survive for 3 full days on the go. Staying home and “hunkering down” might not always be possible. In this cases, it’s absolutely critical to make sure you have an “on the go” kit ready and prepared to grab it at a moment’s notice and retreat from your home. If you don’t have the right supplies in the bag, you’re likely to end up in a ditch somewhere along the way.

How to save a life, even if you have no medical experience. During a crisis people will be faced with breathing problems, severe bleeding and shock, you can count on it. You’ll learn the exact lifesaving steps you need to take when you, your family or even a stranger needs your help, without allowing yourself or the victim to panic.

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How to find or create enough drinking water and purify it to keep your family alive for months, without having to build anything or buy any expensive filters. Most filters drain your water of essential nutriets you’ll desperately need, anyway. Also, what sources to avoid when collecting water – a mistake most self-proclaimed preppers

Here’s a big one: If the Shit Hits The Fan could be several months before any common order is restored. So your survival stockpiles could easily run out until you have the chance to figure out whats happening. You need a way to change those odds without putting your life in danger. I’ll show you how you can kill and cook wild animals…even if you’ve never hunted before or don’t own a firearm! I’m also going to reveal how to build field-expedient weapons, the tools and equipment to procure any type of food – no matter if it walks, crawles or flies… Skills that you would make even the indigenous amazonian tribes angry.

A Prepper’s Guide in Safeguarding a Home

The ammunition you carry may be used to light a fire by extracting the bullet from the shell casing and use the gunpowder as tinder for the spark to ignite the powder and… 7 other killer fire-lighting methods that will put you in the same league as Bear Grylls in a snap of a finger.

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The black belt secrets of firearms finally exposed. Having a gun is not what you think. Most of those claiming to understand firearms have video gaming, often “Call of Duty”, as their sole experience with weapons, which is no substitute whatsoever for practical instruction from a qualified commanding officer with hours of experience servicing a firearm. I’ll show you facts from fiction that ensure your survival when it comes to firearms and you’ll see exactly what type of gun to have and why… and how to use it to protect the ones you love.

Why everyone almost always fails to understand the “psychological preparation” even after years of preparing. (Just learning this one secret will take your whole life into another world).

2016, What’s Coming Can’t be Stopped (No Fear, just be Prepare)

What was that again? This Video is intended to keep you alert, and to Wake up those who might still be “Sleepwalking”. Use your DOLLARS to prepare. Don’t be taken by surprise. They will attempt to deceive us up until the last minutes. They don’t what us to be prepared, forcing us to once again accept their solutions.


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3 thoughts on “America You Need To Prepare For What’s Coming — How To Survive The End of The World

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    1. Michael

      There is an old saying that God helps those who helps themselves. No one has any idea what will happen in the future. We must have a plan of action if we are to survive.

      Sure Jesus may protect you from spiritual entities or unforeseeable outcomes to a degree, but it makes a big difference to know that you don’t have to suffer and worry about food, water, and shelter with a plan to action of where to go, who to rely on, and what you will do if you lose your home or standard of living suddenly overnight.

      Don’t look at it as a form of a lack of faith, because Jesus saves through death. So unless you plan on committing suicide or a Deus Ex Machina, “Be Prepared”!


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