Are You Ready for What’s Coming?

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Are You Ready for What's Coming?

Are You Ready for What’s Coming?

Hurricane researchers say the “explosive” growth of Hurricane Patricia was completely missed by sophisticated computer models. Rapid intensification is still stumping scientists, who says Patricia is an unprecedented storm. (Oct. 23)
Video of a Damascus neighborhood filmed by a Russian drone has provided a rare glimpse into the staggering scale of destruction that years of fighting has inflicted around the Syrian capital, seat of President Bashar Assad’s power. (Oct. 22)

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A recent Adelaide University study says that ocean acidification and warming temperatures could trigger a major collapse in the marine food chain.
A rare look inside the Arctic seed vault that could keep mankind alive. CNN’s Arwa Damon gives us a peek at the world’s doomsday food storage.
For the first time since he began the slaughter of his own people, Bashar al Assad traveled out of Syria to thank Vladimir Putin for bombing his enemies.
Investigators in St. Louis say six predominately black churches were set on fire in nine days.
US President Barack Obama vetoed a $612 billion defense spending bill, saying it resorted to budget “gimmicks,” wastes money on unwanted programs and prevents the closure of Guantanamo Bay prison.
A 16th century church has reappeared in the middle of a lake in Chiapas, Mexico, as the levels of water dropped.

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Latvian and German troops took part in a joint military drill at the Adazi training field, Latvia on Thursday.
Russia plans to station a militray unit in the Arctic by 2018. The country’s Defense Minister told Russian media on Thursday that the unit should be up and running by 2018.
The US military has confirmed on Monday that an F-16 fighter jet was struck by enemy fire in eastern Afghanistan.
Millions in water-logged Texas face the threat of more severe weather. A violent storm system is moving across the central part of the state, and flash flood watches are in effect.
A sunken 16th Century church in Chiapas, Mexico, has emerged after the water levels in a surrounding reservoir dropped. Nathan Frandino reports.

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A video of a Damascus neighborhood, filmed by a Russian drone, has been released. It provides a rare glimpse into the staggering scale of destruction around the Syrian capital.
Hitler image appears to become very popular tool for advertising various goods – from clothes shops to ice cream.

A community near St. Louis, Missouri claims that a rise in the incidence of cancers in the area is related to exposure to nuclear waste dating back to the Manhattan Project. Residents complain that the US government has been slow in studying the effect of radioactive residues on the populace.
In June, PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat said the Palestinian Authority (PA) would disband by the end of the year if there was no two-state solution. As December nears, will Erekat follow through on his commitment?

Russia has voiced concern over the continued foreign support for terrorists operating in Syria. Moscow, which has now taken a direct military role to flush out terrorists from Syria, is calling for an end to financial and military for Syria militants.
Japan has confirmed the first case of cancer linked to the Fukushima nuclear reactor leak, more than four years after the disaster.


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Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

This is a good motto to live by, despite how you think about things.

Individuals can still hope for the best (that things can and will eventually work out), but whatb good is your prosperity going to do if you don’t have anything to eat or a safe place to hang out for an extended period of time?

Why not prepare while you still can — when things are readily available and can still be purchased at cheap prices? The coming hyper-inflation will make any such purchases beforehand look very intelligent…

To prepare for the worst, you need a plan. Why are most people so against doing basic preparations that could be the difference on how they survive — or whether they survive?

History shows time and again that those who prepare always fare better than those who did not.

Having a plan and being determined to act on that plan will always be the best way to handle any contingencies, should they occur.

After disaster strikes, your mind is going to be racing around like a car on a race track. Preplanning and having a written set of measures to take will make someone’s life go much smoother when the SHTF.

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