Turn Undrinkable Water Into Pure, Crystal-Clear Distilled Water With a Home-Built Solar still.

distilled water

Turn Undrinkable Water Into Pure, Crystal-Clear Distilled Water With a Home-Built Solar still.

Make Your Own Distilled Water

Make your own distilled water from stream or lake water, salt water, or even brackish, dirty water, using these DIY Solar Still Plans. With just a few basic building materials, a sheet of glass and some sunshine, you can purify your own water at no cost and with minimal effort.

Distilled water is not just for drinking, and it’s always worth keeping a few gallons of it on hand. Clean water free of chemicals and minerals has a number of valuable uses:

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• Always refill the lead-acid batteries used for solar energy systems or automobiles with distilled water

• Water delicate plants like orchids with distilled water; minerals and additives like fluoride or chlorine that are present in most tap water can harm plants

• Distilled water mixed with antifreeze is recommended for car radiators, as it’s less corrosive

• Steam irons become clogged with mineral deposits unless you use distilled water

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While it is true that distilled water leaches minerals out of the body it should also be noted that the minerals leached are “inorganic” minerals. Inorganic minerals are the result of water passing through soil where rock and whatever else is present. “Organic” minerals, however, come from plants and animals that eat the plants. ie, plant digests soil (converts it to organic minerals through photosynthesis, which only a plant can do), man and animal eats plants with converted minerals and on up the food chain. The inorganic minerals are sludge to the body because we do not do photosynthesis. It is good to get the inorganic minerals out of the body.

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Distilled water is a solvent and based at pH 7.0 (neutral) not acidic. Because most bottled water is placed in plastic containers the plastic components (chemicals) can leach into the water. That is bad. Distilled water is the same as rain. All life forms survive better with pure water which is “distilled” water. It has the ability to break the connection between organic and inorganic minerals and will then clean the body of impurities. I had a guy tell me that distilled water would kill house plants. I laughed . Give your house plants distilled water and they grow strong, healthy and very green.

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This is the effect of a solvent in a mineral base. FYI, the myth of distilled water leaching minerals came from a water filter company who was trying to build a market for themselves through filter sales. I have been drinking distilled water for many years and have NEVER had a problem with it. The body demands it. The digestive system becomes very regular when drinking it. Distilled water is excellent and that is what people have drunk for thousands of years. The reason for using a charcoal filter is to remove the taste from the steam process. It makes it easier to drink if you are just starting out. In this particular process the VOC’s could be a problem. Put it to glass instead.

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Make your own distilled water and other liquids using these DIY solar still plans.

My homemade solar still. Shallow basin design of 3 square feet of water surface area. It’s a work in progress but it’s very functional. I’ve noticed in my most recent use of this still that some of the water droplets are dropping off of the glass before they get to the collection trough. Efficiency could probably be improved if the tilt angle of the glass were 10-15 degrees instead of about 7.5 degrees that I’ve used with this still. A slightly steeper angle should get the water droplets moving before they get so heavy that they let go of the glass.

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How to purify large quantities of water with a food saver bag

Demonstrating how you can use a food saver type vacuum bag to purify 11.5 gallons of water using the SODIS water purification method. Bag should be filled with clear water and placed in direct sunlight for 6-8 hours. This method uses UV “ultra violet” light to kill bacteria and viruses in the water. This method will do noting for chemical contamination.


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