EMP: How to Survive the First 3 Days of Total Chaos following an Electro-Magnetic Pulse Attack on the U.S.


An EMP following a nuclear detonation is an American nightmare from Hell — yet it’s a growing threat. If it happens expect death, chaos, suicide, riots and “end of the world” panic everywhere.

Is it possible to survive? Yes — for those prepared… How to survive the first three days of total chaos across the former US of A.

Originally published : by Tom Brennan,  SecretsofSurvival.com

An EMP is an American nightmare from Hell — and it’s a growing threat.

EMP: Electro-Magnetic Pulse is a term being used more often in the news, especially as North Korea’s repeating threats of striking the U.S. with nukes make headlines. The alarming progress of this outlaw nation’s nuclear weapons and ICBM programs has much of the world rightfully worried. We should be more than worried though.

Deadly lessons from history – have we forgotten?

History has already taught us the lesson of what happens when violent dictators not in their right minds have access to powerful weapons and armies. Who can forget Hitler? Kim Jong-Un may be worse.

Hitler only killed a few million people. Kim Jong-Un may have the means to kill tens of millions.

It is obvious that we are counting down the days that Kim Jong-Un can successfully attack the mainland of the USA as well as most of Asia.

If you think it not likely – don’t forget Germany. Don’t forget Hitler. Remember, crazed leaders don’t think rationally.

EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) occurs when just one nuclear weapon is detonated

… and North Korea has several nuclear weapons and growing every year from the sounds of things.

An EMP involves the high altitude detonation of a nuclear or thermo-nuclear weapon that will eliminate electrical power generation and transmission and all unshielded digital devices and equipment. The energy and technology dependent and vulnerable United States will suddenly be transformed into a place not seen since 1850. What will happen in the three days after the attack? The image is disturbing and frightening, unless you are responsible, informed and prepared.

Day one: shock and awe and silence

There have been studies which show that the first 24 hours of an emergency usually are taken in stride and relative calm by most populations. The 2003 blackout in NY and NJ saw citizens sent home from work strolling easily across the bridges and sidewalks in the bright sunshine. New Yorkers are a hardy lot and they were sure that power would be back on in time for dinner and evening TV (and it was).

But the situation with an EMP would change that

Today we face a dangerous enemy who has vowed our destruction by nuclear weapons which he has developed along with ICBM’s to deliver them But Kim Jong-Un would only need a well-placed warhead above the USA to totally eliminate the nation from any role in world affairs and cause the death of 90% of its people. Today the media has made this common knowledge.

Expect immediate panic — crazed “end of the world” panic

A population that suspects that an EMP has occurred will begin to panic almost immediately. FEMA had its hands full with hurricane relief response in Texas and Puerto Rico and a situation on a national scale will be completely unmanageable with no communications, transportation or airlift capability.

Responsible survivalists know that a 72 hour evacuation kit (commonly called a get home bag) is an always necessity. Even if they have relocated to a safer place, conditions can change from weather, fire or hostile groups and the need to leave immediately is a harsh reality. The deepest bunker, the most fortified home or best supply of food and ammunition will eventually be overcome by desperate and lawless gangs.

Rioting hordes descend on anyone with food and supplies

Cities will progress rapidly from panicked food seekers to rioting hordes. Fires will break out and because first responders depend on the very equipment that will no longer operate, the fires will spread. Even the most efficient and courageous fire fighters can only work to contain spreading fires such as witnessed in California today.

Nuclear meltdowns will force evacuations of millions

Adding to this, nuclear reactors will go into meltdown due to lack of electricity after emergency power generators shut down. Fires and nuclear fallout will add to the devastation.

Thousands of commercial airlines will end in explosive crashes

Airliners will literally fall from the skies as “fly by wire” systems and electronics shut off. Today’s airliners are so computerized that some pilots have literally forgotten how to fly and depend on the aircraft’s computerized systems to do the work.

Within ten minutes of an EMP: Get the hell out of Dodge

The first day of an EMP should be spent removing yourself from the ongoing collapse. This should be done quietly and circumspectly. Being ready to abandon any vehicle (most likely few if any will even start due to the computerization that began in the automotive industry in the 1990’s) is a reality. Roads will be clogged with abandoned vehicles and knowing how to get out of town ASAP on foot is essential.

You may need to stay indoors initially and avoid riots

Should you be caught in a city or suburb it might be advisable to stay indoors, be ready to move at the first good chance but avoid being noticed if riots are in progress. Rioters will move through areas and take what they want and most likely keep moving. Usually urban rioters take consumer goods, but knowing that an EMP has occurred will change their priorities to food and arms and items they can put to immediate use.

One of the most recent dangers that complicate EMP survival is the present state of political division in today’s cities. Street gangs, political groups, racists (of every race) AntiFa, Jihad cells and others will use these opportunities to carve out territory and carry out their agendas. Neighborhoods that survive will be part of someone’s new “kingdom”. Until you can escape, “go with the flow”.

Local rulers rise up

Despite the fact that the new “rulers” may be completely the opposite of your political, religious or ideological view, remember that you are now a minority. In ancient history, King David not only hid amongst the Philistines but fought for them when Saul threatened his life.

“Changing sides” is an acceptable tactic for survival and eventual victory — just do us all a favor and don’t turn into a thief, rapist or murderer (please). The world already has enough of those.

Instead, learn how to survive and prepare today, so that when all hell does break loose one day, you are already prepared with food, emergency supplies and a plan.

Day 2: welcome to 1850

By the second 24 hours reality will set in that there will be no help, no relief or supplies. Those who survived the waves of looters and rioters will face a hard reality of their own overconfidence in a government that no longer exists.

Out in the countryside, less chaos

However, rural populations will go about their day as usual, only minus any machines or electrical power. Somehow it always seems to be 1850 on a farm or ranch. Larger spreads will assess how much can be watered or harvested and how to do it.

All the horses that the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) has considered excess will not seem to be anywhere enough now. Horses, donkeys and mules will become valuable and demand a high barter price and those who can train them will be much in demand. Any transport of food will be by horse team.

Farms, ranches are likely to join forces in places

These rural farms and ranches will band together for protection as well. Hostile groups from cities will branch out seeking food and other goods and will have to be dealt with realistically. A defense perimeter will be set up and an agreement to bring in food to areas still occupied by survivors will be worked out. But no one leaves or enters the perimeter. Expect gangs and other hostiles to be met with armed resistance, and many gangs are likely to meet their end and or scatter.

Armed farmers, ranchers won’t hesitate to face off with gangs

In the 1850’s cities drew their food support from nearby farms but the growth of suburbs eliminated that option. City dwellers are totally dependent “eaters”; they produce nothing, make nothing and are generally not capable of providing for their own support.

There have been studies that state that suicides after PTSD sets in will be on an increasing volume as any hope of relief becomes evident. As America has urbanized, self-reliance skills have waned.

Day 3: the sounds of silence

There has been no water or food, fires are burning out. The rioters have moved on. Now the specter of disease and death from untreated burns, infections, and cuts and wounds will become real.

A wave of death has begun

The death wave that researchers predicted has begun. Previously thriving, culturally rich cities have become tombs of unburied dead. The urban gangs, AntiFa thugs and Jihadists are now seeing battle and real fighting as they try to carry their violence into the heartland. It is once again 1850 and the cowboys, pioneers and bravest of the brave are once again striving to survive and hopefully begin the American dream again. Life will go on.

But for many, now it’s war across a collapsed empire.

As Rome fell and experienced violence, death and chaos, so to will the U.S. see it if an EMP ever takes place.

And if we know the consequences of an EMP over America, so to do our enemies. With an EMP, they can finally take us down.

Prepare and survive an EMP

The Department of Energy, FEMA and other Government Agencies have plans, lots of them. But the alarming progress of North Korea’s nuclear development, the involvement of Iran in their plans and Iran’s own nuclear and missile developments, the alienation and misreading of opportunities to reach a collaborative accord with a capitalist Russia and the seizing of full power by a Maoist President Xi in China have made these plans not worth the time it would take to read them.

The only sure solution for survival may start with being aware of the increasing threat and also informed and prepared to move (relocate) immediately. Finally, if you’re a believer, to pray incessantly. If you’re not a believer, an EMP would be a good reason to become one. Why? Because without hope in God for rescue, you’re likely to lose all hope. And if you lose all hope, you’re not likely to survive.

Remember, suicides take place when people lose hope. That is one reason why suicides are expected to skyrocket following an EMP. But the Bible brings hope, though as we know not all share that belief. Where do you stand?

This video explains the steps one should take to prepare for the potential of an emp attack. A great beginner’s guide for what you can do.

Be encouraged – there is hope

With so many Christians in the U.S. and as readers of our site, it is worth sharing some encouraging words God has said in the Bible (Joshua 1:5), “Be strong and courageous, as I was with Moses so shall I be with you”. The Bible has much to say about the future of this world. What it has to say has a lot to do with war between powerful nations; nations fall; other nations claim power. Perhaps we should be paying a lot more attention to these warnings…

A quick checklist for surviving the first 3 days after an EMP attack

• Be prepared and have a 72 hour + emergency evacuation kit (that get home bag mentioned earlier) with specific supplies and food for each person always ready.
• Leave immediately as soon as you realize an EMP has occurred; keep a radio and batteries in a Faraday Box.
• Know where you will be safe; have maps. Do not expect your vehicle to work.
• Be ready to move again and stay ahead of rioters and looters as civil unrest spreads.
• If you cannot escape right away stay out of sight.
• If you do decide to move be careful, avoid any conflict or contact.
• Be ready to move until the three days of chaos have passed. Adaptive people are survivors. Much of what you knew and depended on will be gone. Your goal is to survive each day and stay out of harm’s way.

Books can be your best pre-collapse investment.

Old Time Wisdom ( Timeless Bits of Wisdom on How to Grow Everything Organically, from the Good Old Days When Everyone Did  you can prepare yourself for war by moving to the countryside and building a farm, but you must take guns with you, as the hordes of starving will be roaming. Also, even though the elite will have their safe havens and specialist shelters, they must be just as careful during the war as the ordinary civilians, because their shelters can still be compromised.”)

The Lost Ways (Learn the long forgotten secrets that helped our forefathers survive famines,wars,economic crisis and anything else life threw at them)

LOST WAYS 2 ( Word of the day: Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed long before us, because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times of famine and war.)

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