Five Levels Of Preparations For SHTF, WROL, And Teotwawki


Five Levels Of Preparations For SHTF, WROL, And Teotwawki

Level 0 (zero):  Every emergency is a disaster

  • Less than two weeks of food in the house
  • No water purification system
  • No bug-out bag
  • No defensive weapons
  • No way to produce their own food
  • No physical gold or silver
  • No tangible assets to barter

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Level 1:   Can Survive Two Weeks of an Minor Emergency (such as ice storm)

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  • Have sufficient food and water for two weeks of emergency
  • Able to heat their home for two weeks without relying on the power grid by use of kerosene heater or fireplace
  • Able to cook their meals for two weeks without relying on the power grid
  • Has a first aid kit
  • Likely has no defensive weapons
  • Must leave their home after two weeks due to lack of preparation


Level 2: Can Survive One Month of an Emergency (such as major hurricane)

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  • Likely has a portable power generator and sufficient fuel for one month of operation
  • Has handguns or shotgun to defend their home
  • Has a month’s work of canned goods to eat from
  • Has sufficient prescription medicines for 30 days
  • Has enough batteries for power a portable radio for 30 days

Level 3: Can Survive Three Months of an Emergency (such as martial law or impacting earthquake)

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  • Has a deep-short term pantry
  • Likely has a water purification system
  • Likely has a defensive weapon for each family member
  • Likely has some type of neighborhood safety watch or 24 hour security watch rotation at the home
  • Has stocked wood to burn in fireplace and/or iron stove
  • Has communication gear to keep track of local and world events
  • Has means to recharge batteries without relying on power grid
  • Has three months of prescription medicines

Level 4: Can Survive One Year of an Emergency (such as currency devaluation, economic depression)

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  • Has a deep short-term and long-term food pantry
  • Likely has their own garden to produce food
  • Likely has small-sized farm animals to produce protein (chickens, goats, rabbits)
  • Has a deep supply of ammo (2000+ rounds per weapon)
  • Is a spare weapon in event of damage
  • Has mean to produce herbal medicines to replace prescriptions
  • Has a long-term store of antibiotics
  • Likely has a dog for security watch
  • Has full 24 hour rotation of security watch on the home (requires 6 adults)
  • Should have secondary off-site storage of food, weapons, and ammo
  • Is ready to bug-out with full hiking and camping gear, if security situation degrades
  • Is able to educate their children at home


Level 5: Can Survive Indefinitely from their Home during an multi-year SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situation

  • Has a fully functioning large garden or small farm for food production
  • Is able to can and store the results of food harvest for the coming year
  • Is able to harvest seeds for next year’s planting
  • Is able to raise multiple generations of farm animals (cattle, sheep, horses)
  • Has horses for local and distance travel
  • Has enough ammo to last a generation (10,000+ rounds per weapon)
  • Has spares of each weapon and lots of extra magazines
  • Able to generate their own fuel (bio-diesel, alcohol)
  • Likely has fully functional solar power bank with deep storage batteries
  • Has natural on-site water sources for farm and home
  • Has home-based business to generate income
  • Is able to build new building and make any necessary repairs to existing buildings
  • Is able to provide excess food for charity
  • Has a secondary residency (such as mountain cabin) for full bug-out
  • Is prepared for minor surgery and child birth at home
  • Has stores of gold and silver for barter
  • Is able to produce their own clothing (from raw wool or raw cotton with spinning wheel and small loom)(source)

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