America is being setup for take down. That is the globalist-Zionist game plan. The bankrupting of America, then have China et all bomb the US (they have been told what cities to bomb) and then to invade the US to try and to do a regime change. To kill off the indigenous people of the US (also called genocide) and then bring in new peoples to run it, what’s left of it. It’s a shocker for Americans to think this could possible happen here but that is playing out before our eyes.

Don’t trust the main stream media, find alternative sources for information. (The only and real reason for toppling Saddam, Gadaffi, and other nations is to install Central Banking of the Zionist-Rothschild in those nations that did not have it and are against it and busy getting away from it, see our proof here for this, also surf the net) Also Hugo Chávez President of Venezuela has been busy getting away from Zionist central bankers, he knows how corrupt it is and invented Banco Del Sur “Bank of the South” for South America’s use and is using his nations oil money to fund it, Gadaffi was trying to do the same, Gadaffi was about to introduce his new gold back currency called the Denarius for use in Africa and the Middle East and to use for the trading of his nations oil with. The Zionist Central bankers were never going to let that happen. Its not about dealing with terrorists, its about the central bankers and global control pursuits of the Zionist central bankers. Follow the money, its the real motive for murdering people.
So why is the US military being used to fight for their global control agenda? Complain NOW and also share this page link with others. Christian Zionism is just a scam and the main stream media has 3/5’s of the US pumped up to go to war with Iran. Why? Were any WMD’s found in Iraq? No! The goal of the Zionists is to control the world and then run all things from Israel. The anti-Christ has to be a Jew. (Most likely a rabbinic Jew or a Zionist or both) For the Christian thinking that they are going to get raptured out before all this crap, the Christian rapture event will never occur!
Prepare for the worse NOW! Stock up like crazy, 3 years worth of food and other must have items. If you choose the wait and see mentality, it will be likely too late for you to stock up and prepare. You like to eat? Stock up now! Also downsize, possible to RV or trailer life to conserve your resources and is flexible if you have to relocate.
Still quote of the day “Israel will fight till the last American” Ouch!

Let Israel fight it own battles, God alone can defend Israel.

The contrived events of Benghazi should have brought about impeachment trial of Obama and war crimes against Hillary Clinton. Why has this not occurred? Because it might mess with the bigger plans for the taking down of America. Obama is a proven Marxist who works solely for the Zionist mafia bank-sters. Hilary works for the Zionists too. Hillary calls herself a “progressives” that is a covert buzz term for being a Marxist. Surf net with “progressive Marxist”. A “progressive” is a Marxist.

Vladimir Lenin explained why the political left always targets young minds in the pursuit of the leftist agenda, – “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” (So with that phrase private schooling or home schooling is sounding better all the time) Go and separate yourself from the world and the world agenda and also find like minded people to associate with.

Every see the Obama “man of steel” pictures that is code talk for the Marxists who know the meaning of Stalin’s name which is the Russian word for steel and Stalin is known everywhere as the “man of steel” Now Obama is being compared as the next “man of steel, a hard core Marxist.


Stalin killed millions for the Marxist agenda. China did the same thing, all those nations that suffer a Marxist regime change kill people by the millions, it makes Hitler look like a piker in comparison. Go research it. They kill first; it’s a rite of passage for the Marxist to do so. The end justifies the means to them. The poor don’t get lifted up by Marxist rule; they just want to wipe out the middle class of any nation. (BTW unions and the middle class go hand in hand (research it) be it the teachers union, police unions, any labor unions and their going after your pensions too) Marxist want to take away peoples land “private properties, home owners, the family farm” “that is their idea of land reform” its complete theft by gangsters! It is organized crime of the worst kind. Marxists are also “godless” they teach moral and values are a thing of the ruling classes “the have’s” “the home-owners” and why you see their pro gay and godless agenda at play, Obama is pro gay.


States also need to print their “own” money and manage it. The Federal Reserve is being used by the globalist financial string pullers to bring down America with huge debt that it can never repay. Get away from the FED, it’s a private corporation. States need to print and manage their own money supply so it can have its “own sovereignty” and for the good of its loyal citizens. It’s legal to do so! When some another entity has control over your money supply you will have lost your sovereignty.

!!! Stock up like crazy, at least 3 years worth of food (our simply & affordable survival food plan) and other must have items and never give up your guns! Trying to take away your guns is a Marxist agenda. Be proactive now, don’t engage in the dumb “wait and see mentality”, it will be too late if you do, all of this is occurring before our eyes.

Listen to this very short audio clip! The US is “forcing China” into WWIII with the US

Dr Paul Craig Roberts former editor of the Wall Street Journal and Regan era economic advisor speaking on how the US is forcing China into WWIII. (Dr Roberts has a blog page, an email address, answers his emails and does Skype interviews)

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former editor of the Wall Street Journal and President Regan era advisor speaking on US forcing China into WWIII WM audio or MP3 audio 2 minutes that will change your life.

In a fire fight (a gun fight) its statically known that the shooter who gets off the first shoot usually always wins the gun fight or battle. Israel won its 6 day war only because it engaged in a pre-emotive strike, a first strike against is neighbors. Russian officers train for this concept “the use of preemptive strike” especially when war or related looks very likely to occur, AND SO DOES CHINA. Japan was forced into using a preemptive strike against the US during WWII, it had too! General Billy Mitchell tried to warn the US leadership, congress etc about Japan’s plans for attacking the US and his efforts went on deaf ears and was even court-martialed, why? (The US money people and war industry wanted a war). So you can see what coming down the road against the US and what lessons learned the enemies of the US have observed from previous world wars in how the US operates.


I keep finding more nuggets of information: Today’s nut shell perspective. American is being set up for a takedown, that is a given. With economic collapse, war and more very soon. Also no nation that has ever suffered from a “hyperinflation” event has always undergone a regime change (when you lose your money you lose your “sovereignty” just that simply, be it a nation or an individual, ever seen a homeless person?) Now I mention below you won’t fully understand WWIII till you see how WWI and WWII got us to WWIII. Now the nugget for the day, you MUST have the Asian (China) perspectives on WWIII. China et al (the non-aligned nations) are very poised, very proactive and very ready for it (tailing US ships). I have 3 YT clips listed below of an interview with Canadian journalist Benjamin Fulford. Now in what he shares he tracks along with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts who has already stated the same “in so many words” and others that I utilize for gathering insights. Most sites trying to find insights on WWIII via the NWO are missing out on the China “Asia” perspectives on all this. The Zionist-Naz’s have been busy trying to pull a fast one here in the US. Prepare now for the most worst times in American history! The Nazi and the Rothschild-Zionist “cult” worked together during WWII, see this Nazi-Rothschild star of David coin produced by Joseph Goebbels. The Star of David is the Rothschild logo. Rothschild Zionists “its a cult-mafia” which bought “paid for” the land of Israel (it a bogus kinsman redeemer).
WWIII is coming soon! In a nut shell the US is forcing China and Russia into WWIII and this is easily proven? Listen to this :

Why is this occurring? WWIII is intended to bring about changes to societies and to various nations, also to reduce world’s populations. Its hard to get people to volunteer to go into gas chambers and birth control and abortion is too political, so why not do war on a large scale. What most people are missing out on is the fact that Obama and “the powers at be” he works for “Zionist-mafia-bank’sters” Goldman Zachs et al are Obama biggest contributors. The Zionist-communist agenda are deliberately wanting China and Russia to attack “bomb” the US and are forcing them to do so. Why? To foster a new government here, to do a regime change to the US. If you’re aware of the communist manifesto, Obama is following it to the tee with socialized medicine “heath care” pursuits, Obama is also pro gay (The communists consider normal morals and values strictly a thing of the ruling class bourgeois and they don’t have to obey it) All the communist rule by violence and terror and they have no problem killing people. Wake up! The end justifies the means to them. Go study it. Also a top item on the communist manifesto is to use lies and deceit to achieve their goals. It’s not just a Muslim thing to do that. They believe and practice for a type of social Darwinism, the survival of the fittest by practicing with clever lies and deceit and with the killing of anyone who gets in their way and more. Again the end justifies their means. Also the Zionists agenda likes to pit gentile nations against gentile nations with war and insurrection, this to thin out the gentile population for their global purposes and also to pursue what is called Lebanonization “order out of chaos” the breaking of various nations down into feuding factions in order to have control over them, to get rid of any particular dominate sect. It also generates big bucks for the Wall-Street-Washington oligarchy


If one EMP attack was to occur over the US, serious studies have reported that 2/3rd to 90% of the US population would die in 12 to 18 months. Also most all banking would shut down and likely the loss of your personal banking records, even if you have it highly documented. Get gold and silver coins NOW, then you know you have it! Why do a horrible EMP type of event? To possibly bring in new people from other nations to inhabit the US and have them work things. It’s very economical and does not overly destroy a nation to use an EMP.

All of this is CIA – globalist manufactured; the CIA solely serves as strong arm resource for Wall Street and the Zionist-globalist “two percenters” the self appointed rulers, go research it, see our ministry “one world government” study and Zionist page for leads on things to research. The social Darwinist claim the West i.e. the US and related consumer’s et al is chewing up the world’s resources at a phenomenal rate. (They really don’t care for people who are not pro Zionist)The globalist powers at be fear the masses eating up the worlds resources and it’s hard to get people to voluntarily go into gas chambers, for some reason, so in order to reduce the worlds populations they are planning on using wars and contrived famines. All of this is very contrived and very well thought out. Also economic hardship “economic collapse” will kill more people than any bomb or bullet of man ever will. So what is coming very soon with the war with Iran or possibly with North Korea is just the beginning of WWIII. This is all very well thought out, all very planned and will be very well executed. It did not just happen; it has a huge design to it. I have been studying and following WWIII and economic trends for several years now. I have some fast links and insights listed below to help people get up to speed on things.

Personally I think Obama who is the son of a noted Marxist, who clearly works for the Wall Street the globalist elite, and is a product of the CIA (as a professional liar), and wants to be remembered in history as the black man who brought down America. Obama’s real father is the noted communist Frank Marshal Davis. The media needs to ask Obama why he spent so much time with Frank Marshal Davis during his youth? I am advising people to stock up for at least 3 years worth of food and other must have items. See my links below and other related studies for help with you might have to contend with what is about to play out. 911 was a shocker event to the US public, WWIII if you do your homework is a much more predictable event to see various the events taking shape. Follow our blog to stay up on current events and related.

I highly suggest downsizing to RV life and relocating to more remote and rural areas of the US, having a good water source is also a major consideration. Also leave all the Obama supporters behind. Separate yourself from those kind and of those of this world. Time is of the essence. Don’t wait to see how the election plays out first, stock up like crazy NOW, WWIII will play out regardless. You must be pro-active each day if you want to fare better than those who will be caught off guard with the coming bank runs and super market runs and soon coming WWIII designed to kill the unsuspecting and ill prepared.fsc-300x250-0722-f2dc1c6

Obama is a proven false prophet from Deuteronomy 13:1-10. The civil rights movement is a scam from the beginning and has taken a position of being pro gay tolerant now, what is next, civil rights for animals with high powered attorneys? The Democrats voted to reject God at the DNC, separate yourself from those kind. Wake up, be pro-active daily, stock up and down size now if you want to fare better than those who are being judged for being gay tolerant and other evils of this ungodly nation. Don’t wait for the election results; that is a colossal waste of precious time. From the Bible, this time frame we are now in is called the “time of Jacobs trouble”, tough times for Israel, with wars and more, this to help Israel to repent. The Bible is better called “The Story of Israel.”
Prof. Antony C. Sutton is a professional and gifted researcher who’s empirical evidence has proven beyond any doubt the Wall Street financial elite behind many wars and also show the various types of socialism at play that these elite support.
The Wall Street-Washington oligarchy has been heavily investing in Red China for a long time now, something to think about after viewing this video. Its only business! Ya right!

Zbigniew Brzezinski a noted geo-strategist for the globalist financial elite, predicts from his book “The Grand Chess Board” that when the US folds, that is when “economic collapse occurs” that event will start the process (wars and more) that will unfold into a one world government to be run by the corporations “the Wall Street elite.”

Prof. Antony C. Sutton


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Source : www.lasttrumpet.org

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