If The Lights Went Out In America

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The Lights Went Out

If The Lights Went Out In America

You may have plans for power outages of a few days, but if you were without electricity for a period of months or even weeks, “there is no master plan for the civilian population” says Ted Koppel, author of ‘Lights Out’ (describing how a cyberattack on the nation’s power grids could paralyze our infrastructure).

While most of those who are preparedness-minded know and realize that they cannot count on government to intervene and ‘save them’ in the thick of a major and overwhelming disaster, the cold hard facts unfortunately reveal that the vast majority of Americans presume that there is a plan, and regardless of the disaster their government will step in and ‘provide’ for them. This will prove to be a very deadly presumption…

Lets look at a potential timeline of events when the lights go out in America…

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The cities would be the hardest hit.

Thousands trapped in elevators
ALL electrical appliances shut down-refrigerators, heating, A/C
ATM machines are inoperative
Banks and other businesses shut down
Gas stations without generators cannot pump fuel
For most, profound darkness


Water faucets begin to run dry in some areas without utility generators
Toilets will no longer flush without water pressure
Drug stores and supermarkets being stripped
Law enforcement overwhelmed by emergencies and outbreaks of looting
Batteries on laptops, cell phones, and flashlights are dying
Conflicting descriptions of power outage, unknown expected duration
Officials disagree regarding recommended actions
Bridges, tunnels, highways becoming clogged with refugees

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Gas stations running out of fuel (those that could pump)
Water is at a premium
Some emergency generators assist in pumping water and sewage (limited)
Many ‘unprepared’ are running out of food already
Beginning to panic, discovering widespread outage ramifications
The “Oh $hit” moment of realization…


Any .gov emergency rations are depleted
Many of the elderly and infirm have died
Hospitals overwhelmed and struggling to perform emergency services
Military attempts to maintain semblance of order, but not enough personnel
Looting (especially cities) has become rampant
Millions upon millions are ‘on their own’



People have become deeply frightened and fear for their lives
Most are now entirely running out of food to eat
Many are dying in regions without access to water
Many are dying in regions/climates where there is no heat (if during winter)
Disease (e.g. typhoid fever, cholera) from eating tainted food, water, poor sanitation
Martial Law is declared (perhaps even sooner)

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Many drug-dependent patients are dying
The millions with severe psychotic disorders (no more meds) create bedlam
People and communities fighting over resources
Home invasions and violence-related die-offs
Escaped prisoners, organized gangs, more violence-related die-off
Communities are slowly starving


90% are dead

Yesterday’s article, “Lights Out For A Nation Unprepared As Cyberattack Downs Power Grid”, pointed out a risk assessment of our electrical power grid (Ted Koppel’s book, Lights Out). Today I’m curious to look at a hypothetical timeline of the aftermath.

The timeline of subsequent events will vary based on population density, cities, suburbia, rural, season, and geographical circumstances, however it is a good mental exercise to come up with a ‘best guess’. The process will help motivate you into more preparedness ?

What’s your input? Would you add to the above or shift things around a bit?(source)

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4 thoughts on “If The Lights Went Out In America

  1. Laurie

    This is so true. After watching my community go 3-5 days without power. We thought we were prepared. We have lots more work to do. I recommend everybody who think they are prepared to try turning off their breaker panel for a weekend as a trial run. It will show you if you have holes in your plan.

  2. Patrick Henry 2016

    Toilets will no longer flush without water pressure

    Not true

    A toilets reserve tank fills with water pressure, but the flushing mechanics doesn’t require water pressure, just a full tank
    So if you have access to grey water or water of any kind you can manually fill the tank to flush the toilet. So ideally if you have a septic system and a water barrel(s) you should be fine.
    City dwellers should be more concerned since sewage pumping stations will shut down and eventually sewer lines will clog and backfill and your toilet water will have nowhere to go.

  3. Debra

    I say bring it on!! The weak will be gone and the prepared will be here to battle the remainder! I wonder if the ‘elite’ realize this fact and refuse to do it because of this. Many are prepared and personally I think we should shut down the grid so people can gain their minds back and forget all this crap that runs off electricity!! Technologies have ruined many things we humans used to do together before electricity and has killed a lot of human compassion and decency!

  4. Keith

    The above timeline is a little slow. The day the power is shut off, our government will know exactly why. Martial law will go into effect immediately. Some of our troops, but predominantly foreign troops will kick in doors and start confiscating guns (like they did in New Orleans!), the foreign troops will murder the gun owners and a whole lot of other Americans will be shipped off to FEMA camps. There will be no freedom of movement because of the martial law (until they’re ready get you). If you’re caught outside your home, you’ll be shot. There will be armed gangs running around looking to steal food and your valuables, and it just gets worse from there!!


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