If You Haven’t Acquired Self Defense Capabilities, the Time to Do So Was Yesterday

Riots-Complete-And-Total-Collapse-Of-Society-300x300Karl Denninger put together a list  , and we highly recommend that our readers give it some consideration. We’ve noted some of the more pertinent items for our readers below, but we recommend checking out the entire article:

  • CNBS and other “media moguls” will not tell you the truth. They didn’t in the “flash crash” of last 200x200-bulletproof3Thursday and they won’t next time.  Remember that CNBS was running with a “fat finger” explanation for the collapse within minutes of the market stabilizing.  That was utter and complete crap and anyone watching the markets knew it.  I knew what happened immediately, and so did they.  Listen to those who refuse to report the facts as they occur at your peril.


  • If you haven’t acquired the means of lawful self-defense in whatever form or fashion you deem prudent at this point, the time to do so was yesterday. You need time and practice as you need competence – the biggest component of self-defense is the thing found between your ears, not the thing in your hand(s)! I know I’ve harped on this before but if you think you can go buy a gun when things get dicey and be “protected”, having invested nothing in practice and/or training you are very likely to have that weapon taken from you and then be shot with your own gun.  That’s a crappy way to die; if you’re unwilling or unable for whatever reason (including legal restrictions where you live) to acquire the means of defense then being concerned about the above (where you’re going to go, how you’re going to get there, and what you’ve got for supplies) becomeseven more important.
  • Get those “sudden stop” plans in place – NOW. If you’re in a big city you’re in big trouble.  Find friends or relatives that aren’t and see what you can do about a place to go where you have a reasonable shot at avoiding the worst of this.  Look, all-out civil unrest (or worse) is a low-probability event but if you get trapped in a big city and the worst comes that city will go feral within hours and become a free-fire zone.  What’s worse, many of these cities are openly hostile to citizens having and using effective self-defense; the bad guys don’t give a damn about laws – that’s why they’re called criminals. There really are bogey men in the world – they’re called gangs folks, and they would love the opportunity that a breakdown that would come with such an event.  In such a circumstance the only way to win the game is not to play. This is all about where you are, not what you have.


We’ve got a one way ticket to collapse, folks. It really doesn’t matter if we’re talking inflationary collapse or deflationary collapse. We’ve resigned ourselves to the understanding that the government cannot fix this problem even if they had the desire to do so (which they don’t). The end result is going to be a lot of people with jobs, money, food and any sort of plan or ability to improve their situation. A collapse of the magnitude we’re talking about is not something that will be over in a few weeks or months. We’re talking years, potentially decades.

In the unlikely (likely?) event that we do experience a massive (TEOTWAWKI) hit to our financial and economic systems, you can also expect serious deterioration of our political and social systems, as well as emergency response capabilities.

As one of our readers recently pointed out, your short term food reserves of freeze-dried goods, rice, beans and water filters will only last so long. If you haven’t yet, you need to start considering long-term sustainability which includes, but is not limited to, skills training, food production, energy production and self defense.

Check out this incredible way of becoming food independent on Backyard Liberty, and find out more about off-grid survival on Conquering the Coming Collapse.

And, if the worst doesn’t happen, then you end up with some skills that you can use for the rest of your life. Living on less and using your own hands to sustain is the new paradigm – start today.

Other useful resources:

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SOURCE : www.shtfplan.com

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