Next Time You’re REALLY Hungry, Think of this…

hungryThe next time you get really hungry, I mean the kind of hungry that results from having gone way too long since you should have eaten some food, think about what it would be like if thousands or millions of people around you were just as hungry (or more) all at the same time. A sad reality is that there are millions who are starving in the worlds poorest regions, but imagine what would happen if part of the modern world population suddenly didn’t have enough to eat. It would not be a pretty picture… because it would rapidly devolve into social chaos.





It has happened to most of us from time to time… We get too busy or involved in a project and lose track of time, or we have spent a lot of time physically exerting ourselves, and then suddenly we realize that we are VERY HUNGRY as our body signals us that we need to replenish our energy and consume some calories. You feel like you’re starving and you need to eat right now!

When this happens, many of us will tend to get irritable or ‘cranky’ until our bodies are satisfied with enough calories to shut off the signals.

Here’s the thing… whenever this happens to you, think of this one thing… That is, try and imagine what it would be like if nearly EVERYONE was hungry around you. Imagine ALL of them becoming irritable with a primary mission to find some food to eat. Imagine what it would be like during a MAJOR post-disaster or collapse where so many people might be without enough food due to breakdown of systems of distribution or other reasons? Things would turn brown real fast…

Whenever you feel hungry, let it remind you of the extreme danger that we would be in if a large percentage of the population around you ran out of food to eat. Civilized society would deteriorate rapidly into social chaos.


How much food does the ‘typical’ family have in their home? How long would it take for the majority of folks to run out of food? For most… not long.

Hunger can be a VERY powerful feeling, and one that WILL lead to desperation if it is not eventually satisfied. Your body wants to survive and survival instincts WILL kick in. People WILL do what is necessary to survive and obtain food if it gets that desperate. Think about that. How dangerous will it be if you live in suburbia with thousands of people around you slowly starving? And if you’re in the city, lets face it… you’re in deep doo-doo. Desperate people do desperate things.

Yes, this is a worst case scenario, but the fact is that it would not take much in today’s uncertain world to disrupt our just-in-time systems of supply and distribution. We are living in risky times. Most people are fat (and happy?) and have NO CLUE of the risks that surround their ability to remain fat. IF that ability is removed, we will have social breakdown in a very short time.

So, the next time you’re ‘starving’ for some food, think about that. Let it be a motivator to keep you prepping.











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