Planet X Nibiru the End Times Event is Near 2015


Planet X Nibiru the End Times Event is Near 2015

This is a cutting Edge look at the evidence for Wormwood. Presents compelling biblical evidence for the 10th planet by Doug Elwell. Modern astronomers call this mysterious Planet “Planet X” but ancient Astronomers call it Nibiru. It is perhaps the most enigmatic and debated objects that may or may not be soaring through the cosmos, on a collision course with earth is the celestial body, Nibiru, the 12th planet, Nemesis, or simply Planet X.


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When Planet X enters the inner solar system around every 2,000 years, it only comes as far as the asteroid belt, but it scatters a lot of asteroids around, and some of these impact Earth, he stated. One of these Planet X-related asteroids may have caused the destruction of the ancient Sumerian empire, he added. Elwell said there are numerous coded references to Planet X in the Bible, such as the trumpet judgments in Revelation, as well as in the Genesis flood narrative; he also contends that the Star of Bethlehem was actually Planet X.

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Expert Predicts Planet X – Nibiru Sun Blackout in March 2016

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Something is pushing all this debris, including comets, at us RIGHT NOW! People want to know the earliest date we all begin to see it. The experts say we should be able to see it with a $29 “Black Friday Sale” telescope beginning around December 25th, 2015,… and the “arrival” date is said to be somewhere around March / April of 2016.

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Because the speed at which it is traveling back toward our Sun is constantly increasing the closer it gets, it is difficult to predict an actual exact date of the “arrival”.

About 3% of Russia’s populace suffered burns from the fireball that flew over earlier this year. What will the rest of 2015 be like? Where are they coming from? No one is saying anything about where they’re coming from! More compelling evidence that something big is coming at earth, or we’re entering into it’s path?!?

Some may think it is another planet or a solar system with a sun. In this video I present evidence the “NIBIRU SYSTEM” is arriving and it may destroy the earth. We can see all the signs and changes that are happening right now across the world!!! You don’t have to believe whatever in this video. Do your own research and YOU be the judge.

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As for myself, I have stockpiled enough food and water for myself and family for at least 1 year which would most likely be needed for survival in THE BEST CASE SCENARIO.

In a WORSE CASE SCENARIO food and water won’t even matter. We will be made to suffer a no-win situation worse then most can even begin to comprehend…

Perhaps the best case scenario would for us to simply be VAPORIZED… sort of a MASS HUMAN RAPTURE EVENT…

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What if Jesus Christ is actually NIBIRU,… and the story of him returning to Earth somehow got twisted and re-written over time…?!?(


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