Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption In 2015? Truth & Secrets of Super Volcanoes Exposed


YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO ERUPTION IN 2015? Truth & Secrets of Super Volcanoes Exposed

If This Supervolcano Erupts, Two-Thirds of America Will Be Screwed. Deep in America’s northwest, there lies a supervolcano that, if erupted, has the potential to wipe out the majority of the United States.

If the massive supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park erupted again, scientists believe it would blanket much of the United States in ash and potentially sever communication as well as travel between the country’s coasts.

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According to a new study published by the US Geological Survey, cities about 300 miles away from the volcano’s location in Wyoming would be covered in up to three feet of ash as a result of a supereruption, the largest kind of volcanic eruption possible. More than 240 cubic miles of material would be expelled into the atmosphere, reaching cities like New York and Los Angeles on both sides of the United States.

In fact, the resulting ash cloud, or “umbrella,” as scientists called it, would be so strong that it would overpower normal wind patterns in North America, potentially grounding all air travel throughout the entire continent and radically altering the region’s climate. Electronic communication between the US’ East and West Coasts could also become complicated, if not hopeless.fsc-300x250-0722-f2dc1c6

“In essence, the eruption makes its own winds that can overcome the prevailing westerlies, which normally dominate weather patterns in the United States,” geologist and lead author of the study Larry Mastin said in a press release. “This helps explain the distribution from large Yellowstone eruptions of the past, where considerable amounts of ash reached the West Coast.”

In addition to taking out air travel, even just a couple of centimeters of ash accumulation would make driving accidents far more likely, due to reduced traction on roads. People would likely suffer from ash-related respiratory problems, while several inches of ash could damage buildings and jam water and sewage systems.

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Although the consequences of such a powerful eruption are obviously serious, geologists still believe another explosion is unlikely at this point. The Yellowstone supervolcano has generated this kind of eruption at least three times in its history: once 2.1 million years ago, another 1.3 million years ago, and a third time about 640,000 years ago

With millions of tons of lava located underneath the supervolcano – last year the reservoir was found to be 2.5 times larger than previously thought – a supereruption would likely affect the entire world, not just the US or North America.(source)

That is why what is going on at Yellowstone right now is so important, and the American people deserve the truth.

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Yellowstone Supervolcano: Geologists Say It Will Blow Without Warning

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