Put Away The Generator!

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Put Away the Generator!

After reviewing a list of “100 Items to Disappear First in a Panic“, I noticed the very first thing that was listed was a generator. And this is quite often the first thing that people think about when the power goes out. And in a short-term situation, this is definitely a nice thing to have. A generator (with the knowledge of how to connect it to your home grid via the breaker box) can keep your refrigerator running for enough time to keep things cool inside, can power the television for news/entertainment, can give lighting if needed, etc. After storms or extended power failures, this is a great thing to have.


However, lets say that there has been a catastrophic event which will end up causing a long-term power failure (terrorist attack, pandemic, huge natural event, etc.). And lets say that this power outage will last for many weeks or months. And lets assume that besides power failures, there is a disruption of food deliveries into the city, water service, etc. So in all, there is more of a need for survival and a huge lack of modern comforts. In this type of situation, the worst thing you can do is crank up your generator periodically and let everyone know where you’re at and that you’re more prepared than most. This is a sure way to get unwanted guests coming over to see what else you have that they might want. And no longer how prepared you are, you cannot shoot every bad guy in the city.

So in a long-term emergency situation, put the generator away and try to stay out of site as much as possible.

When it gets dark, pull the blinds/curtains if you have candles or light sources. Give the image of being in dark like the rest of the houses.

If there’s a food shortage and you have plenty of food for yourself and your family, you might want to consider decreasing your rations a great deal so that you lose weight like everyone else. Eat enough to stay healthy, but not so much that you have excess fat.

If there’s been an EMP and has wiped out all vehicles, but you’ve planned ahead and have spare parts to fix your vehicle, keep it parked. If you’re the only one driving around, you won’t have that vehicle very long. And when spare parts become available, let people start buying those spare parts for hundreds and hundreds of dollars, while your fully functional vehicle sits in the garage waiting for a large number of vehicles to start appearing on the streets. It will still be there for an emergency.

The list of things could go on and on. But the important thing is to think things through. If you are in a city, you WILL NOT be living it up while everyone else isn’t. Plan accordingly. If you plan right, you can still survive in relative comfort without giving the impression of getting fat during hard times. And doing this just might save your life…

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SOURCE : www.azprepper.com

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