Top 50 Things To Disappear

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Top 50 Things To Disappear

Here’s a list of the top 50 things that might disappear first from store shelves during an emergency, disaster, or SHTF.

This list from Tom over at is based on comments received from his fans and readers. Being a sponsor of Modern Survival Blog, I thought it interesting to have a look.

The list is separated in categories and are things that might be first to run out when people start to panic (not necessarily the things that YOU as a prepper believe to be the important things, but rather the things that others might buy first).

It’s always interesting to read lists. They sometimes inspire ideas.


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1. Bread
2. Butter
3. Cereal
4. Coffee
5. Eggs
6. Flour
7. Fruit, canned and fresh
8. Honey
9. Meats, canned
10. Milk
11. Peanut butter
12. Pet food
13. Salt
14. Sugar
15. Vegetables, canned and root vegetables
16. Water

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17. Batteries
18. Candles
19. Charcoal
20. Coolers
21. Flashlights
22. Gasoline
23. Generators
24. Glow sticks
25. Ice
26. Lamp oil and oil lanterns
27. Lighter fluid
28. Matches
29. Propane, propane stoves

30. Alcohol
31. Beer
32. Cigarettes

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33. Alcohol, rubbing
34. Antiseptic
35. Aspirin/pain relievers
36. Cold medicine
37. First aid kits

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38. Feminine hygiene products
39. Paper plates/napkins
40. Paper towels
41. Shampoo
42. Soap
43. Toilet paper

44. Baby food/formula
45. Diapers

46. Duct tape
47. Plastic bags
48. Plywood
49. Radios
50. Rope

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