A Survival Blanket Can Save Your Life, Are You Covered?

Do you know the important role a survival blanket plays in your disaster preparedness plans? Do you have the right blanket for your climate and lifestyle? No matter what time of year, you should always be prepared for a cold snap. These items are not … [Continue reading]

Prepare an Emergency Car Kit: Make Your Vehicle Emergency Ready

When prepping for an emergency, don’t forget your getaway vehicle. Make sure it is ready to go when you need to go and it has the essentials for survival, at least while you are on the road travelling to a relatively safer place or to your bug out p … [Continue reading]

Top 7 Must Have Survival Skills

In order to be a good survivalist, you need to get the basics down. The following compilation breaks down the top seven skills that every survivalist must have in order to last the first few days.   7 – Basic First Aid. You’ll never be able t … [Continue reading]

Why Sandbags Should Be Part of Your Preps

Sandbags are inexpensive and have many uses, they can provide expedient shelter, protect in a nuclear disaster, stop floods, but can they stops bullets…? Check out this excellent video by TinHatRanch where he tests various calibers to see if the co … [Continue reading]


Survival cooking is a lot different from everyday cooking. When the power is  out or you have to abandon your home, you’ll no longer be able to throw food  into the microwave or oven. You’ll have to use a grill, a camping stove, or  maybe even an old- … [Continue reading]

Prepping 101 – Best Gun For Home Defense

There are few things more likely to start a fight than the discussion of firearms and more specifically, what the best options for a defensive weapon are if you are just starting your emergency preparations. There are entire survival forums on this … [Continue reading]

Why You Should Carry and Know How to Use a Tactical Flashlight

If you have ever heard the term EDC or Every Day Carry and know what that means, there is almost without fail mention of a flashlight. Flashlights are one of those items that can be used for far more than you might expect and are sorely missed if you … [Continue reading]

A.L.I.C.E Is More Than Just A Pretty Name

My Buddy, Craig Caudill, from DansDepot.com, and I were recently talking about survival packs. He was telling me all about the A.L.I.C.E. packs that they used back in the Vietnam war. He told me that even after all these years, those packs are … [Continue reading]