The Pantry Primer: Stockpiling Grains

Food storage calculators recommend 300 pounds of grains per person for a one year supply. For a family of four, that is a whopping 1200 pounds of food that you should store if you are trying to build a one year pantry! That sounds like a really dau … [Continue reading]

Anti-Inflammatory Herbs

Inflammation occurs when the body’s immune system is under attack and is most obvious when it occurs with an injury However, inflammation also occurs internally. Medical conditions such as arthritis, bronchitis and cystitis all count inflammation a … [Continue reading]

What Are The 3 Most Important Items For A New Prepper To Get Started With?

Isn’t this the question of all mystery? What should you start out with? We have been approached by our friends at Organized Prepper and they posed this question for us to provide our input. You can find it posted here. We are honored to have been incl … [Continue reading]

How To Purify Water – Water Purification Process

“Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink,” as the old saying goes. A more apt statement for these times might be, “water, water everywhere, but is it safe to drink?” And if it’s not, what is a reliable water purification process? Sadly, in … [Continue reading]

A Survival Blanket Can Save Your Life, Are You Covered?

Do you know the important role a survival blanket plays in your disaster preparedness plans? Do you have the right blanket for your climate and lifestyle? No matter what time of year, you should always be prepared for a cold snap. These items are not … [Continue reading]

Prepare an Emergency Car Kit: Make Your Vehicle Emergency Ready

When prepping for an emergency, don’t forget your getaway vehicle. Make sure it is ready to go when you need to go and it has the essentials for survival, at least while you are on the road travelling to a relatively safer place or to your bug out p … [Continue reading]

Top 7 Must Have Survival Skills

In order to be a good survivalist, you need to get the basics down. The following compilation breaks down the top seven skills that every survivalist must have in order to last the first few days.   7 – Basic First Aid. You’ll never be able t … [Continue reading]

Why Sandbags Should Be Part of Your Preps

Sandbags are inexpensive and have many uses, they can provide expedient shelter, protect in a nuclear disaster, stop floods, but can they stops bullets…? Check out this excellent video by TinHatRanch where he tests various calibers to see if the co … [Continue reading]