Nuclear War Survival Skills ( Planning and Preparing for Nuclear War )


Planning and Preparing for Nuclear War

As you can see, coming through a nuclear emergency unscathed is unlikely to be accomplished by simple chance. You stand a much better chance of protecting yourself and your family if you are prepared and have a plan before hand. In addition to planning for a bomb shelter, you should plan for shortages. You can avoid problems with shortages by preparing ahead of time and keeping some basics on hand.

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Growing Food in Different Climate Zones (More Information On Your Region’s Growing Conditions)


Starting a new fruit or vegetable garden can be an exciting time, and it can be difficult to know where exactly to begin. Even experienced gardeners can find themselves overwhelmed when trying to grow food in a completely new climate. Which crops grow best? How long is the growing season? When is the last average frost date (assuming you aren’t living in a tropical zone)? These are the sorts of questions to start with. Fortunately, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a nationwide standard of splitting the country up into 11 basic hardiness zones based on the area’s coldest average temperatures in winter. Their interactive USDA Hardiness Zone Map is therefore an excellent place to start. [Read more…]

How To DIY A Greenhouse: 9 Projects For Your Homestead


Today’s article is as green as it gets, because it’s about DIY-ing greenhouses. How do you build a greenhouse, you ask? The easy answer is: you build a house and you paint it green.

Ok, I am kidding, but today’s article is about the basics of DIY-ing your own-personal greenhouse, the types you can build, tips and tricks, and what to beware of. You know, the whole 9 yards in DIY for the self-conscious prepper. [Read more…]

Emergency Food Storage For a Million, Billion Years!? – Basic Steps For Starting A Supply Of Food And Water Preps


Emergency Food Storage For a Million, Billion Years!?

The Doomsday Clock is the closest it has ever been to midnight. 2-1/2 minutes.
And the current time does not account for recent global events…

The terror will paralyze most, who will do nothing at all due to shock and terror. There will even be those who will suffer heart-attacks from the fear and panic of the horrific event. Chaos. [Read more…]

15 Skills For Surviving A Collapsed City

Skills For Surviving A Collapsed City

Will you survive a disaster in a city without having resources such as water, food, and safe shelter at your immediate disposal? You’re going to be facing hard times and the adversity from your fellow urbanites who aren’t survival-savvy. [Read more…]

Survival Skills Of The Great Depression Era

Survival Skills

Survival Skills Of The Great Depression Era

We can learn from the philosophy of ‘using and reusing’ that Depression era folks were forced to live with. We can learn by examining what the skills were during the Great Depression era. Who were those that were able to find some work, those who were better able to survive those very difficult times?

What were the survival skills of that time and would they apply to surviving in a future post-collapse world? Warning To America — When The Economy Crashes In 28 May 2016 Parts Of America Will Resemble A 3rd World Country [Read more…]

Are you ready for a Collapse of the U.S Food Supply System and a Coming Food Crisis?

Food Supply

Are you ready for a Collapse of the U.S Food Supply System and a Coming Food Crisis?

How to prepare for a Global Food Shortage 

You never ever thought this could happen in America. Well it is, and if you arent’t prepared you could be putting your whole family in jeopard. While you’re at it, think about storing food and some fresh water too. People thing are going to start getting really tough. Not to alarm you, but it won’t be long when you see people fighting over the point of protecting what they have from thieves.  [Read more…]

Doomsday Preppers Prepare for the End of the World

Preppers Stockpile

Doomsday Preppers Prepare for the End of the World

What if the end came not with a bang or a boom or a trumpet blast, the seventh trumpet of Revelations that is, heralding the final woe of the Apocalypse.

No, what if the end were self-inflicted?

What if all it took was a breakdown of the political system we all take for granted to trigger the ultimate collapse of civil society? A collapse significant enough to cause a run on the bank and the gas pumps and the grocery store shelves.

That’s a doomsday scenario. And that’s the lens through which doomsday preppers view what’s been going on in Washington this week.

“The economy is by far No. 1. I would say 80 to 90 percent of the people that I deal with are concerned about where the country is heading economically,” said Scott Hunt. “They are worried about their future jobs. Or they’re worried about their children, their grandchildren, where they’re gonna get their jobs from.”

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