Dangers Of An EMP Attack & Palmistry – Which Could Knock Out The Electrical Grid

EMP Attack

Dangers Of An EMP Attack & Palmistry – Which Could Knock Out The Electrical Grid

Professor of History, William R. Forstchen, discussed the looming dangers of an EMP attack, as well as a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) or huge solar flare which could knock out the electrical grid. An EMP or electromagnetic pulse attack could possibly be delivered by a country such as North Korea, in which they detonate several nuclear devices above the atmosphere of various parts of America, which could blow out the entire country’s power grid, he warned. Such an attack, with its long term loss of electricity, might yield a shocking casualty rate of 90% one year after the attack, Forstchen said, adding that his new novel describes the heroic efforts of a small town in North Carolina to rebuild in the wake of such a devastation.


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A powerful solar flare or CME could have a similar effect, such as what was seen in 1859’s Carrington Event, in which telegraph lines were fried. It’s a statistical certainty in our lifetime or our children’s that “a major CME event will blow the grid down, not just in the US, but most of the world,” Forstchen declared. “There are not enough spare parts available and the world will go into a global meltdown,” he lamented. George Noory continues to speak out on his campaign to strengthen and protect the US power grid from catastrophic failure, and said that fellow radio host Meghan McCain has promised to talk to her father, Sen. John McCain, about revisiting this issue in the Senate. Forstchen suggested that people contact their representatives (Senate/House) to push for political action, such as what was proposed in the Shield Act.

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In the latter half, founder of the Palmistry Institute in LA, Vernon Mahabal, addressed such topics as soul mates, reincarnation, and free will, as well as how he combines astrology with palmistry to foresee trends and predictions for the United States. Astrologically, we’ve been in a difficult “Mars” period since November 2014 that contributes to a feeling of insecurity, Mahabal said. He sees this continuing, though there could be an uptick in the  by spring of 2016. Donald Trump is resonating with people on a subconscious level because he makes them feel more secure, he commented. Mahabal added that he viewed images of Trump’s palm prints around 15 years ago and concluded that he could run for the presidency one day and win.

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There could be a third World War, ignited by Pakistan attacking India, Mahabal predicted. America will be victorious but suffer heavy losses, and after the war people will be less interested in technology, and turn to more spiritual pursuits, he suggested. Our actions in this life influence who we’ll be in our next incarnation, Mahabal remarked. He also described how in his palmistry readings, he doesn’t make predictions about people’s lives, but rather points our their talents and gifts which can make them the most fulfilled and aligned with their life’s purpose.(youtube.com)

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