NASA Alert: America Blackout & Grid Shutdown and What This Means-FALSE FLAG ATTACK on the U.S. Be PREPARED


NASA Alert


NASA Alert: America Blackout & Grid Shutdown

NASA just recently issued an alert stating that an eventual collapse in the American power grid is inevitable.  This warning comes on the heels of similar warnings from FEMA, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), DHS (Department of Homeland Security), Department of Defense, Janet Napolitano and many others.  Almost all of the above agencies have attributed a grid failure to a mass solar flare that would release a high level of radiation, creating an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse).  A Cyber attack has also been mentioned as a possibility.  If you recall, earlier in the year, there was a lot of discussion about the concern of North Korea launching a rocket over the United States and detonating a low level nuclear explosion in our atmosphere, resulting in an EMP and subsequent grid failure.

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Anytime we have this many agencies telling us.. ‘ is not merely a possibility that this will occur, but rather a definite inevitability..’ then it is cause for concern.  Essentially they are conditioning us and attempting to desensitize us against an event that they know is coming.  How are they so sure?  I have no doubt at all that an eventual ‘grid shutdown’ will occur, but what I doubt is the true nature of the cause.  But I’ll get back to that further down this article…



The U.S. Government announced this past August that it would be ‘..conducting an electrical grid joint drill simulation..’ and shutting down the grid in the United States, Canada and Mexico this coming November.  Now, some people might say, ‘..well, that’s a good thing that our government is preparing..’ Although, others might say, ‘..anytime the government does a drill something terribly horrific occurs..’  Let me remind you of a couple drills the government conducted in recent history.  FEMA and DHS were conducting drills in Newtown, Connecticut on: “How to respond to a school shooting” when the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting took place just down the street.  The FBI, BATF and a few other agencies were conducting drills at the Boston Marathon on: “How to respond to a terrorist attack” when the Boston Marathon bombing occurred at the exact location where the drills were taking place.  So, call me a skeptic.. but don’t be shocked if an EMP ‘allegedly’ occurs during these drills in November.  Coincidentally, of course.

Something else important to note about this scheduled drill is the fact that the government is clearly illustrating to us that they have the capability to ‘flip a switch’ and shut down the grid.  That fact is not a secret.  This is important to remember because this goes to the ‘..true nature of the cause..’ that I alluded to above.  Again, I have no doubt that the grid will eventually go down for real, but I believe it is more likely that the government will be the ones “pulling the plug” and offering up an EMP from a solar flare as plausible deniability.  Either that, or our government will be the catalyst for the resulting EMP.  I believe the HAARP Facility in Alaska has the capability of emitting frequencies that could disrupt or destroy the grid.  How would we know the difference?  We wouldn’t, dark is dark.  Once we lose everything, we will never know why or how we lost everything.  And, we will have no way to find out.

Why would the government intentionally knock out the grid?  It would certainly assist them greatly in achieving many of their desired goals.  One being, reducing the population of the United States.  This has been an objective of the United Nations for many years.  There have also been many reports put out stating that a prolonged grid outage could result in as many as 150 Million – 250 Million deaths in the U.S. alone.  This would allow the government to lay claim to a lot of uninhabited assets for free.  Those residing in their underground cities and bunkers could ride out the storm in their quaintly equipped residential quarters.  They all have well insulated energy sources independent of the above ground grid, even if it truly was a real solar flare EMP.  Also. this administration could finally get to declare the martial law that they have desired for so long.  Due to the fact that the risk of crime escalating would be increased, a door to door weapons confiscation program would be first on the list.  Just as they did in New Orleans, LA. during Hurricane Katrina, but on a massive scale.  Furthermore, so long as the nation would be under martial law, the President that is in power at the declaration would be the President that remained in power until it was lifted.


So, what would the world look like after the grid went down?  Regardless of the initiating cause of a grid outage or EMP, anything that contains electronic circuitry, circuit boards, computer chips, etc. will essentially be fried.  This includes modern radios, televisions, computers, phones, automobiles, power equipment, etc.  The only generators that will be operable are those that are specifically designed and insulated against an EMP.  Remember, power generators have electrical/electronic circuitry to.  Here are some helpful tips to assist you in preparing.

It should also be noted that all military vehicles, equipment, weapons and communication systems are EMP protected.  Our government could very easily and very cheaply insulate the civilian grid, but they refuse to do so.  Why do you suppose that might be?  Imagine a nation where we are all thrusted backwards into the stone-age, under martial law and only the military possesses the ability to survive.



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