Paul McGuire A Prophecy of the Future of America

Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire A Prophecy of the Future of America

America as a nation was once somewhat protected from these calamities or what the Bible would term judgments from God. These judgments are the consequences of breaking the programming codes which are the laws of God. America is experiencing an unprecedented number and acceleration of earthquakes, possible volcanic eruptions, floods, tornadoes, crop failures, droughts, storms, and hurricanes. Earthquakes shook residents in Oklahoma, and in California we have had a series of earthquakes in the last few weeks. The question is now being asked, “Is California going to experience the “earthquake from Hell” or “the Big One?” I began writing books on Bible prophecy after my house almost collapsed during the Northridge earthquake. Scientists are wondering if all the recent earthquake activity in South America and the West Coast of America is tied into the “Ring of Fire,” which could have caused the tsunami at Fukushima. If this major earthquake zone is triggered there could be major volcanic eruptions in the U.S., tsunamis hitting the West Coast, and earthquakes across the U.S. in places like New Madrid, Missouri.


Yellowstone National Park, which is located on top one of the world’s largest super-volcanoes, recently experienced a 4.8 earthquake, the biggest recorded there since February 1980.

This same escalation of earthquakes, tsunamis, and freak weather is being experienced all around the world.

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When America was founded by the Pilgrims and Puritans these religious groups firmly believed that God was their Source, not government, technology, or nature. Whenever the Pilgrims and Puritans experienced crop failure due to bad weather, disease outbreaks, attacks by their enemies or any other kind of adversity they immediately began to search their souls through fasting and prayer to see if they had done anything to offend God. They would continue seeking God and praying to Him, with an emphasis on repentance from doing anything that would violate the laws of God. What repentance implies is an acknowledgment that God’s laws have been broken. In computer-technology terms, the original code from the Programmer was destroyed and repentance is a return to the original code.

In America today most people do not believe that God is their Source. In fact, most people who are Christians and attend church do not believe that God is their Source. Due to their humanistic bias against an age-old Biblical truth they see no relationship between America’s current spiritual and moral condition and the rapid decline of the middle class, freak weather, endless wars, earthquakes, riots, loss of freedoms, the death of the dollar, and America becoming a Third World Nation. Even in most of what is termed the Christian church in America there is no recognition that there is a relationship between judgment and the rejection of God’s Word from most churches. The Bible says that “Judgment begins in the House of the Lord.”

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America was never a completely Christian nation and America was never perfect. It is a historical reality that Americans who called themselves Christians slaughtered the Indians and stole their land. Americans who went to church on Sunday bought slaves from Africa, and the bodies of men and women were stacked on top of each other on slave ships. America allowed Africans to be used as slaves and many slave masters raped the African women. In addition, there have been over 65 million abortions in America.

The reality is America is now in a death spiral. There is no one political party that can save America from the problems that now face us…there is no “political Messiah” either from the Democratic Party, Republican Party, or Libertarian Party who can save us. People should be active and involved in the political process, but if you are under the delusion that some candidate, some budget, or some plan is going to save America, you are expecting a politician to do what only God can do. There is only one hope for America… an authentic and Biblical spiritual revival. Revival means returning to the original code and software which successfully created our nation.


All this waiting, hoping, and belief that “if we can just get the right candidate in office who will really champion our values, whether from the left or right” is the very belief system that is destroying our nation. No government program and no political leader can save America. All the endless debates and interviews on cable television and radio about getting rid of this politician and putting in that politician cannot solve our problems.

Either there is a national recognition that America’s only hope is in returning to God and embracing His values or America will continue on the path to self-destruction. What that destruction entails is that America will rapidly devolve into a Third World nation with a super-rich elite comprising some one or two percent of the population and a massive lower class. The recent demographics which show that in Chicago the middle class has practically disappeared and all that is left are the super rich and a massive lower class is what America will look like in the near future.(source)


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