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Scientist Warning : Comets may Blow the Atmosphere! Ice Age! Elite’s Gigantic Dens!

Scientist Warning A MYSTERIOUS huge planet is on a devastating collision course with Earth which will destroy the World . That’s the doomsday claim from a conspiracy theorist who believes… Read more »

Breaking Nasa -December Wicked Pole Shift – Nibiru Planet X Nemesis System Now Visible! Toxic sky! Freeze & Fire! Planet X Threats!

Nibiru Planet X Nemesis System Now Visible According to astrologers like Zachariah Sitchin, around 5000 b.c the annunaki, from planet x, nibiru, came to earth in search of some kinda… Read more »


NASA WARNING Final Alert PLANET X EFFECTS:SOLAR ERUPTION/QUAKE UPDATE! 2016!! Could a major SHOCK WAVE of ENERGY be heading right for PLANET EARTH? Inside Military sources say “NASA is watching the… Read more »

Shocking News : NASA And The Media Admit Planet Nibiru Is Coming Toward Earth – NIBIRU Is Near The Sun

NASA And The Media Admit Planet Nibiru Is Coming Toward Earth An American scientist has confirmed that a mysterious new planet, known as Planet Nine (also called Planet X or… Read more »

US and Russia preparing for Planet X / Nibiru arrival and aftermath

Nibiru arrival and aftermath Russia is just finishing 5,000 shelters in Moscow. They’re much more open (in this regard anyway) on this topic than other governments. I personally estimate the… Read more »

Red Alert: NIBIRU, PLANET X, WORMWOOD ~ The BEST EVIDENCE to DATE ! What Is On Its Way? The Imminent Pole Shift and New Ice Age!

NIBIRU, PLANET X, WORMWOOD Originally appeared : fusionlacedillusions.com The new information on Nibiru is more mysterious than its own origins. Not too many people know the true details of Nibiru, and… Read more »

NASA Confirm NIBIRU PLANET X Is Headed Toward Earth And Bring Catastrophic Consequences. Will Convert Earth To An ICEBALL!

As you all know Nibru planet another name is Planet X which is coming towards our earth . Now nasa confirms that in this october nibru effect on earth …. Read more »