Keeping Your Family Safe During a Terrorist Attack

Terrorist Attack

Keeping Your Family Safe During a Terrorist Attack

A series of studies conducted by researchers at the National Center for Disaster Preparedness show that while 72% of Americans anticipate future terror attacks, fewer than 50% of us have a family emergency plan in place.  It is not likely that any of us will forget the images of the families who were affected during the Boston bombing, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, or the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting. [Read more…]

As The Collapse Approaches The US Government Pushes The Gun Control Agenda

Gun Control

As The Collapse Approaches The US Government Pushes The Gun Control Agenda

One of my considerations offered to all preppers is about ammunition storage.  During a SHTF, WROL, or TEOTWAWKI event, ammo is a high priority.   For pepper supplies, only food, water, medicines, and shelter are more important than ammo.   During an emergency event, the first thing that disappears from availability is ammo.

Here are several current dynamics that are currently in place.

  • The severe shortage of ammunition after the awful Sandy Hook event is starting to abate.   While purchase quantities are still be limited by many retail sellers of ammunition, you can now find .22 LR, 9mm, and .223 Win ammunition.
  • Obama is looking for any opportunity to shut down importation of .  Just this Spring 2014,BATFE has banned the importation of AK-74 ammunition (5.45x39mm).  I am predicting that Obama will ban before he leaves office the importation of 7.62x39mm for AK-47 and 7.62x54R forMosinNagant.

[Read more…]

Date Of Destruction September 23- 2015 -Watch as the elite gradually disappear to their cities underground


Date Of Destruction September 23- 2015 -Watch as the elite gradually disappear to their cities underground

Roughly three months, or 500 days from when The French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and John Kerry made a vague announcement, it will be September 23, 2015. The occult beliefs of the illuminati stress the importance of the dates following the Autumn Equinox. The occultists believe that a veil separating the Earthly realm from the demonic realm reaches its most allowable for the transfer of demons until midnight on Halloween. The events leading up to, on and nearly following the date of September 23, 2015 are numerous and many of them are as yet unconfirmed claims. Note to mainstream media, uncomfirmed claims here, we are simply taking a look at what is being said.

[Read more…]

Profiling and Personal Defense: How to Assess Dangerous Situations

defenseProfiling and Personal Defense: How to Assess Dangerous Situations

The lawful carry of a concealed handgun is an important component of personal defense, but the mere possession of a gun is no guarantee of safety. Obviously, you must be proficient in the use of your chosen handgun to include safe handling, proper manipulation, efficient drawing from concealment and the ability to hit what you are aiming at. But there’s more to concealed carry than mastery of these physical skills. If you’re unable to detect a potential threat in time to respond, all the firearms proficiency in the world isn’t going to help you. [Read more…]

Kidnapped? Hostage? Prisoner of War? How to Escape and Evade Forced Captivity

How to Escape

Kidnapped? Hostage? Prisoner of War?  How to Escape and Evade Forced Captivity

“Escape and Evasion” from enemy hands … Learn Tactics from Special Forces SERE School … S.E.R.E., “Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape”, is military training to evade capture, escape from confinement if you are captured, and survival skills. You might have to kill someone. You might have to break zip-ties, pick a lock, or create a diversion by setting something on fire…


Escape and Evasion

Captive! Taken Hostage! Prisoner of War! What Do You Do?

Facing a possible U.S. collapse in the coming years, most people taking steps to prepare (preppers) are concerned about food and water shortages, how to deal with possible security issues, transportation (should there be a widespread shortage of fuel), power (should the power-grid fail), light, communication, etc.

However, the key to being prepared is to understand a wide breadth of information and possible circumstances – even those that might fall well outside the realm of typical “prepper” topics, such as: Escape and Evasion.

The fact is, a large number of preppers in the world are likely to face several instances in a time of collapse where knowing how to escape and evade danger will be more important than food or water that day.

What You Can Learn from Special Forces SERE

‘Survival, Resistance, Escape, Evasion’

Aside from being a Special Forces Medic for six years, I started my enlistment in the Army at the age of 18 as an interrogator. One of the duties I had was to help provide SERE (Survival, Resistance, Escape, Evasion) training to various units in locations in the USA and Europe.

During this time, I learned a lot about ways to help train our soldiers to be better at surviving captivity and being able to band together and work as a team to escape. Following my years in the Special Forces, I now run a survival school called “The Human Path” (, where I continue to teach “escape and evasion” today.fsd300reg94n-db5c9a4

Surviving Captivity, Banding Together to Work as a Team to Escape

If your captors know anything about keeping you helpless, they will segregate you, isolate you and not give captives a chance to help each other. However it is unlikely that captors in most of the SHTF scenarios described below (keep reading) would know the advantage they would get by doing this, or have the resources to separate everyone.

The best possible scenario would be to have the people you know and trust close by and then be able to communicate with them.

This might be possible in a FEMA or government-run camp, and you should use it to your maximum advantage along with the motivation to escape earlier rather than later. Having people you know you can trust is a huge motivation factor and helps with the attitude of survival as well.

But What if Things Get Worse?

What if it’s not an economic collapse we’re dealing with? What if the threat of a U.S. Martial Law isn’t what leads to government run camps? What if America’s collapse is total and brings down government as well?

Anything could happen at this point. If Washington D.C. is still around that is. Perhaps that’s a Russian flag now flying over the White House, or a Chinese flag, or even an Iranian flag or North Korean. Or some new “global entity” entirely that is in power.

Instead of a government camp you’re trying to escape from, it might be more on the lines of a Nazi concentration camp, where the longer you’re there, the more likely it is you’re to die a miserable death. Starvation. Disease. Execution.

If that doesn’t sound pleasant, now you understand why training in SERE is an element of the Special Forces. The fact is, in any armed conflict, these are always risks U.S. personnel face (captivity at the hands of a brutal enemy) and why this training has been in place for several decades.

Adaptation is An Essential Survival Skill

In SERE you learn about adaptation. It is better to be a jack of all trades than a master of only one or two, as this lends you a certain amount of adaptability in a survival situation. Being able to adapt (improvise with changing conditions) is an essential survival skill and might save your life on more than one occasion.

Forced Captivity: Could This Happen to You?

First of all, let’s list some of the SHTF situations where anyone could end up having to deal with forced captivity: FEMA or Government internment camps meant to control the population after major disasters, unrest and lack of food, water and other resources.

* Kidnapping or enslavement by any number of gangs – whether for sport/amusement, sex trade, slave labor, ransom or just because they can in a world without rule of law. This could include well-armed and well-trained drug cartels making their way up through America, small towns living and acting out of fear, racism, resentment or revenge, illegal or legal gangs that already existed prior to a SHTF event, individuals who have become psychologically disturbed through the course of SHTF events and may no longer have access to behavior modifying drugs (anti-depressants, etc.), and more.

* Terrorist or foreign military prisoner of war camps.

* A community or group of people, in a time of severe famine, using humans for food (cannibalism).

Beware of Stockholm Syndrome

One thing you have to be careful of is the gradual “Stockholm Syndrome” that often sets in with people. They become accustomed to and even embrace captivity and would rather risk the unknown at the hands of their captors than the unknown as a free person. Again, this is more likely to occur after time, so remember that you’re on the clock the moment you are captive.

First – Your State of Mind

I have coined a phrase over the years of teaching survival to everyone from military and SWAT teams, to civilians: “The four A’s of Survival.” These four concepts are a good set of cornerstones to base all of your skills on top of. They apply across the board in any survival situation, but are especially important in a situation of captivity. You must realize that physical skills are worthless if you are so frozen or paralyzed by the psychological and mental level of events going on around you that you are helpless.

The Four A’s of Survival Are…

Attitude – The Will to Survive

Attitude means the will to survive.

It means developing the ability to let the negative experiences roll off your back like water on a duck, and focus on the positive. This can be everything from the attitude of survival in a life-or-death fight with someone who wants to hurt or kill you, to your ability to endure lack of water, food, sleep, basic comforts, etc.

Attitude can be taught, and we do that at The Human Path survival classes by forcing people to work together under stressful and adrenaline-charged conditions, followed by review and discussion, and then more training.

You Have to Adapt This relates to your ability to create new tools or new ways of looking at problems with whatever you have on hand. In order to be adaptable you have to have some basic skills and understanding. For instance if you understand knots and levers, you can make a primitive winch with two logs and a rope.

You can make a weapon out of items in your environment.

You can build diversionary devices.

The list goes on.Bog1

Adaptability means knowing abstract and common-sense concepts and then applying them in a new and different way every time. This can also be taught, and we do so at our school by placing people in unusual circumstances with unusual tools, salvage materials and other resources to have to work with.

The act of creativity by thinking “outside the box,” is something that you can get better at by being in a situation that forces you to do it over and over again. You learn new tricks and new ways of thinking that have not occurred to you before, which, once you learn, you’re not likely to forget.

You Have to Be Aware

Awareness is crucial both as a survival skill unto itself, as well as an underlying concept that everything else can be based on. Awareness is something that you can practice literally every waking moment (and sleeping moments too) of your life. All it takes is remembering to open up your awareness.

In The Human Path survival classes we run special exercises designed to increase awareness by learning to “breathe” through the 5 senses, and then put it all together. Our scout classes focus on constantly honing awareness of every situation so that you have more information to work with, usually before anyone else has that information. This gives you an advantage that can mean the difference between life and death.

Be Accountable

This is both a teamwork and an individual concept. Give yourself credit for the things you do right, hold yourself accountable for the things you do wrong. Don’t beat yourself up over things that you did wrong, but hold yourself accountable and learn from it so that you don’t repeat mistakes. In a post-SHTF world, there may not be room for even one mistake, let alone two of the same kind. This goes for working with other people on a team as well. Reinforce the positive but address and hold accountable for the negative.

Using the Four A’s in Evasion and Escape

So how do these concepts work in the real world if you are being held captive?

Firstly, you must understand the state of being held prisoner against your will from the standpoint of awareness and attitude. Aside from helping you avoid the situation in the first place, if it is too late and you are already captive, your awareness and attitude are at their peak for the first 24-72 hours of being captive.

You must use this initial time to your advantage. Unless you are severely wounded, dehydrated, sick or malnourished, your best chances of escape happen while your captors are on the move with you and during that initial 2-3 days.

Most likely you will be strongest, most alert for chances to escape, and there will not be a “routine” set into your mind yet that will wear you down. Additionally, if your captors don’t have you in a permanent location, the fortifications of your own captivity will likely be relatively weak (for instance on the road or in a temporary holding facility) vs. in a permanent camp or confinement area.


Keep your attitude strong internally but do not show this to your captors. Show physical signs of surrender or submission. It’s all an act. Head down, shoulders hunched forward, walk in a shuffle, acquiring a slight limp or feigning injury, illness or weakness, speaking softly, addressing captors with fear and ‘respect,’ crying and acting as though you’ve given up, are all a good start to giving yourself some advantage.

Whatever you assume as your weakness in roleplay, develop a fictional “story” for yourself around it. This will not only help you stay in role, but gives you a fake “breaking point” (a point where you break down and pretend to be emotionally destroyed as though you’ve completely given up) if you are being tortured or hurt for information or amusement by your captors.

For instance, maybe your fake story is that you saw a loved one murdered in front of you, or witnessed something so horrible that you can’t get over it. The world will likely be filled with people in this state of mind in America after a SHTF event, so you wouldn’t stand out much with this kind of a story and role-play going on, which is also good. You do not want to stand out in any way.

Strategy for Women

If you are an attractive woman and are aware that you are captive by people who would use this against you, make yourself less attractive, using dirt (face, hair, clothing, etc.), posture, faking illness, etc.

Make sure you know what may be happening first, though: You don’t want to end up in the “throw-away” pile of captives if that means execution for instance.

You need to buy yourself enough time and opportunity to escape, and you need to do whatever it takes to survive and be healthy up to that point. The sooner that point happens after being captive, generally the better off you will be for the period of time you have to evade and get away.

Roleplaying a weak and submissive person allows you the advantage of surprise if you have to overcome your captors. It also means you are less of a threat and likely someone they will not be watching as closely.


Physical Escape

Getting out of restraints is often not as difficult as it might seem. Ropes stretch and are very difficult to keep someone restrained with. Normal strength zip ties are broken easily, both in front and behind the body.

Breaking Zip Ties

At our school we can teach any adult to do this within a few minutes of practice, regardless of their size or strength. There are extra-strength zip ties which are far more difficult to break, but can be sawn through fairly easily with any rough edge or even with friction and a length of 550 cord (paracord).

This is yet another reason to use paracord for your shoe laces!

Lock-Pick Training

We also have lock-pick training handcuffs that we use at The Human Path that are very useful. These are normal Smith and Wesson type handcuffs with a clear window so that you can actually see how your pick is working.

A paper clip, bobby pin or any comparable thickness and strength of wire will allow you to pick handcuffs both behind and in front of your back. This requires some practice, but anyone can learn this in a matter of minutes, and with a few hours of practice can be moderately efficient at it. This requires having some type of metal that you carry with you, however.

Carrying a lock pick in your clothing hem, in your belt, in your hair, or elsewhere is not a bad idea if you suspect that being captured and detained is a possibility.

Picking Padlocks

Picking padlocks is also not difficult to learn, and there are educational videos on YouTube to help you learn this. We teach this at my school too – both key and combination padlocks – but it is a higher level course as I don’t like teaching skills like these to people unless I know them first. However in all honesty, you can learn several of these techniques online, especially on YouTube. All it involves is some self-discipline and practice, as just watching the video is not enough. Hence the reason for a school like mine.

Reasons to Work as a Team

Working together as a team makes escape much easier than trying to do it alone. With a team you can divide the work. You can create distractions and have more resources and skills to draw upon.

A Few Questions to Ask

You have to ask yourself before making an escape what you plan to do if you are discovered by your captors while escaping.

If you have the ability to, are you ready to kill them?

Do you have a way to do that without alerting everyone to your escape?

If you get caught and you’re not fully escaped, can you fall immediately into a cover story and role-play that will help buy you either a chance to disable your guard or at least save you from punishment that might include more stringent confinement harder to escape from.


Once you have escaped, you must evade your captors. This is made a lot easier by a number of skills and other concepts such as:

* Preparation and knowing which direction to run.bullet1222

* Ability to find your way (map, orienteering skills, etc.)

* Counter tracking (eluding trackers)

* Self-defense (armed and unarmed)

* Stamina for long distance travel

* Primitive and urban survival skills while on the run

* A destination

* Hope and a will to survive

Bear in mind that escaping is only getting to the point that you have a fighting chance at survival, and that again, survival alone is much more difficult than survival as a small group where you can divide the work and rely on skills and knowledge of others where you might be weak.

Practice Essential Survival Skills

Needless to say, skills that you need to survive on the run while evading are skills you should be working on now.

The time to learn survival skills like how to start a friction fire and how to cook using a Dakota Firepit (to allow you to avoid detection) is not once you are on the run. Learn the skills now and practice them in your own house and back yard.

Once you’ve practiced essential survival skills, even enough to have a moderate understanding, you will have at least given yourself a fighting chance to survive.

Be Mentally Prepared for Worst Case Scenarios

Remember that there is a big difference, however, between starting a friction fire in the summer when it is 90+ degrees F out and has been dry for months, vs. starting a friction fire when it has been raining for 3 weeks straight, you’re soaked to the skin and is 50 degrees. This means you can never go wrong by practicing survival skills.

At my school we not only teach all of these skills (and a lot more), but we force students to do them under the stress and adrenaline of the same kinds of conflicts and issues they would face in a SHTF situation. We also have skills gatherings where people can show up and just practice with other students free of charge, to create a community of people who help motivate and energize each other to get better at these kinds of survival skills.


In summary, understand what kinds of problems you might be up against if you are ever held captive.

Start thinking now about the skills mentioned throughout this article, and how you can learn and train these skills.

Practice attitude, awareness, adaptability and accountability throughout your daily regimen as these are things you don’t have to be in any kind of survival situation to practice.

For instance, when you walk outside from your house, take a few seconds or minutes to make that transition from inside to outside. Mimic the way a cat goes outside. They stop and smell the air, listen and watch, then slowly transition from inside to outside.

Look in the distance, not just 20 feet in front of you.

Relax, practice deep breathing and start to trust your intuition more.

Intuition is just like any other skill – the more you use it the better you get at it. These kinds of exercises can be done by anyone, anywhere, for any of the four A’s, and will also help you prepare.

They aren’t a substitute for skills, but they are a necessary complement to skills.

You can have all the skills in the world but if you walk around with zero awareness and have an attitude of someone who gives up easily, those skills are worthless.

Think like a survivor. Never give up hope.

Holding on to hope will give you the perseverance and will to survive, when other people may have already given up all hope of escape. In their minds, they are already dead.

Put Together a Plan

Now put together a plan. Time your escape at just the right moment. But don’t wait too long.

Remember, the right moment might be shortly after being taken captive when you are still strong, still healthy, still have the energy to run, escape, evade.


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by Sam Coffman, U.S. Special Forces Green Beret, Survival Instructor at


Martial Law Is Already Here In America! Soldiers, Tanks Prepare For War On US Soil

Martial Law

Martial Law Is Already Here In America!

Remember the days when you would ask a particular type of stupid question and someone would reply to you, sarcastically and rhetorically, “It’s a free country, isn’t it?” Stop and think for a second; how long has it been since you were given that response?

If it’s been a while, I can think of a couple of possible explanations. One might be that there are fewer sarcastic people in the United States than there used to be. Not likely. Another could be that the question just doesn’t have the same impact as it used to.
Perhaps the baseline assumption that the answer is an obvious yes just isn’t as certain or as accurate as it used to be. Maybe it has morphed into a legitimate question over the last twelve years since the twin towers false flag.
The criminal assault on our liberties which is the hideously misnamed “Patriot Act” was already written and conveniently available for implementation once the population was given a justification with 9/11. The source of that terror is in dispute, but terrorism it was, regardless of the perpetrators.
With the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security, the police state mechanism was in place for the not so gradual erosion of our rights as sovereign Americans. They started with the easily-sold airport checkpoints and then expanded upon that to city streets, highway checkpoints, inland border patrol checkpoints, militarized homogeneous police forces and the suspension of posse concomitants.
The American citizens who believe we are still the “land of the free” must be young enough to not be able to formulate a comparison based upon a firsthand knowledge of how things used to be. They must also be ignorant of history and above all must never have traveled outside of the borders of their own country. While the rest of the world is far from perfect, there are many nations in which the surveillance and control mechanisms are not nearly so intrusive. In simple English, many places are more free than America, and if you travel outside of our own borders that becomes readily apparent.
Many third world nations, which we routinely dismiss as primitive and inferior, are much freer that the United States. The lack of trillions of dollars of borrowed money, as well as a reduced level of commitment by their governments to the enslavement of their population, often leaves police state expansion underfunded.Bulletproof-Home-8
The surveillance systems, the United Nations sponsored intrusions, the IRS and obamacare, the corruption of our judicial system and their reluctance to prosecute crony insiders, the raping of our treasury by the Federal Reserve, our wide-open borders and artificial war on drugs, the highest prison population by far of any developed nation, and multiple other examples lead one to the only possible conclusion.
The United States is no longer the land of the free. It is rapidly moving towards the land of the enslaved. As the quote from Edward R. Murrow so succinctly puts it, “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”
Below you’ll find the text of an interview by Dave Hodges of an interview he gave for the radio program “The Voice of Russia” in which he details our precarious position and his contentions that Martial Law is already being implemented.
The Catalyst for Martial Law
Barring a false flag event, US martial law will have a trigger event, which will lead to martial law, that will be financial and it will naturally occur as we are already on a collision course with destiny.
There are three numbers that every American should be paying attention to and they are (1) the national deficit ($17 trillion dollars), (2) the unfunded liabilities debt ($238 trillion dollars), and (3) the derivatives/futures debt (one quadrillion dollars which is 16 times the entire wealth of the planet.
The net result of these staggering numbers can only end one way, with a financial collapse, a bank holiday, rioting in the streets and the full roll out of martial law.
Most, if not all revolutions occur in three stages and this formed the focus of my interview content.
Stage One
Stage one of martial law consists of the gradual roll-out of government controls over citizen liberties. Travel is restricted through inland border checkpoints and travel restrictions carry over into Stage two. The internal DHS VIPR programs which randomly search citizens at public events and on the highways are now in place. Citizens are conditioned by the TSA that they do not control or own their bodies as the flying public is molested by the TSA everyday in our nation’s airports in an extreme violation of our citizens Fourth Amendment rights. Stage one also begins to create an enemies list and we have already seen this in the MIAC report in which Christians, Ron Paul supporters, Second Amendment supporters, Libertarians and Constitutionalism have been branded as domestic terrorists. The enemies list has been created and will be acted upon at a future date. In Stage one, the government elevates itself above any pretense of constitutional liberties.
In Stage one, the legal mechanisms are put into place which will allow for a more orderly transition to martial law. In the United States there are two distinct provisions which will firmly place the United States under martial law. On December 31, 2011, while the country was preparing to celebrate, Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The NDAA permits the government to arrest anyone without the due process of law and detain them indefinitely without any legal representative.
Although I did not have the time to tell the Russians about Eric Holder and Jeh Johnson’s legal opinions which legitimize unconstitutional arrests but also sanctioned the unwarranted executions of American citizens. Referring to Attorney General’s legal opinion, Eric Holder has stated that Obama can order the execution of Americans. This legal opinion was based upon a legal brief prepared by newly nominated DHS director, Jeh Johnson, when as senior legal counsel to the Pentagon, he had previously issued the same legal opinion.
The NDAA will allow the administration the legal right to secretly remove any burgeoning leadership of citizen opposition forces. The second provision which will allow this country to quickly transition to martial law is Executive Order (EO) 13603 which allows the President to take control over any resource, property and even human labor within the United States. This EO gives the President unlimited authority including the ability to initiate a civilian draft as well as a military draft. In short, this spells the potential enslavement of the American people. The Russian host was uncomfortable with my recitation of these two draconian dictates.
America has been firmly under Stage one martial law governance and it started in the aftermath of 9/11.
Stage Two
In Stage two, martial law implementation becomes obvious to all citizens except for the ones who invoke cognitive dissonance as a psychological coping mechanism. Stage two is marked by increasing restrictions on travel, the loss of free speech and the right to assemble to air grievances against the government. Stage two also witnesses some level of push back by the citizens through various forms of civil disobedience.
A hallmark sign that the imposition of martial law is imminent and is tied to the fact that DHS is moving to forcibly restrict travel.
The TSA “grope granny” approach to airline security greatly intensifies in this stage. The Russian host posited the view that airline security is a normal part of life and a necessary part of airline security. Having our genitals groped by pot-bellied perverts in blue uniforms is a normal part of life? Control of the media is the same regardless of the country of origin.

In Stage two, the free internet as we know it, will disappear. Subsequently, the truthful, alternative media will disappear as well. Stage two is also characterized by the total loss of due process of law with regard to detainment, imprisonment or worse. This stage is also marked by limiting participation of members of the society who have been previously identified as enemies of the state (i.e. MIAC Report). This would include the ability to hold certain kinds of employment, a special designation on a form of national ID, the imposition of restrictions on who can marry, where one can live, etc.
Stage two also witnesses the total loss of private property and free will in terms of choice of domicile (i.e. Agenda 21), choice of employment and exercising any form of political choice. In short, Stage two is characterized by creating a political caste system in which the legal rights of certain groups are set in place (i.e. NDAA, Executive Order 13603, etc). The MERS mortgage fraud inspired thievery of legitimate home titles and the MF Global theft of privately secured investment accounts are cases in point. Stage two is often preceded by a false flag attack (e.g. burning of the Reichstag) designed to create a perceived enemy which serves as the excuse for the encroachment of “necessary” tyranny in a society in which “we must trade our liberty for security” approach to governance.bullet1222
The interview time frame did not permit me to speak to Stage two and beginning of civil disobedience. If I would have had another few moments, I would have spoken about how the veterans defied the shutdown of the monuments during the government shutdown. I would have also detailed how the good people of Northern California and Southern Oregon (i.e. the proposed State of Jefferson) want to withdraw from their respective states so they can better counter federal abuses. There is also a similar movement in Eastern Colorado that I would have spoken about. We will remember these events as the Lexington and Concord of the American resistance movement.
Stage Three
Stage three martial law has given history some of its darkest days. Warrant-less detentions become common place in which suspected political dissidents are removed from society, usually in the middle of the night. The Russians should be able to identify with this practice. In modern terminology, these would be referred to as the “Red list” which tagged its “troublesome” citizens who are detained and normally executed. These include outspoken preachers, outspoken talk show hosts and people who have any kind of history of civil disobedience. This speaks directly to the type of abuses that Ed Snowden has warned America about. Many of us in the alternative media have sources which speaks to the fact that the massive NSA surveillance grid has created a weighted enemies list and every American has been assigned what is euphemistically referred to as a threat matrix score. These scores are fluid and change as one’s demonstrated “loyalties” happen to change.
It is an eerie feeling to experience the corporate controlled media, Russian style. The clear agenda of the interview was to cast doubt on the claims being made that martial law is in our future. I told the host that to some degree, we have been under soft martial law since 9/11.
The interview was to be scheduled to air later on the same day as the per-recorded session. I was told that the interview will go back to “Russian headquarters”, processed and then distributed widely in 39 countries from which the Voice of Russia broadcasts.
It would not entirely surprise me if the Russians scrubbed the interview because I did not permit the host to control the narrative. My close friends and family asked me why I did the interview with the main media outlet for Russian government? No, I am not sympathetic to the Russian worldview, I am an American first and I don’t trust the Russian government any further than I can throw them. I may strongly object to the policies of the bankers who have hijacked my government, but I am a loyal American, first and foremost, and am committed to the ideals of the Constitution. I did the interview for one simple reason. I am trying to convey the message that we are all one humanity and we have the same enemies.
Most people of the world are good, loving people. To move up the ladder in the government power structure requires a ruthless, psychopathic approach. This is why we see such inhumane decisions emanating from governments around the world. The people who aspire to this level of power are generally mentally ill psychopaths. Consequently, I want the citizens in 39 countries who will hear my story to identify with the fact that we, as the people of the world, have a lot in common with each other, regardless of national origin. I want foreign citizens, as well as American citizens to come to realize that the enemy of humanity are the ruthless bankers who control the governments of the world. I want people to know that we are all God’s children and, as such, we should never allow ourselves to be manipulated to take up arms against each other. I am on a mission to convey these ideals and that is why I spoke with the Russians media.


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Bug-Out Backup: How to Find Shelter Undergound


Bug-Out Backup: How to Find Shelter Undergound

Shelter is widely understood as being one of the top needs for survival. More than anything, shelter provides a means of protection from adverse weather, helping us to maintain our body heat and not die of hypothermia. In addition, a shelter can help protect us from attack by enemies or those who are just careless with their guns.

There are a lot of people talking about underground shelters these days. Usually they refer to these shelters as bunkers; places of protection from attack in which a person or a family could survive a breakdown of society or other cataclysmic event. That’s not what I want to talk about in this article; what I want to talk about is emergency urban shelters.

You probably already have an urban shelter, called your home. How secure that shelter is against major weather events or attacks has a lot to do with the home’s construction. Some homes are fairly robust, being able to survive a hurricane or even a fairly determined attack by a small group of enemies.

However, no home can survive everything that can be thrown at it. In the case of a tornado or ground warfare, those homes are likely to be destroyed too.


What would you do if your home was suddenly destroyed or you were suddenly forced to abandon it? During World War II, countless millions of people were faced with that very problem. That war, which was often fought from house to house, destroyed entire cities, leaving everything in rubble. Those civilians who managed to survive were suddenly thrust into a severe survival situation.

No matter what, it’s possible to find shelter. Man is a builder and while much of what we build can be destroyed, there are often structures that will survive. More often than not, underground structures have a better chance of surviving natural or man-made destruction.

Find out more about bugging in or out in Conquering the Coming Collapse. 

Even if a home or office building is totally destroyed, the basement will probably survive.shelter

Parts of the basement may be inaccessible due to the rubble from the floors above.

But it’s actually rather common that there will be habitable areas in the basement, where there is little rubble, but there is good protection from the weather and whatever is happening at ground level.

In addition to basements, there are other underground structures that man makes, any of which can be used as an emergency shelter:

  • Tunnels
  • Subways
  • Storm sewers
  • Abandoned storage tanks

What to Look for when Hiding

There are several things to keep in mind when looking for an underground shelter. The first and probably most important is that it won’t fill up with water, drowning you in your shelter. This means that water entry must be limited. If the shelter contains any drainage, that’s even better.

You also want to avoid anyplace that is going to leave you trapped. This is the problem I have with most people’s bunkers; once inside, they’re essentially trapped. Most wild animals know enough to make sure that their underground burrows have an emergency exit.

Make sure that your emergency exit is hidden enough and far enough away that you can use it without getting killed by the same people who might be trying to get in the entrance.

Good camouflage will help. If everything is in ruins and you build a shelter in a basement that looks like a nicely built shelter in the basement, others will become suspicious. You can pretty much be sure that at least some of the curious ones would have no compunction against killing you to steal your shelter.

Your shelter will invariably need some improvements, even if you find a shelter that looks fairly good (relatively speaking). In such a case, there will probably be a lot of scrap material lying around, from homes that have been destroyed. That material is ideal; as it can be made to look like it fell there naturally, camouflaging your shelter.

The inside of your shelter can be as nice or as fancy as you can make it. There are often furnishings and even carpets which will survive a disaster and can be used in your shelter. If you are sharing the shelter with others, try and give each person some private space, by breaking up your shelter with furniture, walls or blankets acting as walls. This will help prevent conflict from the stress of being in an enclosed space together.

Keep in mind that smoke can be a huge giveaway as to your location. You’ll probably need a fire to cook and keep warm. Be careful about where you place your fire, as well as what types of wood you are burning.

Plywood will give off a lot of smoke, due to the resins that hold the layers together.Likewise, pressure treated lumber is a bad choice for the resins that it contains. Any wood that is wet will give off a lot of smoke. Be sure to use clean, dry wood, without any paint or varnish.

An old trick is to have the smoke from your fire disperse through a tree. The tree’s branches and leaves cause the smoke to break up and spread out, making it less obvious. If you don’t have a tree, you can accomplish more or less the same thing using rubble from the buildings. Have the smoke from your fire pass through rubble that will break it up and disperse it.


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Family Self Defense (Best Self Defense Strategies For You And Your Family)

Sold Out After Crisis (Best 37 Items To Hoard For A Long Term Crisis)



SOURCE : This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

Obama’s Martial Law “Intersect” With Ebola in Connecticut: A National Template

martial-law-in-boston-april-19-2013WITH Ebola rightfully on the front burner, it is intrinsic to take a deep breath, in order to calmly assess the overall national situation. To wit, one needs to internalize the surrounding political dynamics, every bit as much as the medical components.

Most Americans find it impossible to believe that their leaders have plans in place to purposefully endanger the populace. They cannot conceive of an agenda that would imperil their very lives, let alone their basic Constitutional rights which ensure their liberties and freedoms.

In other words, if one is mentally prepared for what is rapidly becoming an uncontrollable situation, one can best prepare themselves (and their loved ones) for what they need to do for their physical safety.

READ carefully….listen to the videos…they were chosen because they were carefully vetted. Get busy…

IF a leadership, with malice and forethought, leaves their borders open; if they understand that infectious diseases are rampant in certain nations, yet make no effort to stop said infiltrators from entering, even threatening docs who know what’s what; if they have facilities to house a certain subset of “dissidents”, none of whom will be Islamists, illegal aliens or anti-Americans because patriots have been declared “terrorists” by DHS; and in addition, millions of “specialized” coffins are warehoused in “camps”, what exactly are they up to? Think about it.BP_003-240x200

CIA Whistleblower: Obama’s Plans To Destroy US And Seize Power; 70 Agency DHS To Enforce Martial Law…please note: there are some religious tidbits interspersed within this video, but for those whose beliefs are not in sync, just pay attention to the rest of the info…it is dead on solid!

ADMITTEDLY, most Americans (westerners) find it impossible to believe that their leaders have plans in place to purposefully endanger the populace. They cannot conceive of an agenda that would imperil their very lives, let alone their basic Constitutional rights which ensure their liberties and freedoms. Nevertheless, said fairy tale thinking was appropriate in the past (more or less), but this is now. In reality, the U.S., as a Constitutional Republic, is in grave danger. Concomitantly, with a Dictator-in-Chief at the helm, all normative expectations must be foisted aside.

IN this regard, let’s connect the regime’s current march towards martial law – duly detailed by the preparatory steps described at the above links.


Connect One:

IN line with their ultimate plans for total control over the citizenry – due to various domestic and geo-political agendas, some of which can be found throughout this blog – don’t believe for a moment that the following microchip implant is for the good and welfare of the populace. Moreover, to hallucinate that its efficacy lies within saving patients with medical emergencies, or to identify terror/criminal suspects, is outrageously naive. Ridiculous on its face. After all, we already know that Obama Inc. is stacked with Brotherhood Mafia terrorists, and has opened America’s borders for more of the same. Good grief.

If you take the RFID Microchip they can TRACK your every move, Control

If you take the RFID Microchip they can TRACK your every move, Control your MONEY, Control your FOOD and possible even KILL you if you don’t obey!

A number of states like Virginia, have passed “stop the mark of the beast legislation” in an effort to stop this.

Remember, they do things over time to condition the population into think this is normal. Please understand, you are just a number to the government. A RFID Chip is the governments means to control you for the rest of your life.

MOREGerald Celente and Peter Schiff – Economic Collapse Martial Law – Prepare Now – It Will Happen Really Quick – No One Will Be Immune

Connect Two:

DESPITE the public health threat from Ebola, it is duly confirmed: the U.S. gov’t is shipping in illegals and helping them to “disappear” all across the country!

S this not an act of high crimes and misdemeanors?

ONTO Connecticut and the red alert:

We warned a week ago of the various possibilities surrounding an Ebola outbreak in America, and today we get some degree of confirmation of a medical-based martial-law coming to the US. Governor Dan Malloy has declared a Public Health Emergency in Connecticut, authorizing the “isolation of any individual reasonably believed to have been exposed to the Ebola virus.” Simply put, as we noted previously, the State of Public Health Emergency allows bureaucrats to detain and force-vaccinate people without due process – despite not one single case being found in CT. If there is a major Ebola pandemic in America, all of the liberties and the freedoms that you currently enjoy would be gone.
The Public Health Emergency declaration…


“I hereby declare a public health emergency for the State, pursuant to the Connecticut General Statutes Section 19a-131a, for the duration of the epidemic. Specifically, in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Section 19a-131b, I authorize the Commissioner of Public Health to Order the isolation or quarantine, under conditions prescribed by the Commissioner of Public Health, of any individual or group of individuals whom the Commissioner reasonably believes to have been exposed to, infected with, or otherwise at risk of passing the Ebola virus.”

MORE : Pianka Suggested There Are Too Many People on Earth-Ebola Is Solution to Earth’s Overpopulation Problem?

Which he defended as a precautionary and preparatory measure in the event that the state has either a confirmed infection or has confirmed that someone at risk of developing the infection is residing in the state.

We are taking this action today to ensure that we are prepared, in advance, to deal with any identified cases in which someone has been exposed to the virus or, worst case, infected,” said Governor Malloy. “Our state’s hospitals have been preparing for it, and public health officials from the state are working around the clock to monitor the situation. Right now, we have no reason to think that anyone in the state is infected or at risk of infection. But it is essential to be prepared and we need to have the authorities in place that will allow us to move quickly to protect public health, if and when that becomes necessary. Signing this order will allow us to do that.
Translated… as we previously noted:

If there is a major Ebola pandemic in America, all of the liberties and the freedoms that you currently enjoy would be gone. If government officials believe that you have the virus, federal law allows them to round you up and detain you “for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary.” In addition, the CDC already has the authority to quarantine healthy Americans if they reasonably believe that they may become sick. During an outbreak, the government can force you to remain isolated in your own home, or the government may forcibly take you to a treatment facility, a tent city, a sports stadium, an old military base or a camp. You would not have any choice in the matter. And you would be forced to endure any medical procedure mandated by the government. That includes shots, vaccines and the drawing of blood. During such a scenario, you can scream about your “rights” all that you want, but it won’t do any good.

In case you are tempted to think that I am making this up, I want you to read what federal law actually says. The following is 42 U.S.C. 264(d). I have added bold for emphasis…

(1) Regulations prescribed under this section may provide for the apprehension and examination of any individual reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease in a qualifying stage and (A) to be moving or about to move from a State to another State; or (B) to be a probable source of infectionto individuals who, while infected with such disease in a qualifying stage, will be moving from a State to another State. Such regulations may provide that if upon examination any such individual is found to be infected, he may be detained for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary. For purposes of this subsection, the term “State” includes, in addition to the several States, only the District of Columbia.
(2) For purposes of this subsection, the term “qualifying stage”, with respect to a communicable disease, means that such disease—

(A) is in a communicable stage; or

(B) is in a precommunicable stage, if the disease would be likely to cause a public health emergency if transmitted to other individuals.

In addition, as I discussed above, the CDC already has the authority to isolate people that are not sick to see if they do become sick. The following is what the CDC websitesays about this…
MORE : 10 Things You Need in Your Home During The Ebola Crisis

Quarantine is used to separate and restrict the movement of wellpersons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill. These people may have been exposed to a disease and do not know it, or they may have the disease but do not show symptoms. Quarantine can also help limit the spread of communicable disease.
* * *

And as Police State USA summarizes,

Governor Dannel Malloy has declared Connecticut to be in a state of public health emergency, enabling the indefinite suspension of certain civil rights. State bureaucrats have been granted the broad authority to forcibly detain suspected sick people without due process. The declaration came preemptively, as Connecticut has not yet seen a single case of the virus it purports to stop.

Rationalizing his actions, the governor said in a statement: “We need to have the authorities in place that will allow us to move quickly to protect public health, if and when that becomes necessary. Signing this order will allow us to do that.”

The recipient of most of the newly-imparted power is Jewel Mullen, Connecticut’s Commissioner of the Department of Public Health (DPH). By having this measure in place, Commissioner Mullen explained, “we don’t have to scramble in the event I need to take action.”

The actions that authorities might want to “scramble” to use is the forcible quarantine of citizens — without charges or trial.

Connecticut General Statutes Section 19a-131a spells out the powers that may be used during the state of public health emergency:

“[While] the emergency exists [the state] may do any of the following: (1) Order the commissioner to implement all or a portion of the public health emergency response plan developed pursuant to section 19a-131g; (2) authorize the commissioner to isolate or quarantine persons in accordance with section 19a-131b; (3) order the commissioner to vaccinate persons in accordance with section 19a-131e; or (4) apply for and receive federal assistance.”

As noted above, the Commissioner may issue an order of mass vaccination at his or her own discretion.

Section 19a-131d states that any individual who refuses to comply with any portion of the order may be punished with with fines and imprisonment for up to one (1) year.

Fending off a police state requires constant vigilance against efforts to desecrate civil liberties. As the current scenario has shown us, a climate of fear — fear of disease, terrorism, foreign threats, etc. — makes it all-too easy to suspend constitutional rights with minimal public resistance. Many people actually feel grateful to see the government absorbing greater powers; taken with the promises of keeping them safe.


The state of public health emergency will remain in effect indefinitely until lifted by the governor.
* * *

Welcome to the new normal American police state!.


HOW many times has this site – plus other reliable alternative media sources – warned about martial law? In fact, Obama Inc.’s debut was on full display during the Boston Marathon bombings, and the citizens, for the most part, had no idea what was underfoot. Mind you, even during the aftermath of the horrific terror attacks on 9/11/01, militarized clamp downs on NYC were non-existent, except for the localized presence of SWAT teams. Granted, they didn’t impede the lives of the population, but were a brief and necessary response to a MAJOR jihadi attack on the homeland.

THE fact of the matter is that a decree for a “state of emergency” is one which citizens automatically believe is designed to protect them, either from natural disasters or massive rioting and escalating mayhem. Thus, law-abiding citizens tend to be grateful for any assistance which brings back a sense of normalcy and safety. And this is precisely what the leaders are counting on when they go down this, seemingly out of nowhere, path. In this regard, when leaders are truly up to no good, the time to implement their planned agendas are already a done deal, once the population is both physically and mentally in a highly vulnerable state.


SIGNIFICANTLY, one needn’t be a cynic, a conspiracy theorist, nor a raving lunatic to understand that Obama Inc. – with his Iranian-born and communist helping hand in the forefront – intends to impose their will on the lawful citizens of America, come hell or high water.

IN effect, when a Commander-in-Chief behaves akin to a totalitarian leader, in the belief that he doesn’t serve the people, but the opposite is the case, well, isn’t martial law something a dictator feels comfortable with, even if all the advanced prep (cited above) aren’t fully coordinated? Yes, some crises are too good to waste. It’s instinctual. Ideological. Inbred.

INDEED, Obama Inc. created a double “perfect” (illegal alien) storm. On the one hand, he OPENS the borders to every dangerous element imaginable, but at the same time, he ignores all warnings to CLOSE the doors to travelers from Ebola stricken countries! Again, to what end?

CRISIS by crisis – mostly manufactured – and step by step their plans are taking shape. Coming to fruition.

PATRIOTS, be very prepared. Fully stocked. Armed.


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Adina Kutnicki

About the AuthorAdina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki is an investigative journalist and independent op-ed contributor to various Zionist and Conservative media outlets. She contributed to an in-depth investigative series at FrontPage Magazine with Lee Kaplan from 2003-2007. They are still working together. Her op-eds have been featured at American Thinker, Israel National News,Israel Insider, The Jewish Press, MidEast Outpost, The Freeman Center For Strategic Studies, HONENU – Providing Legal Aid To Israeli Soldiers & Civilians In Distress, as well as at other sites. Some interviews include: The Inquisitr Interviews Adina Kutnicki: The Reality Of Life For An Israeli Patriot and ‘The Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest For Global Dominance – An Interview With Adina Kutnicki.’ Her recent book review On A Wing From The Holy Land [Review Of An Exciting New Novel About The Spiritual Journey Of An Israeli Woman] was also spotlighted at Inquisitr. In addition, she is the Israel Administrator at Islam Exposed Online Her blog – – received a ‘Watcher of Weasels’ Award – see within – scroll down to ‘Non-Council’ winners. Her full profile can be found at –




Is martial law upon us? In at least one Texas town a “wild conspiracy theory” is now reality as agents who appear to be from the Department of Homeland Security have shut down all entry and exit points and are going door to door in Hazmat suits enforcing a strict “stay in your home” quarantine.

Frisco, Texas residents are confined to their homes today. Residents are taking pictures like the one above and posting them to their social media pages.

Speculation runs rampant that Ebola is now airborne and the entire town is at risk of catching Ebola by simply breathing.3

Headlines and stories like the one above, while they haven’t happened yet, are closer to reality than the White House would like to admit.

Ebola has been long suspected of having the ability to mutate into an airborne virus, and it may do so at any moment.
Are you prepared?
Here’s what I have done and think you need to do.

First, you need to stock up on the 37 items that disappear when a populace panics. (Click here for more)

Second, you need to arm yourself to the teeth. I’m talking guns, knives, as much ammo as you can get your hands on.

Finally, be aware of what is happening. If this pandemic spreads as quickly as I believe it can, it may only be a matter of weeks before your neighborhood is teeming with agents cleaning out bodies.

If this happens, martial law followed by anarchy are imminent.

Are you prepared to do whatever necessary to save yourself and your family?

The test is coming.

Homeland security, drones, fema camps & martial law in America





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Liberty Generator (Build and make your own energy source)

Backyard Liberty (Easy and cheap DIY Aquaponic system to grow your organic and living food bank)

Bullet Proof Home (A Prepper’s Guide in Safeguarding a Home )

Family Self Defense (Best Self Defense Strategies For You And Your Family)

Sold Out After Crisis (Best 37 Items To Hoard For A Long Term Crisis)


by Staff


ISIS The Start of World War III? David Icke


In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to David Icke about his predictions with ISIS and the possible start of WW III. David breaks down many esoteric historical writings and the current political situation that can lead to bringing in other countries to war.





Trend Journal Publisher Gerald Celente appeared on The Adam Thompson Radio Show ( discussing how he feels that . Gerald Celente : World War 3 – Market Crash,.



Other useful resources:

Backyard Innovator (A Self Sustaining Source Of Fresh Meat,Vegetables And Clean Drinking Water)

Blackout USA (EMP survival and preparedness)

Conquering the coming collapse (Financial advice and preparedness )

Liberty Generator (Build and make your own energy source)

Backyard Liberty (Easy and cheap DIY Aquaponic system to grow your organic and living food bank)

Bullet Proof Home (A Prepper’s Guide in Safeguarding a Home )

Family Self Defense (Best Self Defense Strategies For You And Your Family)

Sold Out After Crisis (Best 37 Items To Hoard For A Long Term Crisis)




The Facts Show ISIS Plans Attack the U.S. Soon? ISIS Militants with US Passports?


There is something particularly concerning about the “masked, sociopathic murderers” who fight for the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), writes former state department official Andrew G Doran for the National Review.

Some of them, he says, are Western citizens who have travelled to Syria to fight President Bashar Assad’s government – and have passports or other immigration paperwork that would allow them to return to their home countries whenever they want.

In fact, he says, citing the Daily Beast’s Greg Sargent, perhaps a dozen are already in the US.

He continues:

These veterans of al-Qaeda and its affiliates constitute a fundamentally different threat than that which America faced in 2001: they are Western (at least in nationality); they are seasoned combat veterans; they are known, but perhaps too numerous to track.

Mr Doran writes that the Syrian revolution, in which the US has sided with those seeking to topple Mr Assad, has taken the focus away from the real enemy: al-Qaeda.

“If these Islamist veterans of the Syrian conflict succeed in pulling off a terrorist attack against the United States, the problem with America’s policy in Syria will come into focus immediately,” he says.

He says US idealism is to blame for our current Syrian policy.BP_003-240x200

“Unable or unwilling to distinguish between mere Machiavellian evil (Assad) and globally ambitious sociopaths (ISIS), America may have left itself vulnerable,” he writes.

If the US government officials are smart, he concludes, they’re currently scrambling to track down all the ISIS-affiliated individuals who may be returning to the US from the Middle East. “Let us hope those efforts are successful,” he writes.

A number of US politicians echoed Mr Doran’s concerns on Sunday’s political talk shows.

“The seeds of 9/11s are being planted all over Iraq and Syria,” Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham said on Face the Nation. “They want an Islamic caliphate that runs through Syria and Iraq … and they plan to drive us out of the Mideast by attacking us here at home.”

On Fox New Sunday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers said: “This is a problem that we will have to face, and we’re either going to face it in New York City or we’re going to face it here.”

The political rhetoric in the US over the ISIS is growing. The question, however, is whether it will translate into US public support for increased intervention in Iraq.

8 Signs That ISIS Will Strike the U.S. Soon…

PJ Media reported :

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) doesn’t have designs on just Iraq and Syria. It has published maps in which its envisioned Islamic state encompasses not just those two countries, but also Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, parts of Turkey, and (of course) Israel. But it doesn’t stop there, either. Clearly ISIS plans to mount jihad terror attacks in the United States – and there are numerous indications that such an attack could come sooner rather than later.

8. ISIS jihadi from UK calls for jihad attacks on British civilians to avenge Muslima’s murder…

Last Wednesday, a jihadist calling himself Abu Rashash Britani, who claims to be from Britain and now waging jihad with ISIS, expressed outrage on Twitter at the recent murder in Britain of a Muslim woman, Nahid Almanea. Britani ranted: “These kuffar getting out of hand, dare they touch a Muslimah. I call upon any brother to take up a knife and kill as they did [in] Colchester. Muslim sister killed by kuffar in UK. Allahu Mustahan [Allah is the one whose help is sought]. Where is the outcry by media? oh yeah she was a Muslim.”

In the U.S., meanwhile, groups like the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Georgetown University’s Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding energetically spread the myth that Muslims in the U.S. are routinely victimized by “Islamophobic” discrimination, harassment and attacks. How long before ISIS calls for revenge attacks here as well as in Britain?

7. ISIS jihadi from Canada urges Muslims to follow example of Calgary jihad/martyrdom suicide bomber…

Recently a Muslim from Canada, Salman Ashrafi, blew himself up in a jihad-martyrdom suicide attack in Iraq, murdering 19 Iraqis. ISIS posted an online messagepraising him as a “brave warrior” who gave Muslims a “great example,” and calling upon Muslims in Canada to “prove their manhood” by imitating him.

How long before a young Muslim in Canada gets the idea that he doesn’t have to go all the way to Iraq to imitate Salman Ashrafi, but can do it right at home? How long before a young Muslim in the United States gets the same idea?

6. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria produces video recruiting Muslims in U.S. and Europe for jihad in Syria, domestic jihad attacks…

Surmising that jihadis may someday get the idea to strike domestically isn’t even necessary: Bill Gertz reported at theWashington Free Beacon last Friday that ISIS was “stepping up efforts to recruit Americans and other westerners for jihad in Syria and possibly for future domestic terror attacks, according to U.S. officials.”ec_250x200_nf7-933e109

5. American supporter of ISIS in North Carolina?

ISIS recently produced a video featuring fans holding up messages of support from around the world — including, apparently, North Carolina. Jonathan Halevi reported Thursday in Alternative Angle that “one of them is apparently an American national, who is pointing (minute: 03:20) with the forefinger as an indication of affirmation of Allah’s Oneness and holding a poster, which reads in mixed Arabic and English the following: ‘American support of the Islamic State ISIS. North Carolina. USA.’”

Friends and supporters inside the U.S. can make it much easier for ISIS to stage jihad attacks here.


4. Muslims from U.S. head to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS and “bring back the Caliphate”…

James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence, has said that over fifty Muslims from the United States are fighting in Syria now. That number could increase: the Daily Mail reported Thursday that a Muslim from Minnesota, Abdirahmaan Muhumed, was just an ordinary guy: “Six months ago the father of nine from Minnesota was shooting hoops in Uptown Minneapolis. He was neither overtly religious nor politically vocal.”

However, Muhumed proved himself susceptible to the appeal of Islam. He told friends of his aspiration to “bring back the caliphate,” and said that if he was considered a terrorist, he was “happy with it.” He wrote: “Family is not gonna save me frm [sic] hell fire because muslims are getting kill[ed] and if I just sit here i will be ask in the [hereafter].” Accordingly, he said, “I give up this worldy [sic] life for Allah.” He posted on Facebook a photo of himself holding a Qur’an and a rifle.

Where did Muhumed learn this understanding of Islam? In Minnesota? If so, more could follow him. And American officials have expressed concern that they might return home as trained, battle-hardened jihadis, and wage jihad here.


3. Minneapolis FBI investigating Muslims joining jihad groups in Syria, including ISIS…

Enough Muslims have traveled to jihad from Minneapolis for the FBI to open an investigation. Reuters reported last Friday that “the FBI is investigating men of Somali background who have traveled from the Minneapolis-St Paul area to Syria to fight with Islamist groups against President Bashar al-Assad….Kyle Loven, a spokesman for the FBI’s Minneapolis office, said in the last few months the Bureau had received information indicating that 10 to 15 men from the region’s large Somali community had traveled to Syria.”

What’s more, “the U.S. government recently confirmed that a Florida man, Moner Mohammad Abu-salha, had become the first known American suicide bomber in Syria.” How long will it be before the suicide attacks start stateside?

2. ISIS chief to USA: “Soon we will be in direct confrontation, and the sons of Islam have prepared for such a day”…

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said last winter: “Our last message is to the Americans. Soon we will be in direct confrontation, and the sons of Islam have prepared for such a day. So watch, for we are with you, watching.”ec604_250x200-dc85a53

His group’s successes in Syria and Iraq have hastened the coming of that day.

1. ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on his release from U.S. detention in 2009: “I’ll see you guys in New York”…

When al-Baghdadi was released from the U.S. detention center Camp Bucca in Iraq in 2009 after four years of captivity, he told his captors: “I’ll see you guys in New York.”

And who knows? The way things are going, maybe he will.


“Your country, America the beautiful, is being prepared now for complete capitulation. Now you know, My children, and now you must act upon this knowledge, or you, too, will feel captivity and slavery and the closing of My houses throughout your country. You have blindly walked right into the trap of enslavement set upon you through devious infiltration of your government, your schools, and your medias of communication.
“Awaken now from your slumber and seek your return from your course of destruction by getting down upon your knees and praying in heartfelt, sincere prayer to the Eternal Father, to guide you back from your present road of destruction.
“Your countrymen have sought to silence the voice of My Mother throughout your world. You will not continue to silence the voice-boxes throughout the world, for you are sowing the seeds of your own destruction!” – Jesus, June 5, 1975

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How to Defend Your Farm from Intruders



How to Defend Your Farm from Intruders

Over the past few years rural and agricultural related crimes have been on the rise, while funding to combat these offenses has steadily decreased. Obviously, in rural areas, crimes are less likely to be reported, and suffer a far longer response time.

After a large scale terrorist attack, EMP strike or nuclear war, rural and agricultural areas will most likely be the first to suffer, as police forces are stretched thin. Given that, more than any other household, the rural home needs to be responsible for its own defense.

On considering fencing

An essential aspect of a home’s security involves in how well it covers the property. With some farms exceeding 1,400 acres in size, it can be unreasonable to expect that such an undertaking could be affordable. In fact, the price for fencing the perimeter can surpass the value of the farm entirely.


That’s why selective fencing erected to secure valuable resources such as livestock and crops can be a reasonable precaution. To keep unwanted invaders out, a fence needs to stand at least six feet high and be constructed of a sturdy, weatherproof, non-scalable material.

Electric fencing or wire additions can help facing down the human or animal invaders (snakes, coyotes). Going too far in your fencing construction might violate local regulations, so always double check your area’s laws before splurging on the construction of a new fence.dreamstime_xs_23382864

Additional coverage features

While high-tech solutions might not seem cost-effective, the investment in motion sensors, flood lights, and property alarms are far more economical when dealing with a large property. Automated lighting can be extremely effective in maintaining a presence on your property.

Security cameras and tracking systems, concealed by equipment such as water pumps and near sheds, can be invaluable in keeping an eye on all reaches of your property.
Incorporating an alert system (such as provided by most smart phone integration platforms like ADT Pulse,) allows you to be instantly notified when intruders appear on your property.

While these measures can be less effective in dealing with natural predators, they are highly effective on warding off thieves from targeting your farm equipment and valuables.

Ideally, these security features should operate on a sustainable alternative power source to keep your home secure even during grid-down scenarios. In case of an emergency, when food supplies become a valuable commodity, these security features can be your home’s lifeline.

dreamstime_xs_32501126Finally, one of the most versatile security features you can keep on a rural property is one of the most time-honouredhonored security solutions: a tough, strong guard dog.

While they aren’t the only solution by any means, they’re particularly helpful in guarding livestock (especially when in possession of a herding breed).

They’re also far more perceptive during scenarios in which you find yourself without your standard security measures. While they might not alert authorities like an alarm can, they can keep you informed on potential wrongdoings.

Protecting farm equipment and property

One advantage you could have in home security is by installing non-traditional locks which are inherently bump-proof.

Lock-bumping, a widely recognized and extremely easy lock-picking method, is one the most fatal flaws affecting home security today. The method is so fool-proof that even expensive “bump proof” traditional pin tumbler locks take an extra few seconds to open.

Consider replacing any of these pin tumbler locks on your tool and supply sheds with magnetic, combination, or electric locks. Electric locks have the added benefit of being able to be remotely unlocked if you have smart home integration.

Another way to resist invasion is by investing in doors and windows which withstand a higher level of punishment. Heavier doors should be installed on sheds containing valuable tools and resources. These can be supplemented with anchor chain locks, reinforced door jambs, and other features. Any windows should be replaced with shatter-resistant panes, or at least reinforced with a theft-resistant window film if this isn’t financially feasible.

While these improvements can be effective for any property, they should definitely be included on any spaces that include resources you need to maintain your crops and livestock. These areas are more frequently targeted by criminals due to a lack of oversight by most rural property owners.

By taking these measures, it can be far easier to catch criminals in the act before any real theft or damage can occur.

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Naomi Broderick is a prepper author with Protect Your Home who provides ADT in Fairfield, California.


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Preparing for an economic collapse: The importance of home security

burglar-150x150No one really likes to talk about it, but it’s a thought that is never far from a person’s mind:
“The decline of the economy and the rise of crime and chaos.”
The two things “crime” and “a failing economy” really do seem to go hand-in-hand.
As much as people try to look on the bright side, there is simply no denying the rise of crime amidst an economic collapse. You see how crime is associated in parts of cities that are economically-hurting and that’s just on a small scale. Apply that kind of effect to the country’s economy as a whole and you start to see why people are so concerned.
In times like these, a spike in sales of home security systems (among other defensive measures) can often be observed and it’s really no wonder. There are lots of reasons why people resort to these including:

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Give You, Your Family and Your Assets the Protection they need with the Best Home and Personal Self Defense

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Sabotage: Special Forces To Target U.S. Economy, Infrastructure, Railways, Power Plants, Waterworks, and Refineries In the Event of Mid East Conflict


If you were under the impression that the brewing conflict with Syria is over or that it would be a simple one sided affair with the United States launching “brief and limited” strikes on Syrian military assets, then consider the following report from a Russian military review.

According to Senior sources within the Syrian military, as well as Russian insiders, an attack on Syria will not come without repercussions here in the United States. The report, published by the widely read European newspaper Pravda and not carried by mainstream U.S. news channels, indicates that Bashar Al-Assad has been pre-positioning Syrian special operations teams inside the United States with the sole intention of disrupting our economy and causing maximum damage to critical U.S. infrastructure elements in high population areas including railways, power plants, water utilities, oil refineries and military targets.

Should President Obama launch an attack on Syria (or perhaps even Iran, Syria’s closest ally), these forces have been given orders to engage key targets on U.S. soil.


Hundreds of Syrian army special forces soldiers are currently located on the territory of the United States, ready to conduct a series of sabotage operations in case of a military aggression against Syria.

The publication lists potential targets that can be damaged, including railways, power stations, power plants, waterworks, oil and gas terminals, and military objects, mostly air and naval bases.

An anonymous source said that the diversion could be implemented in the most densely populated areas and states in order to cause maximum damage to the U.S. economy and infrastructure, simultaneously causing panic among the population.

Attacks against civilians are not planned, the anonymous source at the Ministry of Defense of Syria assured. All fighters grouped in units of three to seven people are employed by the Syrian special forces “al-Qassam” and undergone an extensive training. They are equipped to carry out sabotage operations in the United States.

The source said that the Syrian leadership has chosen this strategy based on the experience of the wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Libya, where the aggression was reflected from a defensive position, which doomed these countries to failure.

If true, it’s possible that this and the threat of a Russian military response are responsible for President Obama’s back peddling on military strikes in Syria.

Save September 11th, there have been no large-scale foreign born attacks on U.S. soil in recent history. Though German submarines targeted U.S. naval assets off our coasts during World War II, America has been left generally unscathed during military conflicts since the Korean war in the 1950′s.

That will change should the United States attempt military intervention in Syria or Iran.

If this report is to be believed (and it could be nothing more than propaganda), this time around Americans will directly experience the fallout from wars we initiate in other countries, and it will come in similar fashion to what we’ve done in Iraq and Libya, and have planned to do in Syria. The targets will be the civilian population, which will be left without electricity, water and potentially even food due to lack of gasoline supplies should the handful of refineries that make it available in the U.S. be destroyed or damaged.

These critical infrastructure elements are totally exposed to sabotage. Each of them, as well as our nuclear power plants, are usually only protected by private security firms (not the military-grade kind) and local police forces. Thus, a well coordinated military style takeover of utility plants or refineries is not out of the question, and is a completely plausible scenario.


We don’t know the exact number of Syrian special forces commandos supposedly in the United States. However, even a limited strike force, combined with cyber fighters such as the Iranian backed Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, an organization that may have been responsible for last month’s NASDAQ stock exchange outage, could wreak havoc across a totally unsuspecting U.S. public.

What we know is that our life sustaining infrastructure is not secure. The U.S. government knows this and has been planning contingency operations should these areas of our country come under attack.

We also know that any disruptions to the regular flow of commerce would be disastrous, leading very quickly to panic, looting, and a breakdown in civil order.

The Syrians, Iranians and Russians know this as well, thus it only makes sense for a country with limited military resources to take this course of action should we engage them in military conflict.

If we attack Syria or Iran in the future, the American people can fully expect a direct response on U.S. soil. This could well result in our emergency response personnel being overwhelmed and without the ability to provide aid for the millions of people who would be affected within a matter of hours.

The only prudent steps to be taken by the American people are to individually plan and prepare for such events. The government will not be there to provide aid, because despite their efforts to convince us they have everything under control, nothing could be further from the truth. Isolated regional disasters like Hurricane Sandy or Katrina led to complete pandemonium in the streets.

If we can’t handle a Hurricane when we have been given a week of advance warning, what do you think will happen if our infrastructure, economy and commerce systems are hit with a coordinated military attack across the most densely populated areas of the country?

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