The Last Days Of ‘Normal Life’ In America

Last Days

Last Days Of ‘Normal Life’

If you have got family and friends that you would like to visit before things start getting really crazy, you should do so within the next couple of months, because these are the last days of “normal life” in America.  The website where I have posted this article is called “End of the American Dream“, but perhaps I should have entitled it “The End of America” because that is essentially what we are heading for.  The debt-fueled prosperity that so many of us take for granted is about to come to a screeching halt, and we are about to enter the hardest times that any of us have ever known.  And I am not just talking about economics either.  Based on all of the intel and information that I have gathered, we are about to enter a “perfect storm” that is going to shake this country in just about every possible way that it can be shaken.  So I hope that you will truly savor this summer – days like this will not come around again any time soon. [Read more…]

The Shocking Truth About How Barack Obama Was Able To Prop Up The U.S. Economy

The Shocking Truth About How Barack Obama

Barack Obama is one of the biggest “Keynesians” of all time, but unfortunately most Americans don’t even understand what that means.  In this article, I am going to share with you the primary reason why Barack Obama has been able to prop up the U.S. economy over the past eight years.  If Barack Obama had not taken the extreme measures that he did, we would be in the midst of a historic economic depression right now.  But by propping things up in the short-term, he has absolutely demolished our long-term economic future.  But like most politicians, Obama has been willing to sacrifice the future for short-term political gain. [Read more…]

The Hidden Truth Behind The News Australian Government Almost Forcibly Pushes the HPV Vaccines on Young Boys as Well as Girls – Are Vaccines Harming Australian Children? Are Young Australians Potentially Being Sterilized or Made Infertile

The Hidden Truth Behind The News Australian Government Almost Forcibly Pushes the HPV Vaccines

Australian Government almost forcibly pushes the HPV vaccines on young boys as well as girls

Are vaccines harming Australian children?

Are young Australians potentially being sterilized or made infertile [Read more…]

The New World Order Is The Enemy Of Humanity – Is Almost Complete WW3 & Depopulation Coming

New World Order

The New World Order Is The Enemy Of Humanity – Is Almost Complete WW3 & Depopulation Coming

Never in human history has this wonderful planet and its inhabitants  been subjected to such an evil satanic regime !!

Never since its creation has an organisation create so much damage to its environment, government,  people, finances and it industrial base and kept us all at war chasing non existent terrorists!! [Read more…]

Tips That Will Help You Prepare For The Coming Economic Depression


Tips That Will Help You Prepare For The Coming Economic Depression

What do we need to do in order to prepare for the coming economic collapse? Are there practical steps that we can take right now that will help us and our families survive the economic depression that is approaching? As the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog, I get asked these kinds of questions a lot. Once people become convinced that an economic collapse is coming, they want to know what they should do.

[Read more…]

Russia’s Financial Nuclear Option against America

imagesImagine a war starting between the United States of America and Russia where the Russians win without firing the opening salvo, killing any US soldiers (initially), yet destroying our country so thoroughly that our beloved Republic regresses into a third world dictatorship operating at the whims of government administrators without any resemblance of our former greatness.

President Obama seems hell bent on testing this theory out.

To understand how this could happen one only needs review one definition to start, courtesy ofInvestopedia:

Definition of ‘Illiquid’d608a82840b848b78f8a1b26ec02a8d4

The state of a security or other asset that cannot easily be sold or exchanged for cash without a substantial loss in value. Illiquid assets also cannot be sold quickly because of a lack of ready and willing investors or speculators to purchase the asset. The lack of ready buyers also leads to larger discrepancies between the asking price (from the seller) and the bidding price (from a buyer) than would be found in an orderly market with daily trading activity.


The very fact that America has now become a basket case, a true banana republic debt slave is the very vulnerability which can destroy our freedoms, starve thousands if not millions, and create the greatest financial disaster in recorded history. Economist John Williams of the website Shadowstatshighlighted this point in an interview with Greg Hunter on via a YouTubeinterview on March 4, 2014:

While the mainstream media and mainstream business media will have everyone believing that Russia would never commit such an act as outlined by Dr. Williams in the video above, the truth is that the American people have no idea how fragile the confidence not just in this administration but in the integrity of our financial system really is. Such a liquidation in a short time period would have tragic results in parallel with a geopolitical disruption such as open military conflict in the Ukraine or East China Sea between Japan and China.


The instability between the United States government’s policies on the world stage and the financial holdings of enemies and potential enemies caused great concern in the halls of our Congress last year. A study requested by the Congressional Research Service in 2013 and conducted by James K. Jackson came to an interesting conclusion:

If a foreign investor with large U.S. holdings or a group of foreign investors attempted to launch a withdrawal from U.S. Treasury securities, investors and other market participants would calculate quickly the expected effects of those intended actions on market prices, interest rates, and the exchange value of the dollar and would then act swiftly on those anticipated effects. As a result, the prices of Treasury securities likely would drop sharply, while interest rates would rise, because the price of such securities is inversely related to the interest rate. In addition, the dollar likely would fall in value relative to other currencies, because the shift away from dollar denominated assets would increase demand for and the prices of other currencies relative to the dollar. Consequently, the drop in the price of Treasury securities and the drop in the exchange value of the dollar would significantly discount the value of any Treasury securities that would besold and sharply reduce the proceeds for any investor participating in such a sell-off. As a result, the potentially large financial losses that would attend an attempt to liquidate assets rapidly are likely to dissuade most investors from employing such a strategy.


The drop in the prices of Treasury securities and the decline in the exchange value of the dollar, however, probably would be short-lived. Foreign investors selling Treasury Securities presumably would do so in order to acquire non-dollar-denominated assets. Such a shift in demand from U.S. Treasury securities to other foreign securities would drive up the prices of those securities and the exchange value of foreign currencies. As a result, the lower prices for Treasury securities and for the dollar would offer other investors arbitrage and investment opportunities to acquire assets that investors likely would deem to be temporarily undervalued. As a result, investors likely would move to acquire Treasury securities and the dollar, which means that demand would increase for both the low-priced Treasury securities and the lower-valued dollar, which would drive up the prices of both assets. Such a response could significantly blunt, or even entirely reverse, the initial drop in prices of the securities and of the dollar. Given the dynamic nature of finance and credit markets and the instantaneous communication of information, such actions likely would occur within a very short time frame.

In normal times, I might tend to agree with the logical conclusions drawn above. However, American foreign policy is in its own vacuum, detached from reality and managed by childish amateurs with no direct guidance leaving the world doubting our ability to fulfill economic or military commitments.

To understand the threat, a review of the latest Treasury holdings by country is in order and the report at the thumbnail below indicates just how critically acute this crisis could become should the Congress and President initiate full scale economic sanctions against the Russian financial sector (click on the thumbnail to expand to full size):

TIC_DECEMBER_2013_jgflaIf Russia decides to start a stampede in US Treasuries that causes the nations I highlighted to panic in sympathy and of the “Oil Exporters” only $100 billion is liquidated, then America would face a fire sale north of $695 BILLION in Treasury Notes and Bills being dumped onto an illiquid market; and that does not even include the dollar amount of holdings the Communist Chinese could unload!!

The US markets nor banking system can neither absorb nor purchase that much paper outright. Add in the threat to decouple from the dollar and in all likelihood tie the Russian Ruble to a basket of commodities including gold, platinum and oil perhaps even sharing the basket with currencies like the Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen, the Euro, Norwegian Krone,  and maybe even the Canadian Dollar or Chinese Renmibi. This disconnect from the US Dollar might hurt the Russian economy in the short term, but with their commodity availability and willingness to nationalize US corporations, seize our assets, and openly liquidate US corporate bond holdings on the open market, our economy would turn into Argentina on steroids within months if not weeks.

If President Obama continues the push to impose sanctions against an enemy he can not attack nor defeat using conventional weapons by sending 40 year old fighters to border nations for example, then Russia could retaliate in concert with China and our supply of rare earth metals and goods necessary for the conduct of war might well be cut off. Our economy would crumple, the stock market decline by over 50% if it ever opened, interest rates would spike from the current 2.7% or so level to well over 8%+ overnight, and a nationwide bank holiday shutting down American commerce would commence until the Federal Reserve agreed to purchase anywhere from $500 billion to over $1 trillion or more in US Treasuries and corporate securities including stocks and bonds.

The Russian people are used to doing without. They are still conditioned to endure hardship, despite almost twenty years of quasi-freedom and quasi-capitalism, they get used to shortages, economic distress, and willing to endure it to some extent in the name of nationalism. The American people on the other hand are soft, unrepentant about their dependency on government handouts as far as 59% plus of the population, and unwilling to sacrifice anything to work harder and deal with capitalism as a real economic system without government meddling. Thus we are in no condition to deal with an economic war nor conventional one; if Russia nukes us with a bond liquidation, America’sonly real solution might be to threaten the Russians with real nuclear weapons should relations reach this point.



TSHTF Inflation: “What YOU Will Pay for What You Need to Survive”

JERICHO_NUKEthumb20 cans of Tuna? Check

100 MREs? Check.

20 bushels of Corn? Check.

2 rolls of pre-1964 ‘Junk’ Silver dimes? Check.

400 rounds .22 LR? Check.

500 rounds .223 ammo? Check.

Sounds like a nice stash of survivalist/prepper goods to start with doesn’t it? I could continue on with the list but it only begins to belie the myth that sadly so many members of the prepper community believe to be their ideal that they are 100% prepared for the collapse of America and perhaps Western civilization. How can I make such a statement and not back it up with facts? I shall provide my readers with one fact, the lowly Twinkie:



$200,000 for one box of Twinkies? What the hell does that have to do with survival when the proverbial situation arises as TSHTF (look it up if you don’t know what it means)?


This was the case last year when the Hostess Bakery filed for bankruptcy when the unions failed to find a reasonable deal with a corporation which had overpaid for their services for years yet nobody who worked their thought it was enough. In the end, the company filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the unions lost their jobs, and the thought of no more Twinkies ever being made ever again thus causing a Twinkie panic and prices to be driven out of reality as there was this belief that people were stupid enough to pay this much for a so-called piece of Americana junk food history.

But this is an isolate incident, right? Uh, no, there were literally hundreds upon hundreds of stupid eBay listings like this:



So what does a Twinkie have to do with TSHTF, inflation, and the fallacies of the survivalist community?

Once again, EVERYTHING.

To begin with, this article is neither to demean the starting prepper nor launch into my fellow bloggers and authors about their version of what being prepared for the worst case scenario might well be; even though the criticism is valid and should remind everyone of the old adage that NO ONE is totally prepared for a societal collapse.


The theory that many of the Pollyanna view of the end of modern convenience then in the end civilization is that indeed, mankind would seek his brother out and be at his best working together to rebuild and save humanity and rebuild civilization. The other view is the darker perspective, the so-called “Jericho” scenario on steroids where no one can or should be trusted and if one works within a community structure the enemy, in often cases the new or what’s left of the existing government will either extinguish or work with other groups to seize control from any opposition to their way of thinking.

This brings me back to an old posting, a portion of my past where I pointed out the original barter spreadsheet, something most individuals have forgotten about:

(click on the thumbnail to enlarge to full size)


In 2010, I too thought that mankind would be somewhat, not totally, but somewhat reasonable in its assessment of civilization and how and what we would do to deal with each other. I published the spreadsheet based on current prices for 2010 and thought that this guide would provide anyone a basic price list for trade should TSHTF soon after that time.

I was wrong.

If you look the version updated on March 20, 2014 the prices have varied some, only because of the value of the dollar and deliberate efforts by yours truly to find the cheapest prices for commodities; however for meat like pork and beef the ratio has exploded beyond belief compared to the staples in the spreadsheet below:

(click on the thumbnail to enlarge to full size)


The problem with the spreadsheet above is that the current regime of pricing might well be extinct within the next 180 days as the world shifts from the petrodollar to a true, commodity based currency. I warned about this problem two weeks ago in the article:

Russia’s Financial Nuclear Option against America

yet only a few American financial outlets took the Russian threat seriously.   Fast forward to the news linked two sentences above, a conflict openly possibly involving NATO troops in a mode of retreat and protect, along with a Chinese government electing to engage its long time enemies as an aggressor. The US Dollar Index would collapse from its absurdly overvalued level of just over 80 as world governments abandon its potential future as the peg for their currencies:



Imagine the impact far beyond groceries of a US Dollar 50% lower than currently valued. There is a lot of insane analysis that in fact the American citizens will indeed behave in a “civilized” manner despite the initial premise that civilization is collapsing. Thus why the chart I present below, priced in only estimated gold and silver valuations might well wake some of my readers from their Pollyanna perspective that we will continue to exist as a normalized group of people despite every civilization’s collapse indicating otherwise:



The first question is why no comparisons to other commodities like the previous spreadsheets? That answer is easy:

Screw you, I’ll charge whatever the bleep I want.3bdfb4e7f3cf47e7a7649e404722bcd9

You have 100 bushels of corn. So what the hell up?

You have 50 bottles of Jack Daniels for trade? Great, find an alcoholic who is a surgeon to operate on your child who needs his or hers appendix removed.

You have 500 gallons of motor oil and diesel fuel? BFD. I have a gasoline powered vehicle, enough motor oil to make the trip to Mexico and back. and really don’t care if your wife has a disease and she needs my gold to buy her cure.

The reality is that all perceived norms of civilization are out the window once organized governments and currencies collapse. Inflation is the reality of the day as all items are in short supply. Does anyone really think the snipers in Croatia and Bosnia gave one rat’s ass about how many eggs your chicken could poop when they held the high ground, the ammo supply, and enough precious metals to reload until the freaking USMC showed upon the scene?

My friends, and enemies, everyone still thinks in the norm. The two spreadsheets about fair barter only apply in a semi-civilize society. In reality, TSHTF inflation occurs when those who have the most toys, the most gold and silver, get to dictate what YOU will pay for what you need to survive. If you do not have what it takes for barter, you will starve, your children may well die, or worse, you might get turned in to the new “authorities” of the upcoming DHS wet dream era.  It is time to dismiss the insane, insipid, and antiquated idea that America will continue to function as a “Christian” or “Judeo-Christian” society when it all collapses. The truth is that it will look more like the South in the 1865-1867 time period, or worse, the Balkans when Yugoslavia disintegrated.

At that point in time it is survival of the fittest and those who need goods had best have an ample supply of real currency, a 4000 year old plus monetary system, if they wish to survive. If you, my reader does not believe this, do like the 1939 Jew, get in line, get a number to exist and avoid freedom guaranteed with real money within a dictatorship, that of gold, silver, and cunning. As a merchant of life, I would not accept anything less for my family that what I would need in the future to trade or bribe my freedom out of a region for to survive. I need not a truckload of corn, wheat, or fuel. I need not 50,000 rounds of ammunition, three thousand pounds of steak, nor 5,000,000 Advil tablets.

I need what it shall take to move on foot or via transport, using real money to buy my freedom or maintain it behind enemy lines. The alternatives are quite real, quite stark, and quite accurate if anyone has witnessed a FEMA trailer assembly after a natural disaster.

Of course there are alternatives: One could  just move to Venezuela before we collapse here, which is duplicating the errors of humanity’s past:



Surviving An Economic Collapse What Are Your Options

Economic-Collapse-–-What-would-You-Do-300x226What would you during an economic collapse?

In the case of an economic collapse your life will be turned upside down. The paper that your money is printed on will be just that, paper. If you have done a good job prepping, most of your possessions will be more valuable that any printed money, and even gold.

Drinkable water, food and supplies you have prepped would become the new gold. But having these supplies is one thing, keeping these supplies is an entirely different problem. Preparing and protecting the things you have stockpiled are crucial to your survival, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

There are some things that remain the same regardless of where you live, your money will be worthless, you will need to have an escape plan and you should have caches set up along your escape routes as an added precaution.

It is always better to walk away alive and empty handed than dead and empty handed, especially if you know you have a cache of survival supplies near by, understanding how people will react during a chaotic situation,  and finally learning survival skills will help you when all else fails or your supply runs out.

What Are Your Options

  • Do you live in a rural setting?
  • Do you live in an urban setting?
  • Do you live In a suburban setting?

An Urban Crisis

Coping with an economic collapse in an Urban setting will require fast action and survival skills, just because you live in the big city does not mean you won’t be able to utilize wilderness and military survival skills. Things you will have to think about are…





What will you do when someone tries to force their way into your home? You will not be able to hide under the bed and hope they leave, so you better have a gun, and you better be prepared to use it. Sometimes just the sound of a shell being chambered in a shotgun will run them off…but don’t count on it.

What if you find yourself in the middle of a mob of rioters? In this situation you will need to know where your safest escape route is. You could be out looking for water or supplies, and as you turn the corner “HOLY S#IT!” There are a thousand people moving in your direction. If finding an exit point is not an option you will need to stay as far away from the “action” as possible, a mob bent on looting and destruction will not pay much attention to you, unless it’s you they are after, in this case you better think harder about that exit you were looking for.

Are you being watched? The government might not be watching you anymore, but someone else might be. Always be aware of your surroundings, especially in open spaces. If you think someone is following you, walk erratically and change directions. If they are still following you will need to either stop and “solve” the problem or find an escape route. And remember, sometimes fleeing is your best option.

Plan on eventually being evicted. As everything becomes worse it will be continually harder to protect yourself and your family. Violence, gangs and criminals will be everywhere and when word gets out that you are prepared, you won’t be dealing with just one or two people anymore. Always have a plan B, and always have an escape route.

Home Security And Preps Security. Not only will civilians be after your preps, but the government will be too. The government could very well decide that it is illegal to possess more than a weeks worth of food and water and try to confiscate your supplies. Always find places to hide your food and supplies from looters and who ever feels like you need to share the wealth. Just because you had the foresight to prepare for an event like this doesn’t make you liable for the ones who didn’t.


A Suburban Crisis

An economic collapse in a suburban setting will be a little different than an urban setting because you might have a little, very little more time to react before the chaos reaches you. If you live a few miles outside of a heavily populated area you could have a few more options available to you. Just keep in mind that you are not far enough away from the population to reach if they want to.

With everyone wanting to get out of dodge as quickly as they can, you become a big target. The inner city’s will be completely looted and destroyed and that means you are next. Just like animals in the wild, when the food source is gone the herd moves to greener pastures…your front yard.

Know your surroundings and your neighbors. Where you live will determine how you secure your perimeter. You could use surveillance cameras and motion sensors, but if you have no power you have no perimeter. You can build traps on other deterrents on your property, just make sure your family knows where they are. I wouldn’t suggest making booby traps on your property until you actually need them because you are risking injury and liability if anyone were to spring it.

Like they say, there is safety in numbers. Having a network of people that will help each other will give you an advantage if a group of starving zombies decides they want what you have. Try to be a valuable resource, someone who can contribute and is not a liability. Be aware though, that your neighbors that are fighting by your side could turn on you if it means their survival.


What to do when the crazy masses come to visit? In a suburban area you will have a few more options available when it comes to using your surroundings as a benefit against attacks. Get to know your neighborhood and surrounding areas well, play out different scenarios about what you would do if something were to happen.Always have a plan and always plan to adjust.

Have a plan B and C. In a suburban setting you will be able to escape a situation easier than in an urban setting, as long as you are aware and have a plan. Timing will be critical because things can happen quick. You will not have time to pack the family truckster if the mob is down the street. have an bug out plan, and just like a fire drill, practice it. There is less chance your family will “freak out” if they have some idea what to do.

Self defense. Regardless of whether you are in the line of fire or not you can count on one thing, you will get visitors sooner or later. Whether you live in the city or you live in the suburbs self defense will and should be a top priority. Make sure you are not only comfortable with your gun, but are mentally ready to use it when you need to.

Bugging in or bugging out? Depending on your surroundings you might be able to last a while staying put. It all depends on where the herd of desperate people are moving. If you live behind a Walmart, I would get the hell out of there, if you have to drive 30 minuets to get to a store your chances are a little better.

A Rural Crisis

A rural setting is the most desirable option when it comes to surviving an economic collapse. Unfortunately this is not possible for most of us. Having a community or a clan is going to be a huge asset for you in a rural setting. Hopefully you will have time to form a bond with your neighbors before hand, although I would still be cautious about this. Try to be someone who adds value to the community, your less likely to be cast out if you have a valuable skill. Keep in mind that you never know what even the most honest and compassionate person will do when facing life or death…this includes us.

More available options. Because you live in a rural area you will have more options when it comes to things like building an underground bunker or reinforce your perimeter. A house in the city would usually not have the property available to build a bunker and it would stick out like a sore thumb if it was highly fortified. whereas in a rural setting you have a little more anonymity and your neighbors will probably just think you are some crazy old coots…let em.

Your Primary food source should not be Safeway. In a rural setting you have far more access to mother natures food sources and have the ability to farm, trap and hunt wild animals, rather than the squirrel’s that live in city park. Almost everyone living in a rural area will have room to have chickens, goats or an area for gardening.

You will have valuable time to prepare. I don’t just mean time to prepare your property and family, I mean time to prepare a survival strategy with your neighbors as well as find out which of those neighbors will be a liability to you and your family. A strong community that works together can withstand much more than any single person. You might even become that liability if you decide to go it alone.

Self defense in a rural home. Even though the laws are the same all over the country and state by state, you can own 10 guns if you live in the country and no one bats an eye. If you were to own 10 guns in the city someone would inevitably turn you in because they thought you were going to go on a mass murder spree. It’s not fair, but it’s reality. This is probably because everyone else that lives in a rural area is a gun owner as well…good for you!

This doesn’t cover every aspect of survival in the event of an economic collapse, but its a good starting point to build on. Make sure and educate yourself as much as you can, and always take into account your living situation while prepare yourself for an event like this.

What will you do? Are you willing to take on the challenge of bugging in and defending your property? Or are you going to bug out and take the risk of being out in the open? Whatever you decide you should always have a plan for both.










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Survival and being prepared should not only be a passion, it should be a lifestyle. The definition of a prepper is “An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources” Like the Government, police etc.
I don’t believe that the end of the world will be the “end of the world” I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now.