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Prepare for War: Obama Asks Congress for ISIS War Authorization; Republican Hawks Have War Plan Prepared; Clinton-McCain?!

By: Mike Shedlock Prepare for War Prepare for war. Where? Syria, Iraq, Russia, Iran, China, anywhere and everywhere. Warmonger in chief, senator John McCain wants troops in Syria, arms for… Read more »

Who Says “Doomsday” Isn’t Coming? Even NASA Says These 5 Things Will Wipe Us Out!

Who Says “Doomsday” Isn’t Coming? I hate to say I told you so… According to their calculations, we’re in very serious danger of a complete meltdown at any point within… Read more »

Sheriffs: Obama Amnesty Is ‘Destruction of Our Democracy,’ ‘Gaping Hole’ for Terrorists

Obama Amnesty Is ‘Destruction of Our Democracy “Criminals are becoming more emboldened” by Obama’s amnesty plan. Sheriffs from Maryland to Massachusetts warned of the extreme danger of Pres. Obama’s plan… Read more »