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10 Things You Need in Your Home During The Ebola Crisis

When last did you go shopping in one of the local markets or supermarkets? If recently, I’m sure you’ve noticed the rapid increase of prices on everything; and believe me,… Read more »



 photo credit: lemonad via photopin cc I recently was cruising the endless chasm of the internet and stumbled upon a nifty tool that someone put together called the Universal Packing… Read more »

How to Build an Underground Root Cellar

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How to Build an Underground Root Cellar Your garden has come in and the bounty of it has been dispersed to family and friends. However, you still have more produce… Read more »

It’s Real, It’s Coming And We Need To Be Prepared! Food/Water Crisis, Riots And More

“There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy” was said by writer Alfred Henry Lewis (1855-1914) in a March 1906 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. “It’s only nine meals between… Read more »

Food Rationing: It Will Break You Down Mentally

Scenario: It’s been two weeks since the cyber attack left your city without power. The grocery stores are empty and supply trucks haven’t been able to re-supply. You’re hungry but… Read more »

The Doomsday Seed Vault: The New World Order at Work STEALING Our Future Food Security

The so called ‘Doomsday Seed Vault‘ buried deep in the permafrost in Svalbard, Norway holds samples of almost every food seed on the planet. It was built, by the Norwegian… Read more »

U.S. Cattle Herd Is At A 61 Year Low And Organic Food Shortages Are Being Reported All Over America

If the extreme drought in the western half of the country keeps going, the food supply problems that we are experiencing right now are only going to be the tip… Read more »