Elite Banking Plans for Worldwide Riots & Economic Collapse Coming Soon

 Economic Collapse

Elite Banking Plans for Worldwide Riots & Economic Collapse Coming Soon

The entire globe is now descending into an economic collapse that will be far worse than anyone alive has ever seen or even heard of, and I can readily show you why you should believe this prediction about a 2015 economic collapse. I will show you with a level of verification that most people cannot offer.

The premise is simple: if my 2014 economic predictions were accurate (and they are all recorded before my readers on this site), then you have good reason to believe my 2015 economic predictions will be accurate. Moreover, the things I predicted at the start of 2015 are happening exactly as I presented them.

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I’m going back over the past, however, for a more important reason than establishing a track record. The headwinds that I predicted for the economy in 2014 are the same forces that are pressuring our dying global economy in 2015 and that will grow in force.

The economy is not falling because of the things I’ll be talking about below. The global economy is falling, as I’ve always maintained, from its deep internal faults. The U.S. stock market is about to fall because all the money that was created out of thin air to push the market up has stopped. That’s why the market has been going sideways. However, the pressures I talk about below will continue to build just as I said they would last year, eventually overwhelming the global economies fragile and flawed existence.(source)

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Social mobility (the ability to move up the social ladder) has been frozen. There is no longer any way to earn more money than you are now earning and soon no way to earn any money at all.

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Super Shemitah Predicts Economic Collapse in 2015

Super Shemitah Predicts Economic Collapse in 2015 Fed Chairman Janet Yellen is playing footsie with our interest rates. As the looming derivatives bubble expands, we take a look back at the real message quietly .

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Project Prophecy 2.0 with Jim Rickards

According to Jim Rickards, a CIA Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor, the United States will soon be thrust into a 25 year Great Depression.

Rickards, in cooperation with the top minds in the U.S. Intelligence Community developed a report called “Project Prophecy”. This report predicts future events based on past trends and patterns. According to the report, the United States will soon enter into a period of almost total Economic Collapse
A global Economic Collapse is inevitable, and your only hope is to prepare yourself and your family for whats to come. I highly recommend reading the book “Conquering The Coming Collapse“. This book will set you on a course for continued survival after the crash.

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Economist Finally Admit The Economy Is Collapsing And It Might Be Around The Corner

Wholesale inventories rise and sale plummet another indicator the recession/depression is upon us. Baltic Dry Index falls once again. Buried in the FED minutes shows the economy is doing worse than reported. Economist are warning that the economies of the world are crashing and we are approaching a collapse situation. US and Europe prepare to shutdown the banks and take the peoples money. IMF is using global warming carbon tax to pay down the debt and prop up the system.

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