September 23, 2015. False flag nuclear attack in US ?-So what do you think?

 nuclear attack

September 23, 2015. False flag nuclear attack in US ?-So what do you think?

Over the past 48 hours or so, we’ve seen what certainly appears to be visual confirmation of a non-negligible Russian military presence in Syria. For anyone coming to the story late, overt Russian involvement would seem to suggest that the geopolitical “main event” (so to speak), may be closer than anyone imagined.

Russia’s excuse for being in Syria is the same as everyone else’s: they’re there, ostensibly, to fight ISIS. As we mentioned yesterday, and as we’ve detailed exhaustively as it relates to Turkey, the fact that ISIS has become a kind of catch-all, go-to excuse for legitimizing whatever one feels like doing is a dangerous precedent and Turkey’s crackdown on the Kurds proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Islamic State will serve as a smokescreen for more than just the preservation/ouster (depending on which side you’re on) of Bashar al-Assad. 

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Having said all of that, going into the weekend Russia had yet to confirm publicly that it had commenced military operations in Syria despite the fact that it’s the next closest thing to common knowledge that at the very least, the Kremlin has provided logistical support and technical assistance for a period that probably spans two or more years. (source)

Israel says all options including military action are on the table in the face of Iran’s nuclear program.

Israel’s intelligence minister said Tel Aviv would attack Iran if it has no other choice. Yuval Steinitz also said that Israel does not need permission from the United States for military action against Tehran.

Iran has already warned that it will give a crushing response to any aggression on its soil. Israel, the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, has repeatedly claimed that Tehran is seeking arms in its nuclear program. Iran has strongly rejected that as fabricated and baseless.
In the USA, Netanyahu’s political arm AIPAC is working overtime to give it’s members within the US Congress their talking points while unsuspecting Americans are about to be hit with a blitzkrieg of mis-information designed to spook them into thinking that the deal is a danger to their lives and that war with Iran is far better than global diplomacy.

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Moreover, insiders are reporting that war hawks feel strongly that the nuke deal jeopardizes their prospects for world war and profits. Thus a last resort false flag attack to be blamed on Iran may hit the USA or Europe very soon. The design would be to put fear into citizens and swing those who are on the peace train back to the fear train where the war hawks, GOP and AIPAC need them to be so they assist and help derail peace to insure future war profits.(source)

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September 23, 2015. False flag nuclear attack in US ?

I believe this is what “they” want in order for their agenda to fall into place. As always, and with any large scale of war and the like, they NEED a reason to act in order to achieve such atrocities. And so they stage their play of chaos and send out whom they wish in order to instigate any form of chaos (like havoc and violence among peaceful protests etc. for example) and upheaval in order to get to that point! Then blame it on the group of people in various places, with assumed confidence that the sheeple who blindly follow and believe what they say is absolute, will chant war cries and begging for retribution, when in fact it is NOT those groups who’ve carried out such violence! Their blindness has caused them relentless ignorance, and sadly far too late will they eventually see this before their very eyes.




Only some may stop with a short window of time to decide if they will still follow… or will they continue in their denial of what is, and keep on being lead by the puppet strings they’re so used to. What’s sad about all of this are the people (sheeple) who follow in their path, believing all that they say and do as fact — when IN FACT they know nothing! The epitome of “itching ears”. Like-minded people as you and I are the warriors who will continue to fight for not just the greater good… but for what we stand for and believe in. Always have and always will. Where are our Militias who are spoken of in our Constitution and Declaration? Looks like they’ve been paid off, and that leaves only you and I (speaking as a whole of millions more).

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They’ve realized there is no control with so many to contend with. And because their plan to eradicate us in the way they’ve been TRYING to has failed (e.g. playing cards against US by causing people to fight one another instead of WITH and alongside one another… when the fight IS NOT AGAINST EACHOTHER, but AGAINST THE COMMON ENEMY) they now stoop to desperate measures in this way you’ve (WE) posted about. And that would be to act in haste. This will also be their undoing. Their “god complex” IS a failure and they know it! They have NO RIGHT to decide who lives and who dies, and they KNOW IT! Until then… See you on the battlefield my brother… my friend.

Predictive Programming Reveals The Biggest False Flag In Human History

“A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”


Obama Will Declare Martial Law After false flag attack end of 2015

JH15 (based on the eponymous [Of, relating to, or being the person or entity after which something or someone is named.] United States military training exercise, scheduled to take place in multiple US states from July 15 to September 15, 2015.)
is publicly said to be a major, mandatory, and important, massive military drill. Said to be much needed to prepare for any “imminent threat”. Also said “not to be a federal.

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All you have to do to see the truth is to open up your eyes and look at what is happening all around us.

So what do you think?

Should we hand the global elite that kind of power and control?


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1 thought on “September 23, 2015. False flag nuclear attack in US ?-So what do you think?

  1. Jan Groenewald

    I can see the possibility. Reason: I am from South Africa and this was an article in the news today:
    Terror threat in SA ‘specific, credible’ – US Embassy
    Pretoria – The US Embassy’s warning of possible terror attacks in South Africa was triggered by “specific, credible” information, a spokesperson said on Tuesday. The US Diplomatic Mission to South Africa on Tuesday warned US citizens that extremists may be targeting that country’s government facilities and business interests in South Africa. The US had received “specific, credible, non-counterable threat information” in this regard, Cynthia Harvey said in a statement. She could not disclose more about who the threat came from or what the likely targets were. Such security warnings were not a reflection on bilateral relations with other countries, Harvey said. “They are part of our commitment to protect US citizens travelling and residing abroad.” The state security ministry could not immediately comment.
    Looked what happened at 911. Someone else got blamed but it originated in the white house. In this article US people are being warned about a tread but chances are good it’s in-house.


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