Warning : The New World Order Plans For 2016-2017 — Your Life Is About To Change! Part 3

New World Order

Warning : The New World Order Plans For 2016-2017 — Your Life Is About To Change! Part 3

A little humor helps ease the pain of having to live in our world today. Laughter is therapeutic. But what is getting ready to happen is deadly serious business – even life threatening business! America wants to implode Washington D.C. and Washington D.C. is at war with Americans. It’s a titanic struggle to the finish of good vs. evil to determine the winner. The battle is not going to end well and there’s going to be a lot of blood spilled. Pray for the candidates physical safety – especially Donald Trump’s.RELATED : Warning : The New World Order Plans For 2016-2017 — Your Life Is About To Change! Part 1-2

Have you prepared for the FUTURESHOCK that is coming? If so, you won’t panic when PANIC sweeps the globe. The PERFECT STORM is truly mind-boggling. It’s unusually ominous and is rapidly approaching:

-when markets across the world plunge because the $225 trillion debt bubble explodes;

-when the banking system collapses because of the 1.25 quadrillion Derivatives market and the Central Bank scams of “QE” money;

-when your local bank steals all your money you’ve deposited (called “BAIL-INS”) because it has to else it will go bankrupt;

-when the entire world launches into a major Global Financial Crash & Global Great Depression;

-when food, medicines and commodities because scarce and prices SKYROCKET!;

-when domestic terrorism breaks out across multiple cities simultaneously;

-when Global War breaks out fueled by Syria and the Middle East conflicts;

-when rampant domestic violence and the Global Chaos of 2017 unfolds;

-when the New World Currency of 2018 thru 2020 is unveiled;

-when the GREAT VIRUS PANDEMIC of 2019 is unleashed;

-when the total WORLDWIDE POLITICAL UPHEAVAL OF 2020 takes place.

Are you ready for Martial Law and gun confiscation? Are you ready for the termination of free speech and the U.S. Constitution? Are you ready for Christian persecution?

Martial Law

Truth is the enemy. Lies are spoken as truth. Deception and lawlessness rules the day. Evil is exploding exponentially as Lucifer is unleashing his dominions to furiously prepare the world for his arrival – the day wherein he will be “revealed” to every living human being on the planet as “God.” The false god for sure to be followed by the REAL GOD. (Be sure to watch Part 4 of this series for a detailed description of the coming ANTI-CHRIST!) The wicked are becoming more wicked and the righteous are becoming more righteous – just as the Bible predicted.

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Mark these words… the world is about to DRAMATICALLY CHANGE. Millions will be standing at death’s door. Chaos is coming and is going to spread far and wide. EVERY SINGLE PERSON ALIVE will be affected. Is your house is in order?

You’ve seen the handwriting on the wall and you still refuse to do anything about it? You simply label it “FEAR PORN?” You of all people are most to be pitied because you failed to heed the many warnings given to you.

I hear some of you say, “How ridiculous – I keep hearing the same thing over and over and nothing has happened.” Others arrogantly say, “Bring it on – nothing will happen to me!” Forget it.. quit reading right now. There’s no hope for you! It’s simply too late for that kind of thinking my friend. You’ve built your house on sand and the coming storm will reduce it to toothpicks. You FOOLISH man! You idiot! You failed to heed the many voices warning you of what’s to come. You’ve laughed and scoffed your way into denial and now you and all those who think like you will pay the price!

Is this the FINAL CALL? Soon you’ll be able to answer that question for yourself. The wise are ready and have already made their physical, financial and spiritual preparations for what’s coming, HAVE YOU?

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