UN Ordered Depopulation of 3 Billion People by Food Malnutrition Has Started


UN Ordered Depopulation of 3 Billion People by Food Malnutrition Has Started

EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS! The UN is the Third Reich – Nazi’s with a world program to starve everyone to death with nutritionless food full of poisons!

Classified UN documents reveal that 1 billion people will be killed by starvation as UN trade agreements and WHO health moratoriums will forbid any country from selling and exporting any food to targeted regions for depopulation. Starvation of 3 billion people has already begun as the United States has been using its weapon of mass destruction called HAARP to control, alter and intensify the weather of the targeted nations. This past summer HAARP was used to create a heat wave in Russia, resulting in the near complete destruction of its crops. Also this past summer the US used HAARP to cause the massive flooding in China and Pakistan – an attempt to wipe out the crops of China and Pakistan resulting in the mass starvation of their populations. 2 billion more will be murdered by diseases and illnesses associated with malnutrition from crop destruction, pasteurization and irradiation. [Read more…]

Venezuela Food Riots, Civil Unrest, Chaos as 7 Babies Die In Hospital Per Day!


Venezuela Food Riots, Civil Unrest, Chaos as 7 Babies Die In Hospital Per Day!

Public hospitals in Venezuela are facing a major health crisis due to a severe lack of medications, equipment, electricity and food.

Seven newborn babies recently died in a hospital in Barcelona, Venezuela, according to The New York Times. A blackout hit the city, and respirators in the hospital’s maternity ward shut down, claiming three young lives. Doctors kept the other babies alive by manually pumping air into their tiny lungs for hours, but four more died that night. [Read more…]




12 people make all the rules. They know everything. The rest of them only know ‘part’ of what is going on. None of them live in a city – they are all in remote protected places. They have predicted the future, because they are creating it themselves. They tell Presidents what to do. They control everything, including wars. Only God can stop what they plan. You can make your own preparations of what is coming – nobody else will take care of you. Food and water is first on the list – medicine, the shelves will be full, but you won’t be able to afford it. 30 to 50 percent of the value of the money is going to go down – so your food bill will double in the next 12 months. Your money should be in gold and silver you purchase now – not later. Prepare ahead of time. [Read more…]

World War 3 –Elite Plan To Depopulate World : Plan To Kill 6 Billion People


World War 3 –Elite Plan To Depopulate World : Plan To Kill 6 Billion People

“We’ve got people on the other side [the Dark Side] who think we should reduce the population of the earth. That’s Satan’s plan, of course. Jacques Cousteau [you’ve seen his underwater documentaries] said we need to eliminate 350,000 people a day. Ted Turner [you pay for his cable TV networks] said we need a 95% decline in population. Okay, Ted, you first. These guys for the New World Order want to reduce the population of the world [from it’s present 6 billion] to a half billion.” [Read more…]

6 Billion People Humans To Be Killed By The Elite – New World Order Depopulation Agenda

New World Order


“We’ve got people on the other side [the Dark Side] who think we should reduce the population of the earth. That’s Satan’s plan, of course. Jacques Cousteau [you’ve seen his underwater documentaries] said we need to eliminate 350,000 people a day. Ted Turner [you pay for his cable TV networks] said we need a 95% decline in population. Okay, Ted, you first. These guys for the New World Order want to reduce the population of the world [from it’s present 6 billion] to a half billion.” [Read more…]

Inflation? Only If You Look At Food, Water, Gas, Electricity And Everything Else


Have you noticed that prices are going up rapidly?  If so, you are certainly not alone.  But Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen, the Obama administration and the mainstream media would have us believe that inflation is completely under control and exactly where it should be.  Perhaps if the highly manipulated numbers that they quote us were real, everything would be fine.  But of course the way that the inflation rate is calculated has been changed more than 20 times since the 1970s, and at this point it bears so little relation to reality that it is essentially meaningless.  Anyone that has to regularly pay for food, water, gas, electricity or anything else knows that inflation is too high.  In fact, if inflation was calculated the same way that it was back in 1980, the inflation rate would be close to 10 percent right now.

But you would never know that listening to Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen.  In the video posted below, you can listen to her telling the media that there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about…

[Read more…]

Deflation Shock Coming?-(VIDEO)

Great-Seal-294x300While the US is celebrating a (supposed) recovery, other big parts of the global financial system are behaving as if some sort of deflationary crash is just around the corner. In Europe, for instance, interest rates are not just declining, they’re plunging.

The Unprecedented Chase for Yield

The major market surprise of 2014 so far has been the extent of investors’ appetite for yield in the developed fixed income markets. It has been quite spectacular. The Eurozone in particular has been a key beneficiary of this trend. We’ve seen German government bond yields hit a low not seen in almost a year (see Twitter post), but the real action has taken place in the periphery bonds. We are seeing multi-year and even all-time lows in government bond yields.



Spain bond yields 2014

And this trend is not limited to sovereign paper. European corporate high yield bonds are now yielding just over 3.6% on average – a record low. Let’s just put this in perspective – this is sub-investment-grade paper trading at these levels.

Why are European crappy-bond yields collapsing? Because everyone now expects the European Central Bank to start buying this paper at any price.

Check out this incredible way of becoming food independent on Backyard Liberty, and find out more about off-grid survival on Conquering the Coming Collapse.

The ECB Focusing on Downside Risks

The ECB struck a dovish tone this morning, with Draghi hinting that the Governing Council is prepared to take action.

BBC: – He said that the 24-member ECB council was “dissatisfied about the projected path of inflation” and is “not resigned to have too low inflation for too long a time”.

… he added that the ECB was “comfortable with acting next time”, raising expectations that the bank could alter policy in June.
Eurozone bonds rallied in response, with periphery yields hitting new lows.

Draghi: – … although labor markets have stabilized and shown the first signs of improvement, unemployment remains high in the euro area and, overall, unutilized capacity continues to be sizable. Moreover, the annual rate of change of MFI loans to the private sector remained negative in March and the necessary balance sheet adjustments in the public and private sectors continue to weigh on the pace of the economic recovery.

The risks surrounding the economic outlook for the euro area continue to be on the downside. Geopolitical risks, as well as developments in global financial markets and emerging market economies, may have the potential to affect economic conditions negatively. Other downside risks include weaker than expected domestic demand and insufficient implementation of structural reforms in euro area countries, as well as weaker export growth.

However it remains unclear what options the ECB really has. A traditional bond buying program could be difficult, given the unease in the Eurozone core with the central bank taking on more periphery credit risk. And a program focused on ABS and other consumer and corporate credit products will be limited in scope (see post).

The ECB is hoping that this dovish language by itself will ease monetary conditions. It has worked so far by lowering bond yields and capping euro’s appreciation. But with the Eurosystem’s balance sheet continuing to decline (draining liquidity), will talk be enough?


Eurosystem consolidated balance sheet (source: ECB)

Eurozone balance sheet 2014

China Deflation Fears as Price Rises Slow Sharply

Concerns That China could be slipping into deflation were sharpened on Friday as official figures showed annual inflation fell sharply in April to its lowest level in 18 months, raising concerns about the risk of deflation in the world’s second-largest economy.

Annual inflation fell to 1.8pc in April, its lowest in 18 months, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said in a statement. This compares with 2.4pc in March and was the slowest pace of growth since October 2012, when inflation stood at 1.7pc.
The April figure was also well below the 3.5pc annual inflation target set by Beijing and added to analysts’ worries that deflation could be looming as Chinese growth slows.

Moderate inflation can be a boon to consumption as it encourages consumers to buy before prices rise, but economists say falling prices encourage consumers to put off spending and companies to delay investment, both of which act as brakes on growth.


The producer price index (PPI), a measure of costs for goods at the factory gate, fell by 2pc year-on-year in April, the NBS said in a separate statement, its 26th month of deflation, albeit less steep than its 2.3pc decline in March.

“As the PPI inflation remained negative for more than two years and the PPI is an important leading indicator for CPI, the risk of deflation is looming large on the horizon,” ANZ economists Liu Ligang and Zhou Hao said in a research note.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch economists Lu Ting and Zhi Xiaojia said in a report that the CPI figure was “below market expectations” and reflected “the weakness of aggregate demand including both consumption and investment”.

A survey of China’s manufacturing sector by HSBC showed the sector contracted for a fourth consecutive month in April. In contrast, last week the government’s official survey remained in marginal expansion.

Some thoughts
Remember that this tip into deflation is happening after five years of economic recovery. Generally by this point in a cycle deflation is the last thing anyone is worried about. It’s all asset bubbles and accelerating prices and anxiety over when the central bank or the bond vigilantes will start aggressively raising interest rates. This time around the global financial system is suffering from a serious case of bipolar disorder, with bubbles in equities, art, and high-end real estate pushing up asset prices, while in Europe and China growth is slowing and consumer price inflation is trending towards zero.

How can these conditions co-exist? Blame it on debt, old and new. The global recovery was due mainly to China borrowing something like (no one really knows for sure) $15 trillion and spending it on infrastructure projects which pumped up demand for pretty much everything everywhere. But the now-completed projects aren’t generating enough cash flow to cover the related interest. So huge sections of that economy are grinding to a halt.

Europe’s excess debt was taken on in the previous recovery, and now sits like a lead weight on the balance sheets of Spanish homeowners, Greek small businesses and German banks. No one wants to borrow or lend while still encumbered by the mistakes of hubris past.

Meanwhile, the ECB has been operating as if it were a legitimate central bank in normal times, by focusing on stable prices and a strong currency.

A strong currency did indeed used to be a sign of wise monetary policy. But in a system with excessive debt, it’s a recipe not for stability but for crisis, as existing debt has to be paid off in more expensive currency and the resulting deflation becomes a “capital-D” Depression. This is the modern central banker’s nightmare, and the reason why the ECB appears to have accepted the inevitability of vacuuming up trillions of euros of sub-prime debt.

So which trend wins? Do soaring equity and real estate prices take the world into an inflationary spiral, or do falling prices in Europe and China pull down everything else? Or do they offset each other and produce another five years of low growth and rising inequality?

That depends on how the bubble sectors respond to the ECB’s shock-and-awe debt monetization — or to China’s, when and if its credit problem becomes a credit crisis. Because the one thing that we have (or should have) learned from the past few decades is that new currency, once created, goes where it wants to go rather than where its creators hope.

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SOURCE : dollarcollapse.com

Looming Painful Economic Collapse Ramifications

economic-collapse-ramificationsEven with the recent FED tapering, the fact is that ‘we’ are still borrowing many tens of $billions each month to maintain the illusion that our economic system is healthy. It may be fooling some of the people, but it’s certainly not fooling everyone.

There are only a few ways this game can go – and they all lead to severe pain…


Borrowing more money (printing more money) is the easiest way to continue supporting this nation’s massive overspending. As long as there are enough of those willing to purchase our debt, this will continue to be the preferred way to kick the can down the road.

The problem is – when entities purchase the debt of others, they prefer to minimize their risk and maximize their return (interest).

The more that America continues to decay (the middle class is already stripped of all the good meat and the poor have been stripped to the bone long ago), and the weaker that the nation becomes on the global chessboard (we’re broke, war fatigued, and filled with a population of dependent sheeple), the more risk is associated with our national debt.


Interest rates have been held to essentially zero by ZIRP (zero interest rate policy), so there’s nary a return for the investor of our national debt.

Something’s got to give, but higher interest rates will topple the house of cards.


Nation-entities are buying less and less U.S. debt (Treasury securities). As this trend continues, we are forced to absorb the difference (more money printing – or, dare I say it, ‘austerity’).

More money printing is eventually inflationary. The FED is in a trap and must continue ZIRP, else the entire house of cards fall down as interest rates rise.

So that leaves the the following few remaining chess pieces on the board…


Cut spending (for real). Not illusionairy spending cuts for the mainstream media to lap up and proclaim that all is well – but REAL cuts that not only balance the budget, but include revenue to begin paying off our debt.

The problem with this is that we’re in it so deep, and so many people now rely on the government, that cuts of this magnitude would send our nation into social chaos.

Arguably this may be the bitter pill that is needed – but the resistance is so great and the results so painful for so many (even though it’s necessary), that it won’t happen (for real). There will be ‘window dressing’, but that’s about it…


When the government can no longer loan out enough of it’s debt to sustain itself, then it will turn to you for liquidity – the populous.

YOU will be the target (you already are). They will force you to buy Treasuries in your 401k’s and IRA’s. They will levy high taxes (confiscation) on your wealth by any means necessary (tax your savings, liquid assets, etc..). They will raise existing taxes and implement new taxes.

Of course these measures will continue to accelerate the spiral downward as fewer and fewer have less disposable income due to higher taxation and government confiscation.


An end game could be default on our debt as the burden grows so great while other measures have been exhausted. This could entail a currency reset (massive devaluation), or even War.


While more of the chess pieces are removed from the table, and while more people become entirely disgruntled – and even enraged over the unfolding disaster (economic and constitutional), we could potentially see an attempt at revolution. Civil War.

My gut tells me that the pulse has been quickening for many – even all the while the sheeple remain distracted.

During a crisis, there often comes a tripping point at which the tables are turned. No one knows if and when this will be – but I believe it to be possible.

Whether or not the powers-that-be can stretch out the time-frame of collapse remains to be seen. It could be slow, long and drawn out – or it could come in the blink of an eye.


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SOURCE : modernsurvivalblog.com

25 Stats That Prove That The American Dream Is Being Systematically Destroyed

The-Middle-Class-Is-Being-Systematically-Wiped-Out-Of-Existence-In-America-300x300The 25 statistics that you are about to read are solid proof that the middle class in America is being systematically wiped out.  Once upon a time, the United States had the largest and most prosperous middle class in the history of the world.  It seemed like almost everyone owned a home, had a couple of nice vehicles and could provide a very comfortable lifestyle for their families.  Sadly, that has all changed.  In America today, prices are rising at a very brisk pace but incomes are not.  There aren’t nearly enough jobs for everyone anymore, and most of the jobs that are being “created” are jobs that pay very little.  The largest employer in America is Wal-Mart, and the second largest employer is actually a temp agency (Kelly Services).  In a desperate attempt to make ends meet, millions of American families endlessly pile up more debt, and millions of other American families find themselves forced to turn to the government for help.  At this point, more than 49 percent of all Americans receive benefits from the federal government each month.  The percentage of Americans that cannot financially take care of themselves is rising every single year, and our independence is being whittled away as we become increasingly dependent on the government.  Unfortunately, our politicians continue to stand aside and do nothing as our jobs are shipped overseas, inflation steals our purchasing power and the middle class continues to shrink.  The following are 25 stats that prove that the American Dream is being systematically destroyed…


1. According to the most recent numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, 49.2 percent of all Americans are receiving benefits from at least one government program.

2. The U.S. government has spent an astounding 3.7 trillion dollars on welfare programs over the past five years.

3. An increasing number of employers are encouraging their low wage employees to supplement their wages by going on government welfare programs.  For example, McDonald’s workers that need help making ends meet are being instructed to go on food stamps…

McDonald’s workers who are unable to pay their bills or stay above the poverty line should find help from food pantries or enlist in government benefit programs instead of seeking higher wages, according to a company resource line meant to help employees.

Nancy Salgado has worked for the fast-food corporation for over 10 years yet still earns $8.25 an hour, barely more than the $7.25 federal minimum wage. With help from the worker’s rights group Low Pay Is Not Ok, she phoned the company’s employee hotline, known as McResource, attempting to find some answers on how to improve her situation.

A recording of the call was made available to CNN, which reported that Salgado asked the helpline operator multiple questions regarding how McDonalds would help her pay her heating bill, buy groceries, and whether she could afford to help pay for her sister’s medical treatment.

Despite never asking how much money Salgado earned per hour or asking how many hours a week she worked, the McDonalds representative said she “definitely should be able to qualify for both food stamps and heating assistance.”

4. Total consumer credit has risen by a whopping 22 percent over the past three years.

5. Student loans are up by an astounding 61 percent over the past three years.

6. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, median household income in the United States has fallen for five years in a row.d608a82840b848b78f8a1b26ec02a8d4

7. Right now the middle class is taking home a smaller share of the overall income pie than has ever been recorded before.

8. Ordinary Americans are being priced out of the housing market.  Today,nearly half of all home purchases are all-cash deals.

9. The homeownership rate in the United States is now at the lowest level it has been in nearly 18 years.

10. The gap between the rich and the poor in the United States is at an all-time record high.

11. U.S. families that have a head of household that is under the age of 30 have a poverty rate of 37 percent.

12. Every single day, thousands of Americans are receiving letters in the mail informing them that their old health insurance policies have been canceled.  According to a recent Kaiser Health News article, some companies have already sent out hundreds of thousands of cancellation notices…

Florida Blue, for example, is terminating about 300,000 policies, about 80 percent of its individual policies in the state. Kaiser Permanente in California has sent notices to 160,000 people – about half of its individual business in the state.  Insurer Highmark in Pittsburgh is dropping about 20 percent of its individual market customers, while Independence Blue Cross, the major insurer in Philadelphia, is dropping about 45 percent.

13. Those that are losing their current health insurance policies will have to replace them with new policies that are often much more expensive.  According to health policy expert Bob Laszewski, 16 million people could ultimately have their health insurance policies canceled because of Obamacare…

The U.S. individual health insurance market currently totals about 19 million people. Because the Obama administration’s regulations on grandfathering existing plans were so stringent about 85% of those, 16 million, are not grandfathered and must comply with Obamacare at their next renewal. The rules are very complex. For example, if you had an individual plan in March of 2010 when the law was passed and you only increased the deductible from $1,000 to $1,500 in the years since, your plan has lost its grandfather status and it will no longer be available to you when it would have renewed in 2014.

These 16 million people are now receiving letters from their carriers saying they are losing their current coverage and must re-enroll in order to avoid a break in coverage and comply with the new health law’s benefit mandates––the vast majority by January 1. Most of these will be seeing some pretty big rate increases.

14. Back in 1999, 64.1 percent of all Americans were covered by employment-based health insurance.  Today, only 54.9 percent of all Americans are covered by employment-based health insurance.

15. More Americans than ever find themselves forced to turn to the government for help with health care.  At this point, 82.4 million Americans live in a home where at least one person is enrolled in the Medicaid program.

16. The U.S. labor force participation rate is at a 35 year low.

17. Only 47 percent of all adults in America have a full-time job at this point.

18. It is hard to believe, but in America today one out of every ten jobs is now filled by a temp agency.

19. Approximately one out of every four part-time workers in America is living below the poverty line.

20. After accounting for inflation, right now 40 percent of all U.S. workers are making less than what a full-time minimum wage worker made back in 1968.

21. Today, the United States actually has a higher percentage of workers doing low wage work than any other major industrialized nation does.

22. At this point, almost half of all public school students in America come from low income homes.

23. The number of Americans on food stamps has grown from 17 million in the year 2000 to more than 47 million today.

24. Right now, one out of every five households in the United States is on food stamps.

25. An increasing number of Americans do not even believe that they have a pleasant retirement to look forward to.  One recent survey found that the percentage of middle class Americans that “plan to work until they die” is now higher than ever.


SOURCE : endoftheamericandream.com

TSHTF Inflation: “What YOU Will Pay for What You Need to Survive”

JERICHO_NUKEthumb20 cans of Tuna? Check

100 MREs? Check.

20 bushels of Corn? Check.

2 rolls of pre-1964 ‘Junk’ Silver dimes? Check.

400 rounds .22 LR? Check.

500 rounds .223 ammo? Check.

Sounds like a nice stash of survivalist/prepper goods to start with doesn’t it? I could continue on with the list but it only begins to belie the myth that sadly so many members of the prepper community believe to be their ideal that they are 100% prepared for the collapse of America and perhaps Western civilization. How can I make such a statement and not back it up with facts? I shall provide my readers with one fact, the lowly Twinkie:



$200,000 for one box of Twinkies? What the hell does that have to do with survival when the proverbial situation arises as TSHTF (look it up if you don’t know what it means)?


This was the case last year when the Hostess Bakery filed for bankruptcy when the unions failed to find a reasonable deal with a corporation which had overpaid for their services for years yet nobody who worked their thought it was enough. In the end, the company filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the unions lost their jobs, and the thought of no more Twinkies ever being made ever again thus causing a Twinkie panic and prices to be driven out of reality as there was this belief that people were stupid enough to pay this much for a so-called piece of Americana junk food history.

But this is an isolate incident, right? Uh, no, there were literally hundreds upon hundreds of stupid eBay listings like this:



So what does a Twinkie have to do with TSHTF, inflation, and the fallacies of the survivalist community?

Once again, EVERYTHING.

To begin with, this article is neither to demean the starting prepper nor launch into my fellow bloggers and authors about their version of what being prepared for the worst case scenario might well be; even though the criticism is valid and should remind everyone of the old adage that NO ONE is totally prepared for a societal collapse.


The theory that many of the Pollyanna view of the end of modern convenience then in the end civilization is that indeed, mankind would seek his brother out and be at his best working together to rebuild and save humanity and rebuild civilization. The other view is the darker perspective, the so-called “Jericho” scenario on steroids where no one can or should be trusted and if one works within a community structure the enemy, in often cases the new or what’s left of the existing government will either extinguish or work with other groups to seize control from any opposition to their way of thinking.

This brings me back to an old posting, a portion of my past where I pointed out the original barter spreadsheet, something most individuals have forgotten about:

(click on the thumbnail to enlarge to full size)


In 2010, I too thought that mankind would be somewhat, not totally, but somewhat reasonable in its assessment of civilization and how and what we would do to deal with each other. I published the spreadsheet based on current prices for 2010 and thought that this guide would provide anyone a basic price list for trade should TSHTF soon after that time.

I was wrong.

If you look the version updated on March 20, 2014 the prices have varied some, only because of the value of the dollar and deliberate efforts by yours truly to find the cheapest prices for commodities; however for meat like pork and beef the ratio has exploded beyond belief compared to the staples in the spreadsheet below:

(click on the thumbnail to enlarge to full size)


The problem with the spreadsheet above is that the current regime of pricing might well be extinct within the next 180 days as the world shifts from the petrodollar to a true, commodity based currency. I warned about this problem two weeks ago in the article:

Russia’s Financial Nuclear Option against America

yet only a few American financial outlets took the Russian threat seriously.   Fast forward to the news linked two sentences above, a conflict openly possibly involving NATO troops in a mode of retreat and protect, along with a Chinese government electing to engage its long time enemies as an aggressor. The US Dollar Index would collapse from its absurdly overvalued level of just over 80 as world governments abandon its potential future as the peg for their currencies:



Imagine the impact far beyond groceries of a US Dollar 50% lower than currently valued. There is a lot of insane analysis that in fact the American citizens will indeed behave in a “civilized” manner despite the initial premise that civilization is collapsing. Thus why the chart I present below, priced in only estimated gold and silver valuations might well wake some of my readers from their Pollyanna perspective that we will continue to exist as a normalized group of people despite every civilization’s collapse indicating otherwise:



The first question is why no comparisons to other commodities like the previous spreadsheets? That answer is easy:

Screw you, I’ll charge whatever the bleep I want.3bdfb4e7f3cf47e7a7649e404722bcd9

You have 100 bushels of corn. So what the hell up?

You have 50 bottles of Jack Daniels for trade? Great, find an alcoholic who is a surgeon to operate on your child who needs his or hers appendix removed.

You have 500 gallons of motor oil and diesel fuel? BFD. I have a gasoline powered vehicle, enough motor oil to make the trip to Mexico and back. and really don’t care if your wife has a disease and she needs my gold to buy her cure.

The reality is that all perceived norms of civilization are out the window once organized governments and currencies collapse. Inflation is the reality of the day as all items are in short supply. Does anyone really think the snipers in Croatia and Bosnia gave one rat’s ass about how many eggs your chicken could poop when they held the high ground, the ammo supply, and enough precious metals to reload until the freaking USMC showed upon the scene?

My friends, and enemies, everyone still thinks in the norm. The two spreadsheets about fair barter only apply in a semi-civilize society. In reality, TSHTF inflation occurs when those who have the most toys, the most gold and silver, get to dictate what YOU will pay for what you need to survive. If you do not have what it takes for barter, you will starve, your children may well die, or worse, you might get turned in to the new “authorities” of the upcoming DHS wet dream era.  It is time to dismiss the insane, insipid, and antiquated idea that America will continue to function as a “Christian” or “Judeo-Christian” society when it all collapses. The truth is that it will look more like the South in the 1865-1867 time period, or worse, the Balkans when Yugoslavia disintegrated.

At that point in time it is survival of the fittest and those who need goods had best have an ample supply of real currency, a 4000 year old plus monetary system, if they wish to survive. If you, my reader does not believe this, do like the 1939 Jew, get in line, get a number to exist and avoid freedom guaranteed with real money within a dictatorship, that of gold, silver, and cunning. As a merchant of life, I would not accept anything less for my family that what I would need in the future to trade or bribe my freedom out of a region for to survive. I need not a truckload of corn, wheat, or fuel. I need not 50,000 rounds of ammunition, three thousand pounds of steak, nor 5,000,000 Advil tablets.

I need what it shall take to move on foot or via transport, using real money to buy my freedom or maintain it behind enemy lines. The alternatives are quite real, quite stark, and quite accurate if anyone has witnessed a FEMA trailer assembly after a natural disaster.

Of course there are alternatives: One could  just move to Venezuela before we collapse here, which is duplicating the errors of humanity’s past:


SOURCE : johngaltfla.com

It’s Here: The Stealth Collapse of the American Economy

help_graffiti-300x272The Economic Collapse….people envision bank runs, life WROL (without rule of law), piles of worthless currency, rampant homelessness, and breathless news reports on CNN and the network channels (if you happen to still have access to a television, that is). They imagine a grim, gray world, devoid of entertainment, with unwashed citizens digging desperately through the trash.

Because of this apocalyptic image, the idea of an economic collapse seems pretty far-fetched to most people. After all, we still see cars in every driveway, lights in every window at night, children going to school and parents going to work.  Everything’s fine, right?  The economic collapse is only a conspiracy theory, cooked up by those crazy libertarians and right-wingers, right?

Sadly, no. It’s a fact and it’s all around us, right now.  The economic collapse has occurred quietly and stealthily.  In fact, many people probably think that it has only happened to them, as job losses occur, utilities get cut off, and the pantry gets more sparse.  They don’t talk about it because poverty is a humiliating state – they suffer quietly, not realizing that the next-door neighbor is probably in the exact same situation.  They don’t realize that they aren’t alone.

Less than half of America is employed right now.

Despite the deceptively whitewashed claims of the Job Report that say that things are looking up,  Breitbart released an article on July 5 refuting their optimistic assertions.  While there are technically “more” jobs, this is because positions that used to be full time are now part time – meaning that two or more people hold what used to be one job.

According to the article, only 47% of Americans are employed full time. In an age where most families require two parents to work full time in order to make ends meet, this is a devastating economic blow.

The administration is careful not to divulge the entire story, instead playing with numbers and percentages to portray growth instead of dismal decline.





If today the same proportion of Americans worked as just a decade ago, there would be almost 9 million more people working. Just in the last year, almost 2 million Americans have left the labor force. With a majority of the population not holding a full-time job, it isn’t surprising that economic growth has been so weak.

In June, the number of Americans who wanted to work full-time, but were forced into part-time jobs because of the economy, jumped 352,000 to over 8 million.

The Jobs’ Report is increasingly measuring only a part of the American economy. While Friday’s report was better than expected, it only measures those who are working or actively looking for work. There is a growing number of Americans slipping through the cracks of the job market.  (source)

Meanwhile, as income drops, expenses increase.

Consumer spending is on the uptick, a sign that the government likes to say is positive. However, people are forced to pay more to get less, just to maintain a basic standard of living with food, utilities, and gasoline.  People aren’t spending money on goods – they are spending it on essential items and services.

Fuel:  The price of transportation has gone up dramatically. The price of gasoline has risen a staggering 294% over the past 10 years.  That’s right – 294%!!!! This, of course, affects anything that must be transported, which is, well….pretty much anything.  If your food comes from another country or continent, you can add high fuel prices to the cost of that item.  If your television was made in a factory on the other side of the globe, tack on some extra transit charges.  This one item – the price of fuel, is the catalyst that is making the price of everything else increase.

Food: Furthermore, if you are  a commuter, the price of getting back and forth to work is higher. So again – you are paying more for the basic essential supplies you need to live your life in your current fashion.

The price of food is climbing, and doing so rapidly.  Significant increases have occurred over the past two years, particularly in truly healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as organic products.  Deceptively, package sizes are getting smaller (or are staying the same size but containing less food).  The price, however, remains the same as before, in an attempt to trick consumers into believing that prices are not actually rising.  Apparently, 12 ounces is the new pound and 3 quarts is the new gallon.

Utilities:  Utility rates are climbing, making it increasingly difficult for struggling families to keep the lights on and the temperatures pleasant.

The Commerce Department said consumer spending advanced 0.2 percent last month after a 0.7 percent rise in February.

The increase, which beat economists expectations for a flat reading, was driven by higher spending on services as outlays on utilities posted a second straight month of hefty gains. Spending on goods, a key measure of underlying demand, fell.

“Utilities made up a pretty decent chunk of spending,” said Ryan Sweet, a senior economist at Moody’s Analytics in West Chester, Pennsylvania. “When you extract from that, spending was less than impressive in March. The economy is slowing.”  (source)

The prices of electricity are rising dramatically.  Customers have been warned that they will face increases.  Smart meters have been installed nearly everywhere.  Many places are instituting time-of-day pricing, making it only affordable to do your laundry in the middle of the night.uscrises_300x250_fraud

Part of the reason Americans are facing higher prices is President Obama’s War on Coal.  (In his own words he promised to bankrupt the coal industry.)  If Obama can’t close down power producers through the front door, he does it through the back door, via the EPA.  Even though the climate change theory through CO2 emissions has been completely debunked, the EPA is still passing draconian laws to reduce our “carbon footprint” and thus raise the prices on power.   Obama has shut down 8 coal mines across 3 states, and he and his buddies at the EPA have plans to scale back production at over 200 coal-powered plants via a regulatory assault.

A welfare state

More than half of all Americans receive some form of government benefit: food stamps, supplements, health care, to name a few.  We are in big trouble because the people who work for a living are being outnumbered by those who vote for a living. Politicians buy votes with giveaways and freebies. (Who can forget the notorious Obamaphone video?)

Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog wrote last year, “A recent Forbes article by Bill Wilson estimates that over 165 million Americans are government dependents to at least some degree….”

New research from Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee Jeff Sessions (R-AL) reveals that this reality may already be here, with more than 107 million Americans on some form of means-tested government welfare.

Add to that 46 million seniors collecting Medicare (subtracting out about 10 million on Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, and other senior-eligible programs already included in Sessions’ means-tested chart) and 22 million government employees at the federal, state, and local level — and suddenly, over 165 million people, a clear majority of the 308 million Americans counted by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2010, are at least partially dependents of the state.

The late Margaret Thatcher warned, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”  That is what we’re seeing right now – our insurmountable debt is multiplying faster than Bernanke can print $100 dollar bills, and eventually, this bubble won’t be able to hold anymore and it will pop.  That is the point at which the stealth collapse becomes big, real, and undeniable.


Surviving the stealth collapse

The goal for most of us is to maintain our independence while the powers that be try to return us to serfdom through limiting our access to affordable necessities.  You simply cannot rely on anyone else to bail you out of this (Silly peasant, government bailouts are just for billionaires!)  You must change your lifestyle and meet this head-on, using strategies like the following.  Stop looking for a dramatic news report to tell you that the collapse has arrived – it’s here.  Figure out how you’re going to survive it.

Cut your expenses.  Create your own austerity plan to reduce your expenses as much as possible.  This is not caving to the pressure – this is a way to assert your independence, by making your own cuts instead of government mandated ones.

Learn to provide for many of your necessities alone.  Grow food, join a co-op, raise chickens and rabbits.  Even a small salad garden in a kitchen window can help you to offset high food prices. Learn to sew, mend, repair, preserve, and build.  Decrease your dependence on consumer goods and services.  Embrace your frugal side and opt to be cheap by choice.

Reduce your dependence on the power grid.  Use rain barrels to collect water, direct the gray water from your washing machines to reservoirs, hang your clothes to dry, and use solar lighting whenever possible.  The less you depend on public utilities, the lower your bills will be, which could mean the difference between having some services or being totally without them.

Find other ways to stay warm.  This can be difficult if you rent but it can still be done.  Consider making modifications to allow for the use of portable wood heaters, look into different types of camping heaters and make your plans and purchase your supplies well before you need them.  Learn how to safely store fuel for these secondary devices. Invest in battery operated C0 monitors (and extra batteries). Get sleeping bags with a warmth rating for low temperatures, consider a small tent where you and family members can sleep in your living room to pool body heat, and stock up on cold weather clothing like hats, fingerless gloves, long underwear and heavy sweaters. Find ways to insulate and separate one main living area off from the rest of the house by closing doors, hanging curtains in doorways, etc.

Watch the prices of your utilities.  As the prices begin to rise, more and more people will be unable to pay their bills and eventually their power will be shut off.  Check your bill each month and as prices increase, use less power. Redefine necessities.  You can hand wash your clothing, cook on a woodstove or outdoor grill and can foods to preserve them instead of relying on a large chest freezer. None of these are the way things are commonly done these days, but if you can manage to keep power on for the most basic necessities, like running the pump for your well, running a refrigerator, and maybe powering up a laptop, you’ll be living in luxury in comparison to those who have no power, no heat and no running water.

Stop looking for a huge, life-changing calamity.  In reality, the economic collapse is the culmination of many small events, rising prices,  lower (or lost) incomes, and the deliberate erosion of our self-sufficiency by those who would control us.









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