As The Collapse Approaches The US Government Pushes The Gun Control Agenda

Gun Control

As The Collapse Approaches The US Government Pushes The Gun Control Agenda

One of my considerations offered to all preppers is about ammunition storage.  During a SHTF, WROL, or TEOTWAWKI event, ammo is a high priority.   For pepper supplies, only food, water, medicines, and shelter are more important than ammo.   During an emergency event, the first thing that disappears from availability is ammo.

Here are several current dynamics that are currently in place.

  • The severe shortage of ammunition after the awful Sandy Hook event is starting to abate.   While purchase quantities are still be limited by many retail sellers of ammunition, you can now find .22 LR, 9mm, and .223 Win ammunition.
  • Obama is looking for any opportunity to shut down importation of .  Just this Spring 2014,BATFE has banned the importation of AK-74 ammunition (5.45x39mm).  I am predicting that Obama will ban before he leaves office the importation of 7.62x39mm for AK-47 and 7.62x54R forMosinNagant.


  • As the pent-up demand has been met for retail ammunition purchases, I am predicting that ammunition manufacturers will lessen production capacity by the end of the year.
  • The price of ammunition only knows one direction.  Had you bought ammunition 5 years ago, the value increase of that ammo was better than investing in the stock market.
  • If then next US President is a Democrat, expect that there will be increase challenges to decrease access to firearms and ammunition.   I’m expecting that state will place high taxes on ammunition.  If I had money to spare, I’d buy a 50 BMG rifle and 500 rounds of 50 caliber ammo, as I’m expecting this caliber to be outlawed in the next 5 years.


The next 6 months will be a rare window where ammunition will become widely available again and price increases will moderate.   Thus, if you don’t already have your lifetime amount of ammunition set aside, I’d recommend that you buy and store ammunition before the end of the year.   After the terrible Sandy Hook event, when immediately thereafter ammunition because widely unavailable, I did not need to buy any ammunition, since I had plenty of ammo already stored.  In fact, I sold some un-needed ammo to those desperate to purchase.

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Remember to store ammunition in a cool, dry place, which is inaccessible to children and adults alike.   All my ammunition exists in thick plastic tool boxes, such as the Stanley tool boxes, each with a pad lock.   The toolbox protect against water and heat.

Also, do not store all your ammunition in one location.  If you lose your home to a natural or man-made disaster, don’t also lose all your stored supplies.   Store some of your food, firearms, and ammo with friends, family and/or in a rental storage unit.

How much ammo do I have in storage?  It is a simple methodology for my ammo storage.  For each primary firearm, I have 1000 rounds of ammunition stored for the long-term, which will only be used in an emergency situation.  Add to that, 1000 rounds of ammunition for each primary weapon set aside for training purposes.  For my hunting rifles, have an additional 500 rounds in long-term storage.  Any ammunition that I use for plinking, training, or hunting is immediately replaced.   Thus for each primary weapons, have at least 2000 rounds set aside for the future, which is never to be touched unless an dire emergency occurs.   For my 22LR rifle, I have at least 5000 rounds set aside to never been touched.

What is a primary firearm, versus a non-primary firearm?  I consider the following to be my primary firearms:

  • My night-time semi-auto pistol on my night stand.
  • My concealed carry semi-auto pistol
  • My .308 Win semi-auto rifle, which is primarily oriented towards hunting, but can be repurposed in a WROL environment
  • My intermediate range carbine rifle in .223 caliber, which has the purpose of defending my home
  • My wife’s self-defense carbine in 9mm caliber
  • My 12 gauge shotgun for hunting and self defense
  • My 20 gauge shotgun, which is a trunk gun for self defense
  • My Mosin-Nagant rifle, which is a back-up long-range rifle
  • My 22LR rifle for small game hunting, pest control, and target practice

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In my perspective, firearms are tools with an intended purpose.  I’m a peace-love, law-abiding, good citizen.   I’m a good family man, good neighbor, and good friend to all in my community.   My firearms are tools, not weapons, because I am peace loving.  My firearms are tools to hunt, control rodents, ensure security, and preserve peace.  Preventing violence and preventing crime is the purpose of my firearms.  Only when criminal elements challenge my town, neighborhood or home, only then do my firearms become reclassified as self-defense weapons.


What are considered as non-primary firearms?  Any nice-to-have, non-essential, or odd caliber weapon.  Any extra firearms not on the list above.  I might have a few hundred rounds for each of “give away” firearm, but I don’t worry about how much is stored for non-primary firearms.

Take advantage of this time period.   In the next mass shooting by another uncared mentally ill person, that will result another challenge to ammunition availability.  Or if Russia does more stupid stuff in Ukraine, and thus importation of Russian ammunition is inhibited, then ammo for Russian rifles (AK-47, AK-74, and Mosin Nagant) will become unavailable.   Or another Democratic President will write further Executive Orders regarding ammunition.  Or a big tax increase will be placed on ammo purchases.  Or has been seen in some states, there might be new state laws requiring purchase permits for ammo or new state laws limited the amount of ammo purchases.   A good way to avoid all these risks is to have a lifetime amount of ammo already purchased and stored.

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If properly stored, you’ll be able to keep ammunition for 50+ years.  Hopefully, you’ll live in peace and pass along all your stored ammo into your children in the form of inheritance.  I’m expecting nearly all of my long-term stored ammunition will pass to my children and grandchildren.  And I pray above all else for the peace and safety of my children and future grandchildren.  I pray that my children and grandchildren will never know tyranny, violence, civil disorder, war, or an economic depression.  I pray that my children never need to buy ammunition, because they inherited all their ammunition from me, and because I never had the need to break into my stored ammunition.

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