Preparations for a Riot Near Your Home

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Preparations for a Riot Near Your Home

Here is the dynamics in play across the world.

  • Growing populations around the world, competing for global resources
  • Shrinking arable farming land and lessening quality of soils
  • Rising salt-water sea levels and decreased availability of fresh water
  • Sovereign debt rapidly increasing to the point of economic collapse in the future
  • Rising prices of food around the world
  • Strain on government resources and budgets to provide aid to the poor and unemployed
  • A growing entitlement mentality that “I deserve my government benefits”, rather than self-reliance
  • Shrinking size of police departments around the US country, due to constraints of state and local budgets
  • A growing, pent-up angry in lower-socioeconomic groups, due to disparity between poor and rich
  • In the United States, there are pending cuts to food stamps and other welfare aid

Add up all these elements and the result in a future where civil unrest (riots) are more likely.  When people can’t feed their families.  When people lose hope.  When community policing becomes ineffective.  When corruption prevails.   When economic decline continues.  As governments around the world, including the United States, enact laws that reduce individual freedoms.   The result and outcome will be increased numbers of riots.


How to prepare ahead of a riot

  • Preparing for a riot is like preparing for other emergencies, except you have a higher focus on crime prevention and defense of your neighborhood.
  • The first preparation is to live in a good neighborhood.   If your neighborhood is dominated by welfare/food stamp recipients, already has crime problems, is known to have street gangs or drug trafficking, MOVE!  Bad neighborhoods will be the flash points for riots.  I’d rather live in a small house in a good neighborhood than in the best house in a bad neighborhood.
  • Get to know your neighbors.  Reach out and befriend your neighbors.  Invite some neighbors over for a card game, barbecue, an adult beverage, or cup of tea.  Having strong links in your neighborhood is the first basis to protecting your neighborhood.  It takes a neighborhood to protect a neighborhood.6
  • Have defensive firearms.  Get training.  Get your concealed carry license.  Get your firearms purchase permit (depending on your local laws).   Recommend that each adult have a defensive semi-automatic pistol.  Every household should have a shotgun.   Every capable adult should have a semi-automatic carbine.  Stock up on gun magazines and ammunition, such that you don’t need to run to the store for an emergency.  Shotguns are especially effective to defend your home during a riot.  You and five neighbors with shotguns and carbines can effectively hold-off 100 rioters.  Have your firearms at the ready – cleaned, appropriately oiled, and magazines loaded.  It is amazing how liberal-progressives transform into freedom-loving gun handlers, when a riot is proceeding through their neighborhood.
  • Teach your spouse, partners, roommates and older children how to handle firearms.  Have them obtain firearm training.  Teach your younger children to identify and stay away from firearms.  And keep your firearms locked away from children and mentally ill at all times.   A firearm should be in your holster or under lock at ALL TIMES.  Training is paramount.  Under stress and pressure, you will react to the lowest level of your training.

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  • Have a well stocked bug-out bag.  You should have two formulations of a bug-out kit.  One bug-out kit should be larger and scaled to drive away in your vehicle.  The second small kit should be a walk-away kit in backpacks.  If your home is attacked or set to fire, best course of action is the leave.   If the rioters outnumber your family and your home is directly targeted, fighting is a high risk option.
  • Have a bug-out plan well formulated and discussed with your family.  You should have pre-designated meeting spots to assemble, before making a retreat.  If family members can not travel to your home to assemble, then perhaps meet at the kids’ school, at a church or library.   Have three pre-plan destinations planned where to go, if you must bug out.  The first choice would be with family members within a short (2 hour) drive.   Or can be a distant hotel.  Or vacation home or mountain cabin.   To close friends.

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  • Have non-lethal self-defense can be useful to defuse a situation.   Rubber buckshot could be the first round in your shotgun.  Large canisters of pepper spray, often called bear spray, can be useful to disperse a small crowd in front of your home.
  • Have a deep food reserve, so that you need not travel out to purchase food during a riot.  My advocate for all families is to have one year of food stored at your home.  Canned food is the first part of your food storage plan, which should be actively rotated.
  • Have a lot of stored drinking water.  During a riot, there is the possibility that municipal water supplies can be interrupted or contaminated. The minimum recommended about of stored water is one gallon for each family member per day.  And have two weeks of stored water.   For a family of 4, that means you should have 48 gallons of water stored at your home (1 gallon x 4 family members x 14 days = 48 gallons).
  • Keep your vehicle’s fuel tank always at least 3/4 filled.  If you need to leave, expect that gas stations will be closed during a riot.   I also keep 15 gallons of gasoline at my home to refill our primary vehicle and to fill the portable power generator.
  • Have lots of batteries in your emergency supplies.  Flashlights, radios, lanterns, walkie-talkies, children’s toy, clocks, CO2 detectors, smoke detectors all consume lots of batteries.  Expect there will be power outages during a riot.   Your smoke detectors and CO2 batteries are quickly drained during a power outage.   Having solar battery recharger and crack powered flashlights and radios are valuable adds to your supplies.  I have two sets of battery storage.  The first set is disposable batteries for everyday usage.  The second set is a lot of rechargeable batteries, which I reserve for emergencies.

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  • Have several fire extinguishers in your home.   Also have a long garden hose ready to fight a roof fire.   Don’t expect the fire services will come to your neighborhood when a riot is underway.  Gather with your neighbors to fight any fires in your neighborhood.
  • Have your family practice fire drills.  Have multiple ways to exit your home.  Have emergency rope ladders to descend from 2nd or 3rd story window.  Keep a house key and flash light next to your bed, in case you need to escape.
  • Keep your medical supplies and prescription medicines topped off at all times.  Don’t be down to your last 2 pills of prescription medicine at anytime.  I have built up my store of prescription medicines for a least 2 months.
  • Understand what coverage is provided by your homeowners or renters insurance for civil disruptions, riots and terrorist events.  Many insurances policies do not cover riots and terrorist events.  If you fear a riot in your neighborhood, talk to your insurance agent about special additional insurance coverage.
  • Take pictures of your home and important valuables for insurance purposes.  Take a picture of every room, every piece of furniture, every electronic gadget, every closet, every storage space in your home.  Talk to your insurance agent about extra coverage for art, guns, collectibles, jewelry, coins, wine, and other valuable items.   Many people have a $1000 or more in clothing accumulated from many years.  Without a picture or receipts, it is difficult to make an insurance claim for losses of common household items.    Store the picture on several USB memory sticks.  I keep a picture library in my bank safe box and on a USB memory stick in my bug-out bag.   Make sure the memory stick is encrypted and password protected.
  • Don’t keep all of your emergency supplies at just your home.  I recommend having a rented, secured storage within walking distance.  Keep some of your camping equipment, guns, ammunition, long-term stored foods, drinking water, and other bug-out supplies at the storage unit.  In case your home is destroyed, don’t lose everything.

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  • For multiple reasons, I have gas masks in my prepping supplies.  Relevant to riots, expect that tear gas and pepper gas will be used to disperse crowds.  The gas may drift into your home or neighborhood.   I have gas mask for every member of my family, plus extras masks for family arrivals, plus extra filters.   Putting on a gas mask takes practice.  Putting gas masks on children is a chore.  So be careful to fit the gas mask prior on your children, and refit every year as they grow.  I’m a big fan of Israeli civilian gas masks.
  • Rioting takes place mostly during hot summer months.  A cold winter day is not inductive of a riot, unless some major political event occurred.   Keep more vigilant during the summer.
  • Make your home more secure.  Your doors should be solid, not hollow.  Metal doors are better than wood.   Extra long screws should be used to mount the doors.   Dead bolt locks are imperative on each door.  If you live in a riskier neighborhood, have a door security bar for each door.


  • Have a home security system install and active all the time.  Too many people turn off their security system during the day.  This is a mistake.  Your security system should be on, whenever you are home.    Make sure the batteries to your security system are replaced every year.    Notify your security monitoring service whenever you will be away for an extended period of time.
  • Always be ready to defend yourself in any situation, home or away.  I have 4 or 5 means to defend myself, whenever I’m away from home.  And many more options when I’m home.  Don’t be scared.  Be prepared, vigilant, and ready.
  • Sand bags are in important tool.  When civil order has broken down, police do not have control over a neighborhood, and rioting and looting are underway, sand bags are very useful.

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What to do if there is a riot underway in your neighborhood

  • Stay home.  Don’t join any riot, regardless of your political views or desperate situations.  The vast majority of those injured or killed in a riot are those participating.  Call in sick at work, and stay home to guard your family, home and neighborhood.
  • Get information from your children’s school about how to safely transport your child home.
  • Call your friends, family, and neighbors to appraise them of the situation.
  • Stay sober.  It is not party time.  You need to keep your head about you.
  • Never attempt to drive near or through a riot zone.  You are very exposed in your vehicle.
  • Minimize the amount of sound, noise, and light coming from your home.  Don’t have cooking smells come from your home.  No loud music.
  • Contact your neighbors about initiating 24 hour neighborhood watch. Establish a 24 hour security watch at your home or neighborhood.
  • Stay indoors.  Lock your doors and windows.   Have your children only play indoors.
  • Lock up and hide your valuables.  If your home is invaded, make it difficult for your valuables to be found.   Art, big screen TV’s, cash, drugs, jewelry, guns, ammunition, mobile phones, computers, video games, and food will be the target of looters.   Hide these items in basement, attic, behind dry wall, in crawl spaces, under difficult to move furniture, and other difficult to reach places in your home.  It is best to keep very valuable jewelry, art, and gold coins in a guarded facility away from your home, such as a bank safe box or guarded storage locker.
  • Carry your sidearm pistol on your body, even while home.  If you have body armor, get your body armor carrier ready and have it near your bed at night.
  • Turn on a radio and television to get news updates.  A battery or crank powered radio is vital during an emergency.
  • While you have power, recharge any device that has rechargeable batteries. Make sure your mobile phones, tablet devices, and laptop are at full charge.
  • If electrical power is interrupted, don’t immediately power up your electrical generator.  Portable electrical generators are a targets for thieves.  And the noise from a generator attracts attention.  Only when stability has been reached, then use your portable generators.

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  • If rioters are coming towards your home with an incendiary devices (such as Molotov cocktail), it is likely time to start shooting.  Fires are a primary killer in riots.    If you are carrying a Molotov cocktail in my neighborhood, I’m not going to stop to ask you a question.
  • If it is likely that riots are to continue for multiple days, then make your home look like it was already looted.  Put debris in your front yard, cover windows, black spray paint to mimic burn marks above doors and windows, and having a low noise and sound signature will make your home look like a less valuable target.  If things are very bad, paint a black x on your front door with the words “One Dead” under the x.   People don’t like to come into a home if there was a dead person there.


Top 5 Guns For Home Defense

During a riot, you can not count on police to protect you.  In the United States, community police are typically very effective, very dedicated.  But the police can quickly become overwhelmed.   It is up to your to prepare your family and defend your home and neighborhood.  And work in your community to prevent riots.

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The risk of riots in the United States are relatively low now.  As the US and global economics continue to inch towards the next Great Depression, riots will start to increase.  The pending cuts in the US food stamps budget will see more people becoming desperate.  As with most major disasters, including riots, the chances are small.  But the results are devastating, sometimes unrecoverable.

I pray and hope you are never near or in a riot zone.

In my personal opinion only for educational and entertainment purposes only.  Follow all federal, state and local laws.  Seek advice from professionals for all matters pertaining to firearms, laws, legal matters, financial matters, tax matters, and health matters.(source)

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