Growing Baby Ginger as a Backyard Garden Vegetable Crop

Growing baby ginger in the home garden sure sounds interesting; but isn’t ginger a tropical plant that’s not suitable for the climates here in the U.S.? Well not exactly, farmers and gardeners across the country are discovering that they can raise a c … [Continue reading]

Grow Sweet Potatoes — Even in the North

Grow Sweet Potatoes An ideal staple crop for those seeking to meet most of their food needs with homegrown produce would be nutrient-dense, offer high yields, and have excellent flavor and storage qualities. A crop that fits this bill perfectly? The … [Continue reading]

10 Reasons You Might Be a Prepper

The Way Preppers Think The truth is everyone is a prepper, whether they like to admit it or not. Anyone who has car insurance, homeowners insurance or has bought a little extra food at the grocery store because of an upcoming snow storm is … [Continue reading]

Unemployment Prepping: What You Can Do Beforehand

In an increasing unpredictable world,employment security is becoming more of an issue for households trying to maintain their livelihood. A staggering 31 million Americans are on the unemployment rolls and even more have been wiped from the rolls … [Continue reading]

Inexpensive Chicken Water Heater [Video]

Though the winter is setting in reluctantly, we have had a few cold nights where the chicken’s water iced up. This is just a very simple way to keep your chickens water warm in the winters cold days using a light bulb, a cement block and ele … [Continue reading]

Could Prepping Become Illegal Here Too? Venezuelan Govt to Detain “Hoarders”

As people who spend a lot of time focusing on preparedness, we can learn a lot about our future by watching as the economies and civilizations of other Western countries crumble. Today’s lesson is that when times get tough, the go … [Continue reading]

Terrorists: Preppers or Obama Administration?

What are Preppers? Preppers are individuals that stock up on food, weapons (sometimes), gas, and other essential items that their families may need in order to survive in a time of crisis. In the event of any disaster whether by natural means such … [Continue reading]

7 Reasons Seeds Fail To Grow

  Enjoying a bounty of freshly harvested veggies, fruits and herbs is perhaps the best part of growing your own garden. To get there, gardeners must master the early stages of sowing and germinating seeds. While necessary, this process can … [Continue reading]