How to maintain optimum health and prevent disease

The powerful effects of food on your body Many of us are simply unaware of the role of food and its direct effect on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing; or for that matter, the best way to maintain an optimum level of health and prevent … [Continue reading]

The top 10 worst foods to eat

True, we are surrounded by junk foods, packed with sugar, fat and salt and generally processed to the extreme — but which ones are the real worst foods to eat, the foods that you really should avoid? Now we are not saying that these types of foods … [Continue reading]

The Urban Survival Networks Guide to Eating and Growing Insects

Insects, being the most numerous of any form of life on earth are not only easy to find but easy to catch, and a good source of protein! In fact, the bodies of insects consist of 65-80% protein, whereas only 20 percent of beef is protein. Thus when … [Continue reading]

How to Survive a Winter Storm and Extreme Cold

  Survive a Winter Storm and Extreme Cold The extremes of winter weather can vary wildly as you traverse the different regions of America, and it is therefore always important to have a winter urban survival kit and plan handy for emergencies. … [Continue reading]

Urban Survival Food Storage, Rations, and Supply

Urban Survival Food Storage, Rations, and Supply If you’ve planned well and have an emergency survival kit that includes food rations, you have a better chance of getting through the survival situation smoothly than those who did not put aside … [Continue reading]

Don’t Be Confused By Your Solar Energy Options. Follow This Advice Today!

In recent years, solar energy has become quite popular. While some people disregard the adverse effects of mankind on the environment, others are interested in reducing and repairing these damages. If you want to learn more about solar energy, read … [Continue reading]

How To Survive A Panic Attack

I am  losing control…..” “I feel like I’m going crazy…..” “I must be having a heart attack…..” “I’m choking and I can’t catch my breath…..” “It came upon me by surprise. I  heard my heart pounding so loudly that I thought it burst  out of … [Continue reading]

Raising Mealworms for Chicken Food

Today we are going to discuss creating a self-replicating food supply for your backyard flock.  Yes, we are talking about becoming worm farmers – mealworms, to be exact (not to be confused with our previous discussion about setting up vermiculture … [Continue reading]