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Warning : MARCHING TOWARD WW3: Framing Putin — UKRAINE is more threatening than ISIS, this will destroy Europe & the U.S.-Prepare

ISIS threats, it would appear, are not limited to President Obama and his American allies. RIA is reporting that Russian leaders are seeking to cut access to an ISIS video… Read more »

ISIS Message to America – ‘We Will Drown You All in Blood’…

Islamic militants losing ground in Iraq under fire from US forces have threatened to launch terrorist attacks on American soil in revenge. A video posted online by the Islamic State… Read more »

Build Up to WW3 — CHINA SENDS 12,000 TROOPS to the RUSSIA / CHINA BORDER – Coincides With Russia Nuclear Drills

According to a Russian media report, at least 12,000 heavily armed Chinese troops have been moved to the border with Russia as tensions in the region continue to build. The… Read more »