Elite Hiding in Bunkers to Escape War with China: “Intended Survivors Are Moving Underground”


Elite Hiding in Bunkers to Escape War with China: “Intended Survivors Are Moving Underground”

Editor’s Comment: There’s no way to tell how far conflicts with the other superpowers of the plant will go. However, the United States is constantly rattling sabers and posturing with Russia, while tensions with China have remained primarily behind the scenes and under the wire.

However, most experts agree that a covert economic war has been going on between the yuan and the dollar, while some are suggesting that the explosion in Tiajin may also be part of a hot war that could see the Chinese military strike back – all with the powers that be explaining why or what is happening. If retaliate and hostilities boil over into a real conflict, the elite of this world are headed straight for their bunkers and redoubts while the rest of us are left to face a number of dire possibilities. How far will they really go?

The Reason Why the Elite Are Hiding Deep Beneath the Earth

The elite have siphoning off black budget money in order to build their new getaways.

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Lessons Learned from Fukushima

Fukushima is often spoken of by many, as a possible extinction level event because of the radiation threat. Fukushima continues to wreak havoc upon the world and in the United States as we are being bathed in deadly radiation from this event.fsc-300x250-0619-3469f30

Because of Fukushima, fish are becoming inedible and the ocean currents as well as the prevailing ocean winds are carrying deadly radiation. Undoubtedly, by this time, the radioactivity has made its way into the transpiration cycle which means that crops are being dowsed with deadly radiation. The radiation has undoubtedly made its way into the water table in many areas and impacts every aspect of the food supply. The health costs to human beings is incalculable. However, this article is not about the devastation at Fukushima, instead, this article focuses on the fact that North America could have a total of 124 Fukushima events if the necessary conditions were present and the culprit behind this threat are the Chinese.

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What happened at Tiajin? The range of possibilities are very narrow. Some have suggested that the event at Tiahin is no more than an unfortunate accident. This suggestion is completely laughable given the dramatic change in current state of military activity inside of China. As I have previously reported, some have suggested that the American attack upon Tiajin was in response to the Chinese currency devaluation. I think it is much more than that. Regardless, America just poked China in the ribs and anyone who understands the Chinese military temperament could easily predict that China will retaliate with a dramatic response of its own.

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Chinese-American Brinkmanship

As America prepares for a dramatic retaliation, we should be mindful of theescalations that have already transpired since the Chinese devalued their currency by 1.7%.

August 12, 2015  Massive chemical explosion in China
August 14, 2015  Massive chemical explosion in Texas.
August 16, 2015  U.S. government warns China about covert agents in U.S. as reported in the  NY Times
August 16, 2015   North Korea threatens to invade the United States and use  new secret unknown weapons to make war with America inside the United States.
August 17, 2015   As previously mentioned, Russia reported to be sending in 50,000  more troops for placement on Ukraine border.  There is now a strong likelihood that there will be a Russian invasion.
August 18, 2015 China and Russia begin holding very large joint military drills.

There are two other very disturbing facts that when considered in the context of the present day, should be of grave concern to the citizens of the United States.

  1. In the Bundy standoff of last year, it was common knowledge that the Chinese fully intended to put a solar energy farm  on the Bundy Ranch.
  2. The Chinese are heavily invested in solar power development in the United States. And what would a highly developed solar system replace? It could replace nuclear power, thus rendering the nuclear power plants to be worthless.

In response to the Tiajin event, China could launch a full military response which I do not think is likely.  The Chinese could lessen the risk to their military by creating an EMP event which would very quickly cause America’s nuclear power plants to fail and we would see 104 Fukushima’s on American soil. I think it is very likely that the present military actions by Russia and China are designed to be a distraction against their real intention, which is an EMP attack in which American nuclear power plants are targeted. The specter of 104 nuclear events in this country would render the United States uninhabitable. The reporting of the recent proliferation of EMP weapons with regard to China, Russia and North Korea increase the likelihood that this is an accurate forecast. Further, did you know that when the infamous Grid Ex II drills, which were designed to simulate an attack upon our power grid using EMP weapons in November of 2013, that President Obama allowed the Russians and the Chinese a front row seat at the event. Stupidity or treason? Did Obama show the Chinese how to take down our grid? It is water under the bridge and the damage to national security has already been done.

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Chinese retaliation for Tianjin will only take two forms, a conventional military response or an attack upon the American grid. I think the evidence suggests that our grid is in dire danger. Regardless of the scenario, it now makes a great deal of sense why the elite have massive seed vaults and vast array of underground tunnels and bunkers. The intended human survivors are moving underground while the rest of us are left to deal with.

A Festering Problem

Long before Fukushima, American regulators knew that a power failure lasting for days involving the power grid connected to a nuclear plant, regardless of the cause, would most likely lead to a dangerous radioactive leak in at least several nuclear power plants. A complete loss of electrical power poses a major problem for nuclear power plants because the reactor core must be kept cool as well as the back-up cooling systems, all of which require massive amounts of power to work. Heretofore, all the NERC drills which test the readiness of a nuclear power plant are predicated on the notion that a blackout will only last 24 hours or less. Amazingly, this is the sum total of a NERC litmus test.   Although we have the technology needed to harden and protect our grid from an EMP event, whether natural or man-made, we have failed to do so. The cost for protecting the entire grid is placed at about the cost for one B-1 Stealth Bomber. Yet, as a nation, we have done nothing. This is inexplicable and inexcusable.

Our collective inaction against protecting the grid prompted Congressman Franks to write a scathing letter to the top officials of NERC. However, the good Congressman failed to mention the most important aspect of this problem. The problem is entirely fixable and NERC and the US government are leaving the American people and its infrastructure totally unprotected from a total meltdown of nuclear power plants as a result of a prolonged power failure.

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Critical Analyses

According to Judy Haar, a recognized expert in nuclear plant failure analyses, when a nuclear power plant loses access to off-grid electricity, the event is referred to as a “station blackout”. Haar states that all 104 US nuclear power plants are built to withstand electrical outages without experiencing any core damage, through the activation of an automatic start up of emergency generators powered by diesel. Further, when emergency power kicks in, an automatic shutdown of the nuclear power plant commences. The dangerous control rods are dropped into the core, while water is pumped by the diesel power generators into the reactor to reduce the heat and thus, prevent a meltdown. Here is the catch in this process, the spent fuel rods are encased in both a primary and secondary containment structure which is designed to withstand a core meltdown. However, should the pumps stop because either the generators fail or diesel fuel is not available, the fuel rods are subsequently uncovered and a Fukushima type of core meltdown commences immediately. At this point, I took Judy Haar’s comments to a source of mine at the Palo Verde Nuclear power plant. My source informed me that as per NERC policy, nuclear power plants are required to have enough diesel fuel to run for a period of seven days. Some plants have thirty days of diesel. This is the good news, but it is all downhill from here as an EMP attack would prove devastating to nuclear power plants.


The Unresolved Power Blackout Problem

A long-term loss of outside electrical power will most certainly interrupt the circulation of cooling water to the pools. Another one of my Palo Verde nuclear power plant sources informed me that there is no long term solution to a power blackout and that all bets are off if the blackout is due to an EMP attack. A more detailed analysis reveals that the spent fuel pools carry depleted fuel for the reactor. Normally, this spent fuel has had time to considerably decay and therefore, reducing radioactivity and heat. However, the newer discharged fuel still produces heat and needs cooling. Housed in high density storage racks, contained in buildings that vent directly into the atmosphere, radiation containment is not accounted for with regard to the spent fuel racks. In other words, there is no capture mechanism.

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In this scenario, accompanied by a lengthy electrical outage, and with the emergency power waning due to either generator failure or a lack of diesel needed to power the generators, the plant could lose the ability to provide cooling. The water will subsequently heat up, boil away and uncover the spent fuel rods which required being covered in at least 25 feet of water to remain benign from any deleterious effects. Ultimately, this would lead to fires as well and the release of radioactivity into the atmosphere. This would be the beginning of another Fukushima event right here on American soil. Both my source and Haar shared exactly the same scenario about how a meltdown would occur. Subsequently, I spoke with Roger Landry who worked for Raytheon in various Department of Defense projects for 28 years, many of them in this arena and Roger also confirmed this information and that the above information is well known in the industry. When I examine Congressman Franks letter to NERC and I read between the lines, it is clear that Franks knows of this risk as well, he just stops short of specifically mentioning it in his letter.

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Placing Odds On a Failure Is a Fools Errand

An analysis of individual plant risks released in 2003 by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission shows that for 39 of the 104 nuclear reactors, the risk of core damage from a blackout was greater than 1 in 100,000. At 45 other plants the risk is greater than 1 in 1 million, the threshold NRC is using to determine which severe accidents should be evaluated in its latest analysis. According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Beaver Valley Power Station, Unit 1, in Pennsylvania has the greatest risk of experiencing a core meltdown, 6.5 in 100,000, according to the analysis. These odds don’t sound like much until you consider that we have 124 nuclear power generating plants in the US and Canada and when we consider each individual facility, the odds of failure climb. How many meltdowns would it take in this country before our citizens would be condemned to the hellish nightmare, or worse, being experienced by the Japanese?

The Question That’s Not Being Asked

None of the NERC, or the Nuclear Regulatory tests of handling a prolonged blackout at a nuclear power plant have answered two critical questions, “What happens when these nuclear power plants run out of diesel fuel needed to run the generators”, and “What happens when some of these generators fail”? In the event of an EMP attack, can tanker trucks with diesel fuel get to all of the nuclear power plants in the US in time to re-fuel them before they stop running? Will tanker trucks even be running themselves in the aftermath of an EMP attack? And in the event of an EMP attack, it is not likely that any plant which runs low on fuel, or has a generator malfunctions, will ever get any help to mitigate the crisis prior to a plethora of meltdowns occurring. Thus, every nuclear power plant in the country has the potential to cause a Chernobyl or Fukushima type accident if our country is hit by an EMP attack.



…And There Is More…

The ramifications raised in the previous paragraphs are significant. What if the blackout lasts longer than 24 hours? What if the reason for the blackout is an EMP burst caused by a high altitude nuclear blast and transportation comes to a standstill? In this instance, the cavalry is not coming. Adding fuel to the fire lies in the fact that the power transformers presently take at least one year to replace. Today, there is a three year backlog on ordering because so many have been ordered by China. This makes one wonder what the Chinese are preparing for with these multiple orders for both transformers and generators. In short, our unpreparedness is a prescription for disaster. As a byproduct of my investigation, I have discovered that most, if not all, of the nuclear power plants are on known earthquake fault lines. All of California’s nuclear power plants are located on an earthquake fault line. Can anyone tell me why would anyone in their right mind build a nuclear power plant on a fault line? To see the depth of this threat you can visit an interactive, overlay map at this site.

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The U.S. has stirred the beast and the beast has many ways to strike back. The only remaining question is, how far is China willing to go to retaliate for America’s attack? When one examines China’s history, we should consider that the Chinese will indeed strike us where we are most vulnerable and that means through creating an EMP event designed to attack our nuclear power plants.

When we look at the mass exodus that is taking place among ex-intel and bankers, we have to ask ourselves a question. What do they know that we should know?  We should have all listened to Congressman Trent Franks when he wanted to harden the infrastructure against an EMP attack.

There will be life in America after such an attack, it will life that has moved underground.

In the aftermath of America’s attack, the Chinese are just too quiet!

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This article was written by Dave Hodges and originally published at his websiteThe Common Sense Show.



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