How to Build a Coracle

Once humans developed a need to travel on water in order to fish, trade and explore, cultures worldwide created lightweight boats consisting of the skin of an animal stretched over a light frame of wooden poles or strips. One such boat is the … [Continue reading]

Plan To Survive: The Tactics Of Living:

When you read the various Prepper and Survival blogs and comments on Prepping, it’s hard to avoid the constant chatter about guns and defensive warfare… Hollywood has done an excellent job of glamorizing the use of guns and warfare to the point where … [Continue reading]

On Guard! Protect Yourself & Survive

It's very easy to get caught-up and become distracted by all the fun prepping toys. The blogs are choked with articles about guns, knives and survival gear. However, the single most important consideration in prepping is you! Your health and well … [Continue reading]

When You Need Fire The Most, Conditions For It Are At Their Worst…

In a survival situation, your well-being and, quite possibly, your life may depend on being able to get a fire going in a hurry. There are many different primitive methods of making fire,but all of them have one key problem… Not even the most … [Continue reading]

Prepper Parenting: How to Instill Survival Instincts in Your Children

It’s not easy raising children, even on a good day. Readers who already have, or who are currently raising families know this very well. It’s a huge responsibility being entrusted with life, and the initial core values that children develop must come … [Continue reading]

Puppy Coaching – Teaching Cheap Nfl Jerseys A Puppy To Accept His Collar And Leash

Add their return involving your favorite features like Dynasty Mode and Be a Pro as well as the inclusion of first person fist fights now see is doors hockey game of all your time. Today Ruiz grow a third highest batting average in the NL inside … [Continue reading]

Buying The Soccer Jerseys As A Present For Yourself

Parker has quite a lot of moves to get past offensive linemen as well as rogers eli jersey authentic get sacks. In the event the lock out lifts look for Arizona to heavily pursue Kevin Kolb from the Eagles. If you're in the market for cheerleader … [Continue reading]

Nfl Replica Jerseys – Way Of Showing Support

Of course there are others in the mix, however the fact still remains. Originally, a pitcher could only win the Cy Young Award once. Small dog clothing designers will have the sports lover in mind when they create things like cheerleader dresses for … [Continue reading]