New Year’s Resolutions For Gardeners

Brainstorming New Year’s Resolutions for 2014? As you start thinking about the new year, consider these mindful gardening practices that will improve your garden, your wallet, and the planet! Save More Water:  With the growing concern of water sus … [Continue reading]

Pardon Me, Your Food is Glowing

If the one-gallon jugs of milk in the dairy case seem to be glowing, it may not be just from the fluorescent lights  You won’t hear about this from the mainstream media, but the world’s food supply is becoming increasingly tainted by radiation emitt … [Continue reading]

Endless Food Systems: Fish-Powered Aquaponic Gardens

Endless Food Systems: Fish-Powered Aquaponic Gardens On the third season of Doomsday Preppers, we follow Chad Hudspeth as he builds an underground escape tunnel. And while the 140-foot pipeline may be one of his biggest preps, it's certainly not his … [Continue reading]

Self Sufficient Greenhouse Gardening [Part 2]

A geodesic dome looks much like a ball cut in half. Due to its shape, the dome is durable and reliable. They are built to use maximum space while using the least amount of surface area. One benefit of the dome is that it allows the most amount of … [Continue reading]

Self Sufficient Greenhouse Gardening [Part 1]

With skyrocketing prices at the grocery store and an unstable economy, it’s no surprise people are turning back to the ways of their grandparents and great-grandparents. Self sufficiency is needed now more than ever, and a greenhouse can provide f … [Continue reading]

How to Protect Your Home With Defensive Bushes

Most people like to keep their homes equally inviting on the inside and outside. This is especially true in modern-day suburbia where many homeowners keep their lawns and gardens looking pristine. The landscaping outside sets the stage for what the … [Continue reading]

Doomsday Preparation Offers Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times

Many people have become invested in the survivalist lifestyle as of late, and who could blame them? Every day you hear about another terrifying development in the world at large, whether it’s a threat of natural disaster, war, or simply some sort e … [Continue reading]

5 Vegetables That Grow Well In the Northwest

We have covered vegetables that grow well in each major region of the U.S., including the southeast, northeast,midwest, and southwest. Now we delve into vegetables that grow well in the northwest region of the country. The northwest can be a very t … [Continue reading]