Pope Francis : Why The Antichrist Will Come on 30 August 2016 ? Shocking Video


Pope Francis : Why The Antichrist Will Come on 30 August 2016 ? Shocking Video

The Antichrist is called the Beast, the Lawless One, the Man of Sin ,The Messiah,Al Mahdi and the Son of Perdition – The Antichrist Identity is an international group of political researchers, analysts and media group with a predominant focus on the formation of the coming new world order and its impact on a political, economic and social level And Everybody confirms that the Antichrist will be found on 30 August 2016. [Read more…]

The End Of Money & The End Of Humanity


The End Of Money & The End Of Humanity

By Philip Jones 

Money, As our world shakes and reels from the shock waves of the current financial crisis; there are still those who believe naively that what is now occurring is part of some cyclical `ebb and flow` in the evolution of the worlds financial markets, which will in time, begin to recover and once again, the good times will return.   I have some bad news for those `optimists`! There will be no recovery. What is happening now is as David Icke has written at length, part of a grand strategy to create a New World Order, a `One World State` with a World Government, World Army, World Bank, World Currency, World Religion and a vastly reduced population of micro chipped slaves. [Read more…]

U.S. Government Shut Down – Obama Warns of Gov Shutdown on October 1st if Budget Not Passed


U.S. GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN – Obama Warns of Gov Shutdown on October 1st if Budget Not Passed

President Barack Obama said a possible government shutdown in two weeks would be a self-inflicted wound and urged Congress to pass a budget. Speaking to the Business Roundtable, Obama said the last shutdown, in 2013, cost the economy billions of dollars. Federal government funding expires on Sept. 30, and if lawmakers do not pass spending bills before then, a partial shutdown would begin October 1

President Barack Obama on Wednesday spelt out the risks to the US of a federal government shutdown , saying that the last time it happened it cost the economy billions of dollars and consumer confidence plummeted.

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Predictions For 2014: End Of The World, World War 3, US Economic Collapse

Predictions-For-2014-End-Of-The-World-World-War-3-US-Economic-Collapse-665x385Predictions for 2014 are actually pretty gloomy. Some are predicting World War 3, others think that 2014 will mark the end of the world, and, perhaps the most likely, a US economic collapse.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, political predictions for 2014 claim Sarah Palin and the Republicans will rise in popularity, which some progressives may consider the end of the world.

You’d assume that since the Mayan end of the world scenario didn’t pan out that people would settle down. Well, you’d be wrong. The end of the world predictions for 2014 are also not by Nostradamus, although people seem to think he’s predicted the end of the world practically every year. Some people have used this section written by Nostradamus to tie Pope Francis and Comet ISON together:

There will appear towards the North
Not far from Cancer the bearded star:
Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria,
The great one of Rome will die, the night over.





Some say the first line is North Korea, which at least sounds reasonable for triggering World War 3. The bearded star is Comet ISON, which may or may not hit the sun. The “great one of Rome” would be the Catholic Pope.

Interestingly enough, Pope Francis does have an end of the world prophecy related to him. Saint Malachy is claimed to have predicted Francis would be the last pope and he’d somehow earn the name Peter the Roman, or Petrus Romanus.

But apparently the Vikings’ predictions for 2014 included Ragnarok, which is their version of Armageddon. Experts have calculated that the Viking end of the world should occur on February 22, 2014, which doesn’t give much time for movie makers to finish Thor 3: Ragnarok before Odin is killed by Fenrir. Supposedly the wolf god named Skoll will devour the sun, and his brother Hai will feast on the moon, so in this case World War 3 is fought with lots and lots of flashlights.


Unfortunately, some political prediction for 2014 are not so humorous. Some pundits believe that President Obama’s muddling in the Middle East may lead to nuclear weapons proliferation and terrorists actually getting hold of WMDs, which could trigger World War 3. Despite the US stock markets doing relatively well at the moment, some financial experts have made economic predictions for 2014 that claim a stock market crash in January is possible. Further, the out of control US debt will cause the US dollar to be removed as the reserve currency and trigger an economic collapse:

“The central issue is confidence in America, and the world is losing confidence quickly. At a certain point, soon, the United States will reach a level of deficit spending and debt at which the countries of the world will lose faith in America and begin to withdraw their investments. Many leading economists and bankers think another trillion dollars or so may do it. A run on the bank will start suddenly, build quickly and snowball.”


Even if WW3 and the US economic collapse isn’t an accurate prediction for 2014, the US Social Security Administration has admitted Social Security disability funds will run out in 2016… or sooner.

When it comes to economic or political predictions for 2014, what do you consider most likely? Or do you prefer World War 3 and Ragnarok?

SOURCE : www.inquisitr.com