Why make your own homemade toothpaste? It saves money, gives you a feeling of self-sufficiency and accomplishment, and allows you to leave out all the potentially harmful ingredients. Here’s how-to…   The list of ingredients in commercial … [Continue reading]


“Lamb’s Ear” So, what does this plant have to do with prepping? Most important seems to be as wound dressing, but, most convenient is Toilet Paper! Yes, toilet paper. The leaves of this plant are about 4 inches by 2 inches, and very soft and … [Continue reading]

Food Prep That Kids & Adults Will Love

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5 Affordable Steps You Can Take to be More Prepared

Oh, if I only had a million dollars I could purchase everything I think I could need if the grid went down for good. I tell myself that sometimes when I am driving around thinking about everything still to be done and I guess that I use that as an … [Continue reading]

How To Have A Virtual Doorman For Home Security

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Home Security: What You Need To Know

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Ingredients Matter: Store Foods Your Family Will Actually Want to Eat

One common misconception about emergency preparedness is that food storage quality doesn’t matter as long as you have some food stored that will last for a long time without spoiling. Having something stored is better than nothing but it is also … [Continue reading]

8 Teas You Must Pack In Your Bug-Out Bag

Taking the right types of tea with you when you bug out is much more important than you`d think. First of all, if you run out of filtered or bottled water, you can make tea with boiled water to make it taste better. Secondly, tea can help you prevent … [Continue reading]